5 Ways To Earn ARK | Earn Crypto Online | Get Free Crypto

ARK is a Blockchain and ecosystem with fast 
eight second transfer times and near zero fees. There are many ways to get your hands on some 
ARK coins, but today, let’s take a look at five. The first way to get ARK is super easy. Games and faucets! ARKFun.io is operated by Delegate 
Fun on the ARK Public Network   and you can play games for free 
with real ARK prizes daily. You can also visit the faucets 
operated by Delegates Biz_Classic   and Del to receive a little ARK 
for free by clicking the faucet. Learn more on the ARK YouTube channel.

If you have an online 
business or plan to start one,   you can accept ARK on your site in a simple 
way using CryptocurrencyCheckout.com. Their service integrates with gateways 
such as Shopify and Bigcommerce. You can also accept ARK on your e-commerce site 
through NOWPayments.io, a partner of MarketSquare. ARK.io is the business entity that works with 
open source developers to maintain the codebase. If you’re a developer, you can submit a proposal 
to ARK Grants and receive ARK to execute your   idea, whether it be a Proof-of-Concept, wallet 
plugin, or full production-ready application. This next way is super simple. CoinKit allows anyone to integrate cryptocurrency 
tipping in their chats and Social Media. By following MarketSquare on Twitter. @HelloMSQ and interacting with our tweets, 
you can win ARK cryptocurrency.

You can also receive tips in ARK via CoinKit on 
Twitter and Discord, and via ARKTippr on Reddit. Made by Delegate Cryptology. Here’s another way to get ARK. If you already have some, you can vote with your 
ARK for a Delegate on the ARK Public Network. Some Delegates voluntarily participate in 
commission arrangements, which means that   voters can get a proportional amount of newly 
generated ARK coins based on their voting power. Voting does not send your funds to the Delegate,   and voting can still take place 
while your wallets are offline.

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