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how do you tie an ascot what are some ways you can wear an ascot should you wear an ascot why would you wear an ascot these are all great questions about an accessory that is often overlooked personally I happen to be a big fan of the Ascot though unfortunately it has a little bit of a reputation as being elitist a little stuffy you know I think the first image that comes to people's minds when they think about in Ascot is Thurston Howell the third from Gilligan's Island the millionaire of course the millionaire wears an ascot but you know that's really a caricature of the person who we think would wear an ascot originally though and somewhat ironically since we tend to think of a Scots nowadays as being very very dressy and Ascot actually was meant to be a less formal alternative to a necktie so you have more or less a nice smart casual look put together that you might want to add a little more polish without the formality of a necktie and an ascot is a great way to do that a Scots were definitely more popular back in the day like in the 30s 40s and 50s people like Fred Astaire and Cary Grant more of them I always love seeing pictures of these guys wearing a Scots because they're usually in some sort of more casual outfit like I said but the addition of the Ascot really just takes that simple casual look up a few notches and gives it a hint of elegance that it wouldn't necessarily otherwise have so yeah a Scots definitely more popular years and years and years ago but there's no reason why we still can't wear them today so in this video I'm gonna do a few things I'm going to show you how to tie an ascot actually I'm going to show you three different ways to tie an ascot I'll talk about the pros and cons and benefits of each way of tying it we'll go over a few do's and don'ts and then I'm gonna put together a few looks to show you how to wear an ascot and some different ways you can style it in a more contemporary way without looking like you're putting on a costume so let's jump right in now and go over the three different ways to tie an ascot the first way I'm going to show you here is called the traditional knot it's the traditional way that an ascot is tied we're going to start by having one side of the Ascot being three to five inches longer than the other side then we're going to take the longer end and cross it over the shorter end make pretty tight and close to your neck then we're going to bring that longer end underneath and around and then up and over then you can adjust the width and stick it inside of your shirt this is a great way to tie an ascot it makes a fairly stable not meaning that it's going to hold pretty decently and keep your Ascot in place and that it's less likely to loosen up and fall down throughout the day next up we have the single knot which is the easiest way to tie an ascot we're going to start with both ends being equal in length then we're going to cross one end over and bring it up and through but just the width and then tuck it into your shirt although this is definitely the easiest way to tie an ascot I don't recommend tying it this way first of all it's not a very tight knot so it will come undone really easily and it won't stay where you want it to throughout the day second because it is just a single knot it has a very flat appearance and one of the things that can be most attractive about wearing an ascot is when it has a little bit of puff and lift to it as it peeks out from underneath your shirt you're not going to get that here even if you do kind of fluff it up a little bit because it's a loose knot it's not going to hold its shape so easy to tie but not recommended the third way I'm going to show you how to tie in Ascot is called the foreign hand it's the same four-in-hand knot that you'd used to tie a tie so we're going to start with one end again three to five inches longer cross the longer end over then bring it behind around and up now just like you're tying a tie you're going to bring that end through the knot and then tighten it up a little bit now you can adjust the knot to as tight as you want it around your neck and now you can see that the front end is much shorter than the other end you know if you're tying a tie this is not what you want but this is exactly what we want for tying an ascot so what you're gonna do is to take the longer end and bring it up and over adjust the width to how you want it and then tuck it into your shirt this is my preferred way to tie an ascot because it has a couple really really great advantages first because it is exactly like a standard foreign hand tie knot you can adjust it to wherever you want on your neck and it's going to stay there because it's extremely stable second because you have the larger knot underneath when you bring the wider end up and over its going to have a lot more volume as a result which is something that in terms of wearing an ascot is desirable and more attractive now let's talk about some do's and don'ts of wearing an ascot we're gonna start with buttoning your shirt specifically how many buttons should you button or unbutton so when you're wearing an ascot you should always have that top button unbuttoned if you button the top button it kind of defeats the purpose because you're completely covering up and hiding the ascot you can have either just the top button unbuttoned this to me is a more dressy approach I think it looks really sharp this way or if you want to show a little bit more of the Ascot and maybe have it feel just slightly more relaxed you can go ahead and unbutton that second button as well neither of these ways is more correct than the other just kind of comes down to personal preference and the look that you're going for however do not unbutton more than two buttons it just looks sloppy and doesn't look right now where should you position the Ascot on your neck you actually have two choices here you can go completely underneath the collar so you don't see any of the Ascot around your neck or you can wear it a little bit higher so you can see the Ascot peeking out a little bit all the way around the collar again no right or wrong here completely comes down to personal preference when you're thinking about wearing an ascot in terms of styling you should think about it exactly the same way that you would a necktie or a pocket square in other words the Ascot you choose should complement the rest of your outfit it should be that element that pulls everything together and makes the entire outfit super cohesive to illustrate that and to give you some ideas on how to wear in Ascot I've put together five different outfits let's take a look first up here is just something very simple very class fans of the channel will recall seeing basically the same exact look in last week's business casual outfit video you can check that out if you haven't seen it yet with a link right up there I did say that I wear this basic look a lot and I wasn't kidding the difference here of course is the Ascot which takes it from a simple business casual outfit into something more elevated speaking of the Ascot this is a classic navy polkadot silk ascot from bud shirt makers in London super easy to style remember the Ascot should pull the entire outfit together and you can see that it's bringing in the Blues from the window pane of the jacket which is by Rhys and that it really provides a much-needed balance to the Navy trousers which are by peeny parma a few more details to mention here pocket square by Michael Andrews adding in a little bit of contrast watch the cardi a tank American and then anchored by my favorite Johnston and Murphy Castle workers here we have again another example of the ascots ability to add a touch of elegance to a very classic look take the Ascot away you've got a great business casual or sharp casual outfit but you know if you're feeling like you want to elevate it slightly give it a little bit more of a sophisticated feel but you don't want to go with the tie and Ascot is a great substitute don't get me wrong this would look great with a navy grenadine tie but a tie is almost sort of predictable in a way and Ascot on the other hand completely unexpected and maybe even a bit more stylish this look is classic but also a little sporty we have the brown Glen plaid jacket paired with the denim shirt both from the HSS Michael Andrews collection and then simple pair of Navy trousers by Pina Parma accessories Ascot is by Brooks Brothers HSS michael andrews pocket square on my wrist the super-classy jlc Reverso and then finished off with the johnston and murphy tassel loafers third look here is again super classic more on the preppy end of the spectrum and definitely the dressiest look of the five I'm showing you this look is built on a simple foundation which could definitely be referred to as something of a menswear a uniform we have a navy jacket it is double-breasted so therefore more formal it's by ring jacket paired with some taupe flannel trousers by Pina Parma and a simple white poplin shirt from the HSS Michael Andrews collection now because of the simplicity of the foundation of this outfit I went with an ascot that has a much more interesting paisley pattern doing what it should drawing your eye upward and framing my face the color of this Ascot red I chose specifically to highlight and compliment the more preppy overall feel of this look on the wrist another classic my Rolex day chest pocket square is by Mike Andrews and my shoes another nod to preppy style are some GH bass guilty loafers for this look I decided to take the idea of the menswear uniform and give it a little bit more of a sartorial e casual feel and flare let's talk about those more casual elements first and foremost the denim shirt from the HSS Michael Andrews collection always a great way to give an otherwise dressier look a more casual feel jacket same jacket as the previous outfits by ring jacket Navy double-breasted except instead of wearing it buttoned up I've chosen to wear it unbuttoned again a great way to give a garment that's usually seen as on the formal side of things a more casual feel and kind of tossed off nonchalance shoes also contributing to the more casual vibe here our wingtips there the McCallister's by Allen Edmonds and then we have the Ascot by Brooks Brothers great kind of understated paisley pattern with blues and browns and just these little hints of brighter colors instead of calling attention to itself it more sort of anchors the whole look and again complements everything and pulls it all together to more details that contribute to the cohesiveness pocket square by Michael Andrews and then my watch which is the bachelor on constant on traditionnelle finally something a little different as we are pairing the Ascot with a sweater here as opposed to the more standard button-up shirt can you do this of course you can and for me it's kind of like an improvised turtleneck and it's a great way an interesting way a very unexpected way to wear an ascot in some ways I think if there is a concern that an ascot looks too stuffy that pairing it with a crewneck sweater instead of a button-up shirt completely gets rid of that whole image that we have in our minds this is a great styling option for colder months obviously Ascot giving your neck a little more protection this particular Ascot is actually vintage it's by Burberry and then the rest of the outfit we have the Glen plaid jacket which is from the HSS Michael Andrews collection same goes for the pants the sweater which has gotten tons of love on Instagram and here on the channel is by Blackground 1826 you can get it at Lord and Taylor and you can see that I've tucked it into the trousers favorite look of mine this winter other details hat is by Goren brothers glasses are by qubits watch once again the Vacheron Constantin traditional and then doing some wingtip dressed boots here in a great chocolate color these are the Dalton's by Allen Edmonds big video here and I hope it answered all your questions on how to tie an ascot and how to wear an ascot but if you still do have questions leave those down below in the comments I try to get back to every that you guys leave outfits which did you like which didn't you like you can also let me know that in the comments thumbs up if you learned something from this video don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell so you are the first to know when we publish new videos that's all for now until next time thanks for watching everyone and stay tail [Music]

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