5 Top Bitcoin Predictions For 2021 (You CANNOT Afford to Miss THIS)

it's time for one of my biggest videos of the entire year and you get it on the first day of 2021 traditionally my yearly prediction videos are dead on don't believe me we're gonna play a few clips in this video from last year's prediction video that are so dead on it will leave you shook so when i tell you what's going to happen this year you are going to want to listen because it could be the difference between you lounging in a deck chair on a yacht surrounded by babes and bikinis and getting absolutely wrecked because this video contains the number one thing you need to know that could determine the rest of your entire financial future and that's not hyperbole let's get it bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges biswap gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bitswap decks dot io welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to go ahead and hit that subscribe button in 2021 we're aiming to become the first channel in cryptocurrency to reach 1 million subscribers and i think we're gonna get there also if you buy into any of these predictions you're going to want to make sure to take advantage of one of my biggest trading tools of the year tokenmetrics get a five dollar seven day trial by visiting tm.bitboy.live this is where i research coins and find the best gems and picks for 2021.

Now in this video i'm gonna be giving you guys my top five predictions for 2021 and we're gonna be looking back at some of my predictions from last year i'm gonna tell you the five things i see happening and one is so important if you don't handle it correctly it could change your life forever stay tuned until the end of the video for that one of course for two years in a row now i've nailed my prediction videos last year on december 31st i released my top 5 prediction video for bitcoin in 2021 my predictions included bitcoin having a huge moment that would rust it into the spotlight and make the public understand it better obviously this was the helicopter stimulus money in light of the pandemic i believe this will be the moment everyone looks back on as the turning point for a case could also be made that paypal jumping into crypto would also qualify there i said crypto would take over in south america just do a quick google search for crypto in south america and you will see from dash taking over venezuela to the booming crypto trading in argentina that is happening and more in the future i also said that bitcoin would play a role in the presidential election and while bitcoin itself didn't play as big of a role as i thought that it might i did say this which would foreshadow the craziness we saw in october and november somewhere during one of these presidential debates probably not in the primaries been the main presidential uh election that somewhere big tech is going to play a big role people are going to be talking about facebook talking about twitter talking about instagram maybe talking about tick tock and how that relates uh to the general public privacy concerns anything you can think of that we're concerned about with social media and with big tech including google youtube censorship this is going to play a role in the next election i was even startled myself when i watched that part scary how dead-on it was but i was even more terrified by how low quality that video was forgive me father another prediction i made was that bitcoin maximalism would go parabolic now we've certainly seen many more people added to the bitcoin maximalist group along with the actual excitement from that camp being absolutely deafening all you're hearing from these people is bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin and that's great one thing that actually happened that probably kept maximalism from reaching an even higher peak was the deep eye craze over the summer it kept it from getting too out of control but it was definitely another good prediction however my top prediction for 2020 well this is a crown jewel check it out yes bitcoin will return to all-time highs in 2020.

I know what you're thinking what a vague prediction okay but it gets better around november to december of this year if things hold the way they've held in the past we could be hitting those all-time highs that's right not only did i predict an all-time high i've been pointed exactly when the most bullish time would be and i've stuck with that all year long this worked out nicely for me here are the facts guys other than people who may stream for hours talking about nothing pretty sure nobody has put out more videos or content in crypto than i have the immense level of hours and research and creation that i've put in has given me an absolute edge when it comes to understanding the fundamentals of the bitcoin news cycle and being able to feel the heartbeat of the altcoin market of course 70 or more of the videos i made on this channel never even got the attention that they deserved i averaged probably 300 views seemingly forever i mean this video that i made with the predictions was dead on and it was one of my highest viewed videos at the time with only 6 000 views but in 2021 this video will get a lot more views than that so hopefully many people will be able to reap the benefits from what we are going to talk about today and if you see anything in this video that gets you excited about the prospects of the market and where we're heading to you can always choose a trade at my trading site of choice by bit you visit buybit.bitboy.live to get signed up and then head on over to the rewards hub to get some great bonuses just remember don't get euphoric and be responsible with your trading so here they are my top five predictions for bitcoin and cryptocurrency for 2021 and number five i have what could end up being the most significant prediction it's the one that honestly could have the largest effect on global economics the coinbase dollar known as usdc will win the stable coin wars there are countless stable coins or coins pegged to the value of an asset most of the times at least in america we think of them as a coin worth a buck stable coins account for 60 of all training but they make up less than five percent of all coins tether currently under investigation from the cftc has widely been questioned as legit meanwhile coinbase is getting ready to launch its own ipo or publicly traded company this could be one reason it felt the pressure to delist xrp amid the sec investigation the point is coinbase keeps its nose clean and goes above and beyond to meet regulations it's kind of the darling of the government when it comes to crypto companies earlier this year while addressing the imf global conference u.s federal reserve chair jerome powell said they are keen to work with a private sector in order to create the digital dollar something that needs to happen if they're going to keep air dropping us dollars to everyone with a pulse and maybe even who knows birds in 2021 a landing strip will be laid for the coinbase dollar to eventually become the digital dollar for the united states that won't actually happen probably until 2022 or 2023 but the groundwork has been laid and usdc will become the top trade stablecoin as tether finally begins its fall into obscurity my number four prediction is that xrp falls from grace and a new project rises to the top as the number three overall cryptocurrency excluding stable coins with the recent problems with the sec it's easy to predict the ripple labs project tumbles downward out of the top five i believe it could easily regain that ranking after an sec settlement but in the meantime a project will rise and become their number three crypto and i believe that coin is chain link here's why when you really stop breaking down the top 10 crypto projects obviously bitcoin ethereum are not going anywhere anytime soon tethers a stable coin so that's no fun xrp is slipping litecoin has lost many of the advantages that made it big in 2017 and it's essentially a fork of bitcoin's code hard to see the bitcoin hard fork bitcoin cash climbing back up polkadot and cardano entertain the same smart contract space along with ethereum making it difficult to rise that high b and b is a centralized exchange coin and if we're honest dexes are taking over which leads my top competitor to climb to the number three spot as chain link its oracle technology is a trendy niche and there's nothing above it that occupies the same space look for links sideways action over the last three months to end in 2021 to be the year chain link permanently lands with the big dogs my number three prediction is that ethereum institutional fomo will kick in and this is why some people like tyler and winklevoss believe ethereum could go higher than even fifty thousand to seventy five thousand dollars per coin now we have a much bigger video about this topic that we just released you can check that out but here's the long and short of it there's not enough bitcoin to go around some estimates have said that up to 50 of companies in the forbes 500 list will add bitcoin to their treasuries in 2021 exchanges everywhere are already dipping into their bitcoin reserves there simply is not enough bitcoin to go around this will kick off a monumental altcoin season where ethereum becomes the clear winner of the altcoin space during the bull run institutional investors and funds will stack their coppers full of the number two crypto as they realize the bitcoin train has already left the station and there's no bringing it back my number two bitcoin prediction is that bitcoin will exceed 225 000 per coin if you've watched this channel a while you know that my personal prediction for this bull run and has been since early 2020 is 225k but i now firmly believe due to some of the things discussed earlier regarding institutional fomo that i have under shot bitcoin's realistic potential and i'm not ready to announce a new full-fledged prediction but based upon institutional and corporate fomo helicopter money scarcity and much more i'm ready to admit that the price will in fact exceed 225 k i think 350k is perfectly realistic but the more things go on it seems that bitcoin could be heading above 500 000 yaoza's my number one prediction and the most important prediction is that the bitcoin bull run will end in 2021 precisely on september 28th give or take one week of course the all coin season and market may continue to move through halloween but bitcoin will see a steep decline following september this is based on the golden bull ratio from trader trading shot on trading view we've discussed this many times on this channel so i know i don't need to go very deep into detail here but what i will say is i do believe due to the institutional buying and hodling hands of steel that will be looking at more like a sixty percent drop in the next bear market and bare winter instead of eighty-five percent which has been the average i could easily see the price going up to 500k and settling around 200k but 100 000 would be firmly in reality but even if it settled around 100 to 150k it would still be less of a drop than we've seen in the past and whatever number bitcoin reaches you could do the math there and figure out where 60 to 80 is but the market in spite of what your feelings will tell you next year will go down at some point and at that time i will tell you guys to short the market and people will call me satan but i only spit facts though but let me know what are your biggest predictions for 2021 drop them below can't wait to come back here next year and see where we are see what i got right and maybe if i got something wrong but i doubt it that's all i got be blessed and have a blessed 2021 bit boy out [Music] you

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