5 Ways to GET RICH (TOP September Crypto 2020)

it's the beginning of the month and it's time to choose the top five kryptos for september based off my super secret bit boy proprietary formula last month we actually picked a loser which is extremely rare we had four big winners not only outright but against bitcoin's value as well everyone who's used my picks over the last several months is averaging about 100 gain or more when are you gonna get in because this month we've got five brand new picks of the month primed to pop off let's get it welcome to bible crypto the hardest working channel in all cryptocurrency if you're new hit that subscribe button join both my free telegram groups and my new discord server the bitboy lab to learn more about crypto or connect with me and the bit squad also i'm giving away a cat x node worth almost thirty thousand dollars a whole bitcoin two ethereum and two litecoin at the end of september to take part in the giveaway please visit 1btc.bitboy.live for details only subscribers are eligible all right guys today we are going to be looking at my top picks for september these are major coins not low cappers i'm actually debuting a new monthly show later tonight where i'm going to give you my top five low-cap gems of the month a lot of you have asked for that and so hey i obliged and at the end of this video we're going to take a look at a brand new low-cap gym so make sure to stay tuned for that today is the day though where you get to sit back and watch me rub my crystal ball to make the gains happen i've consistently chosen hard-hitting winners and that trend is still continuing in fact some stats to nodes and in july alone we were a perfect fight for five in winners out riding against btc we're 17 out of 20 and 16 out of 20 winners against the value of btc for april may june and july some of those winners were triple digit gainers now we use token metrics to make our monthly picks on the channel which is why we crush it if you want to try tokenmetrics you can visit tm.bitboy.live to get started pumping your portfolio how many people though can say they've been this consistent with their picks not many last month my team and i chose ethereum mco swipe hedge trade and cya coin ethereum saw gains of 13.5 percent against usd and gained 12.8 percent against bitcoin mco was up a total of 38.5 and 40 against bitcoin swipe surged to a massive 75 against the us dollar value and the bitcoin value but if you would have sold the top of sxp you would have made over 200 gains next my first loser in two months hedge trade thanks hedge trade we saw losses of 24.5 percent usd 23.6 against bitcoin it's saturday we picked a loser but as long as we are winning more than losing then we're successful and you can be too lastly we have cya coin which saw price surge of 40.6 percent and 39 against btc value that's a total of 143 percent in gains if you invested in all five coins not bad at almost 150 in one month while in total bitcoin value really those what matters you'll be up 145 at the time of this recording and for you btc maxis compared to bitcoin last month these are massive gains bitcoin against ethereum fell 11 and 1.2 percent against usd should be another youtuber that's picking so many winners with such accuracy and precision we're 21 out of our last 25.

I'll wait i am the crypto king where is my crowd so this month i'm picking these five coins so pay attention you peasants take notes d-y-o-r number five band protocol my reasoning for choosing band is that it has emerged as link's biggest competitor and defy oracles are one of the top new trending niches that are seeing massive gains in the past few months i'm betting that this trend will continue and bam protocol will see some of that action a lot more action than you've probably seen in years if ever band also has a strong community that while not quite to link marine status is certainly making itself known people look at chain link and kick themselves for not getting in early in fact this has kept many investors from even getting in at all now where do you think those investors end up putting their money when they think they miss link could be into link's biggest competitor number four synthetics network with device exploding and many of the top gainers getting a lot of publicity like ave compound and maker synthetics is one that's continued to fly under the radar even though it is one of the top d5 projects in the space don't tell anybody or don't know by the end of september it won't be underrated any longer and people will know the name you have very little time to jump into this one before the train has left the station and his destination may be the moon just don't ask me how a train gets to the moon i guess the same way a lambo does number three manera recently binance australia and many others have announced they were delisting privacy coins for trading purposes as i said in a previous video the united states regulatory power arm won't be that far behind while long term this will be bearish for privacy coins short term we could see huge gains from these projects think school shootings equals protests of emotion hence the reference to fear there's another factor here in crypto speculation and banning monero might send the speculators into a frenzy sending the crypto into triple or quadruple digits i would keep a moon back of monero if i were you of course now i'm not a financial advisor you can do whatever you want but i look forward to some huge gains from monero this month number two ocean protocol no it's not an oceanographer token for saving the sea mammals sorry shamu or willie right he's right ruben you're right ocean protocol is actually a tokenized service layer that exposes data storage computing power and algorithms for its consumption with a set of deterministic proofs on availability and integrity that serve as verifiable service agreements if you didn't understand all that don't worry i had to google it too my reasoning for this though is that it's on a dip today but it's been on a tear lately pushing higher and higher the technical analysis for ocean protocol is a 92.57 accordion token metrics that's a score out of 100 it's the highest score i've ever seen for ta on tokenmetrics they aren't often wrong so i'm putting all bets on tokenmetrics for this pick once again if you want to sign up for trunk metrics yourself and see the results make sure to head on over to tm.pinboy.live number one nimik finally we have nimik one of my babies which has been on a downtrend lately anytime a project tears through new all-time highs and enters price discovery can be difficult to find a new ceiling this usually leads to prices dropping significantly but that's about to change we should be getting some big news from nimit later this month that should spark some movement nimik is going to have a huge comeback as tokenmetrics is estimating it will have as high as a 40 gain i think it could be higher but i've got a good feeling about nimik for the month of september and i think you should too now lastly let's take a look at a new project in the space d5 bids it's a pretty interesting concept that's based on auction staking referrals and pre-sales divided bids claims that their new auction system for buying and selling erc 20 tokens will totally revolutionize the industry and change the way people trade forever that's a long time so how exactly are they going to do this well i would also like to know because they aren't telling a soul device bid says that they are withholding exactly how the auctions will operate until after they launch out of fear someone will steal the idea but as you can see on the screenshot here they understand that that may make some people skeptical and they're okay with that i also do not know how the auctions will run but the idea is for you to be able to save money on buys we don't know yet it may not be huge savings but all of us would buy at a discount rate if we could on a buy big enough a one percent discount could be huge now let's think about how popular auctions are one of the biggest sites on the entire internet is ebay now it is certainly fell off some but there was a time when ebay not amazon was your first choice to check when you wanted to make an online purchase remember the good old days in fact a slew of penny auction websites including cubids and bzid sprang up where people could win ipads for 20 bucks or less sometimes these sites were extremely popular for many years people love a bargain that's facts you have to think when d5 bid's proprietary auction mechanism comes out that it will take advantage of people's love for finding a bargain if you're interested in getting in on the d5 bits token sale round three is currently open right now if you'd like to participate you can do so at d5bids.com slash resale thank you to d5 bids of course for sponsoring today's show but now it's your turn what coins do you think are going to be big winners for september am i leaving an obvious one out let me know what you think down below in the comment section also don't forget to visit 1btc.bitboy.live to enter our full bitcoin giveaway and we just added 30 000 to it it might just change your life i hope you enjoyed this video if you did please make sure to smash the like button and hit subscribe to become a member of the bitsquat thank you so much for watching have a blessed day [Music]

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