foreign what's up guys tom crown back here again with 
another emergency update there's something you   need to see on this weekly close yesterday 
we got something we have not seen in exactly   five years that's right october 10th 2016 was the 
last time we got this signal bitcoin was at 650   after this signal went on to rally all the way 
to 20k into 2018 and we just got it again this   is very exciting i want to thank the crown 
fam out there you're doing an awesome job   subscribing liking please watch this video to 
the very end it really helps the video do well on   youtube so let's get into the content with last 
week's weekly close we saw something extremely   exciting we have to go back in time five years 
to see this signal and we just got it so on the   weekly time frame we're going to be using one of 
our favorite tools the ichimoku cloud indicator so   let's slap that on here this might look a little 
complicated a little scary for you guys at home   but don't worry i've got you a cross above 
the clouds if you guys are a patron or have   been watching our channel for the last few 
months you would already be looking for this   we've been talking about this since late july and 
finally we got it on yesterday's close you can see   this yellow arrow created by the indicator 
itself showing us a cross of our kj and tk   without getting into too many details you can 
think of these as moving averages the green being   shorter and the purple being longer and a cross 
similar to a golden cross you may have heard of   we had happen on the close yesterday why this 
is so exciting if we look back in time we see   we've had many crosses however ichimoku cloud 
the only thing you need to know here is where the   cross has happened is very important crosses above 
the cloud are very bullish signs if we go back all   the way to early october 2016 we see the last 
time we got this signal price was at 642 dollars   after this cross confirmed we see bitcoin became 
a parabolic monster rallying all the way to 20k   with virtually no brakes that's a 2 970 percent 
gain off of this signal if bitcoin were to repeat   the same thing this year we would see a seven 
figure bitcoin now i think that's a little big   however what this signal does tell us is that the 
market is looking for more upside it is looking to   enter a parabolic rally in my opinion where that 
can end up i'm looking for the 300 000 level that   might sound like opium for some but this has been 
our target on this channel since 2018.

Looking at   the whole chart we can see that through 2019 into 
2021 there has been many crosses on the weekly   however as i said in the beginning of the episode 
the location of these crosses is what makes them   important across below the cloud or in the cloud 
is not the same signal it has been literally five   years and here we are trading at 57 000 
new all-time highs are looking very likely   buckle up and get your moon boots 
ready because it's about to get spicy

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