5 Mejores GEMAS 💎 CRIPTOMONEDAS para INVERTIR en 2021!! 🚀

Very good to everyone!
Welcome to the Crypto Futuro channel! How are people? Today I want to share with you
5 gems, 5 small capitalization cryptocurrencies that are in my portfolio right now and that I
plan to hold until the end of this alcissite cycle , which in my opinion could end in the
months of December 2021 or January / February 2022 , Months in which I will be selling all
these currencies with the expectation of buying them later if we enter a bear
market, which is of course one of the most likely scenarios. I invest in all
these cryptocurrencies that I am going to show you today and they form a good part of my portfolio,
since I think they are projects with very high potential that could give profits of 5 to
10x or even 20x from here to the end of the cycle, remember that Nothing in this video is an
investment recommendation and that all these cryptocurrencies that I am going to mention are highly risky
and volatile, so they could make us earn a lot of money in a short time and at the same time they
could make us lose everything we invest in them in one day to the other, so you
are the owners of what you do with your money, but if you still want to know which are
my favorite gems with a gigantic potential that I am accumulating right now, join me
until the end of this video! I am also thinking of bringing you another video about the 5
blockchain games that I am investing the most in right now, 5 play to earn games that are going
to explode from here at the end of this cycle, so if you want to know what they are, leave a good
me Like this video and put a comment saying that you want that video, if I see a lot of
interest I will upload it in the next few days.

But hey now let's go with the gems and
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All that said, let's get started with the video! Well friends, first I want to tell you what
kind of narratives I am following right now when it comes to investing, Bitcoin is about to
break its historical maximum right now, if it did not break it already when you are watching
this video, it may correct a little earlier to break it, it may break it directly, it does not matter,
the question is that BTC is going to look for new totally new highs in its history during
this year 2021 and absolutely the entire market will follow it, so if this happens the Altcoins are
going to explode and they are not going to give profits of x2 or 3x like the ones we expect from Bitcoin,
but they are going to give profits above 5x, even some gems can give us 10x or more,
those are the coins in which I am looking to invest right now and if you followed this channel
throughout the year and like I was buying Altcoins or the same Bitcoin when it
was at 30k, the whole market was in the red and while the dem As they cried and sold at a loss,
you should right now be in huge profits and with a lot of money to invest.

And in my opinion
the best trends to invest in today before Bitcoin explodes and
all the FOMO enters the market again are blockchain games , which I am not going to talk about today since I am
preparing a video where I am going to tell you about it. all the projects that I am investing, the projects
related to NFTs and of course the Polkadot ecosystem, Polkadot is one of the best projects
in the entire market and for me it deserves at least the third place in capitalization, plus
the parachains and the protocol are coming. Polkadot will finally be complete, so I see DOT between
$ 100 to $ 150 or even more by the end of this cycle. That is why I believe that the
Polkadot ecosystem, the small coins and projects that connect to DOT will benefit the most
from its future rise.

I have many coins from this ecosystem in my portfolio and just the
other day during the announcement of the parachains auctions when DOT rose more than 20%,
immediately all these coins had profits of 40, 60% and even more. So when
Polkadot blows up all these gems they are going to follow the price action and skyrocket even
more. But hey, we are not going to see only polkadot coins, I already made a video dedicated to that,
but we are going to see a little of everything, so let's leave the explanation and I will show you 5
of the best gems in my portfolio.

The first project in which I am investing
is ALTURA and its cryptocurrency ALU, this is a project that fits perfectly in two of
the trends in which I am most bullish for the last part of the market, NFTs and Gaming.
Altura comes to bring us the latest generation of NFTs, since this project gives us the
tools and infrastructure necessary for developers to create
and integrate intelligent NFTs within their video games and applications. In order to
program dynamic non-fungible tokens, with special functionalities capable of evolving.
What are smart NFTs? Well, imagine a sword inside a video game, which becomes
stronger and stronger as we kill enemies or simply add improvements, that sword is
an intelligent NFT that has properties and that can change based on certain conditions.
That sword could level up and we could then sell it with all the attributes,
improvements and statistics that we accumulate during our playing time, being able to put a
much higher price on other swords of the same game that do not have the same properties.
That is why they are called intelligent NFTs, because they store the information they
receive and evolve based on it.

If for example any of you played Axie
Infinity you will know that the Axies lose their level when they are sold to another person, well,
this happens because they are not intelligent NFTs, if they were they could maintain their level at the time
of being sold. This can be applied to any type of NFT, not only to video games and can
thus cover many areas of this market, so I believe that this project
has a gigantic potential.

For ordinary users,
Altura also has its own NFT marketplace where very interesting collections are being published
that people can explore, buy and trade. Besides, of course, they
publish their own creations for sale. In summary, Altura is a smart contracts platform
that is creating a marketplace to buy, sell and exchange NFTs, it has the
necessary infrastructure and interface for us to create smart NFTs that evolve over
time or change according to different circumstances, it allows the creation of boxes Loot
boxes that contain totally random NFTs , which can be created by any
project that uses Altura and finally has an SDK and several APIs that allow for the integration of Altura
in different video games or NFTs projects. Height is a project I love and is already
working with other projects that are also to my liking and that were
discussed before on this channel.

The cryptocurrency ALU has a current price
of 4 cents, a market capitalization of just $ 26 million and
has 600 million tokens in circulation. A great project that could easily do
about 10Xs this year if it receives the recognition it deserves, if you are
interested you can easily buy it from Pancakeswap. In the comments I
leave links to the contracts of each currency. The next project in my portfolio
is Polkamarkets and its POLK cryptocurrency. This is a market prediction protocol
where we as users are basically going to be able to bet in different fields
such as the crypto market, politics, sports, entertainment or whatever you imagine
and win or lose money based on whether we are right or wrong. we were wrong. A
betting platform that will be on Polkadot, so it will share characteristics
with this network and will become multi-chain. Polkamarkets has already exploded very strongly with
the small rise that polkadot had the other day, so just wait for DOT to break its
all-time high and all the related currencies are going to explode even stronger, I tell you that I
lived it the other day with that 20% increase in DOT that gave me 40, 50, 60 and even 100% in the
very small cap projects related to polkadot.

The POLK cryptocurrency is used to create
each of these surveys or bets that are on the Polkamarkets platform and all holders
that provide liquidity receive profits from the commissions generated by this platform.
The POLK cryptocurrency is currently priced at 87 cents, a market capitalization
of just $ 38 million, and 44.5 million tokens in circulation.
A small project but with great potential. The next project on the list is
RMRK and its cryptocurrency of the same name. This is a project that falls into both the
NFTs category and the Polkadot ecosystem, as it is a project
of Kusama, DOT's sister network. RMRK allows the creation of non-fungible tokens
without the need to use smart contracts, this has already been demonstrated by having
NFTs projects running without problems on kusama, such as Kanaria, a
collection of NFTs built in Kusama that can also operate with polkadot and many
other blockchains, a very interesting project that consists of a collection of NFT eggs from
which birds of different rarities hatch , which can be equipped with different
objects, since they bring spaces where we can apply accessories and thus customize our
NFT at ease, accessories that are clearly also NFTs so we can exchange them
with other people.

This is just one example of the thousands of projects that could be generated
with this technology that allows us to put NFTs inside other NFTs. Something that
we could also use within a metaverse, where we could have the NFT that certifies
our possession on a virtual land within it, and in that land
we can have, for example, another NFT that is a poster that we can rent as
advertising space for companies to promote their products within the metaverse
and we generate revenue from that. Imagine RMRK as a box full of
legos with which developers can carry out their craziest
and most innovative ideas related to NFTs, all from Kusama, where this project is
multi-chain in nature.

With the next updates these NFTs may evolve
over time, change under certain conditions and may even generate passive returns
or be rented to other people. The RMRK cryptocurrency has a current price of
$ 8.50, a market capitalization of only $ 80 million and has nine
and a half million tokens in circulation, of which 88% of these tokens are in the hands of the
community, an really interesting project. The next gem in my portfolio
is Moonriver and its MOVR cryptocurrency. This is another project of the Kusama network,
and it is no longer such a small gem, but today this project already
has a much larger capitalization if we compare it with the other currencies in
today's video, without However I still consider it a gem because of how far it can go.
And we already dealt with it many times in the channel, so I want to be as brief as possible, Moonriver
is a decentralized smart contracts platform compatible with Ethereum but in

This means that developers can create dApps in Moonriver using
Solidity, the smart contract programming language that is used in Ethereum,
so developers can easily migrate almost any existing application
on the Ethereum network to the Moonriver network … dApps that being in Kusama will be able to connect to
both Ethereum and Polkadot, and all the other networks that the latter connects. Soon
its sister Moonbeam will also come out, which will be a smart contracts platform similar to this one
for Polkadot, a project that will probably win a place in one of Polkadot's parachains
and we will almost certainly be able to access its tokens once they are opened auctions in
November. Moonriver is a project that in my opinion should be at least within the TOP 50
of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The MOVR cryptocurrency has a
current price of $ 300, a market capitalization of $ 600 million and
only 2,000,000 tokens in circulation. I would not be surprised at all to see this coin
between $ 1,500 and $ 2,000 here at the end of the cycle. The next gem in
my portfolio is the Abracadabra Money project and its SPELL cryptocurrency.
In this project we, as a sorcerer would do, we can provide money as collateral
in the form of different assets such as Fantom, Sushi, Ethereum, stable coins and others, using
that collateral to borrow money and thus invoke the famous Magic Internet Money or MIM,
which is a stable coin created by this platform and that we can use to
freely exchange for any other cryptocurrency.

This project is very interesting, since it
generates returns on our collateral while we have it deposited, so the
loans we take out will basically pay themselves over time. For example,
I have been investing in Fantom for a long time in the medium term, FTM is a currency that I bought
during the May crash in the market and that I do not plan to sell until the end of this year or the
beginning of the next.

Without the existence of projects like this, I would have to have my FTM
staking at 13% per year. Instead I have all my fantasom deposited in this protocol and
I borrowed half of my deposit, so I blocked my FTM and withdrew half of its value
in MIM, the stable currency of this platform, with which I am in a couple of FTM
and MIM liquidity generating more than 100% per year in a farm from another DeFi platform.

A performance that
will clearly go down over time but I can change my farming strategies over time
or I can just do anything else with that money, at least me, the fee they charge
for borrowing MIMs which is only 0.05 % I have already covered it for a long time, and if I get
tired of farming, I could, for example, use that same loan to buy other currencies that I
think are going to go up and once they go up, sell them, pay off the loan and keep
the profits.

It is a form of leverage, but carried out in a very ingenious way,
and since in this market people love leverage and play with money that they do not have,
I think this project will have an excellent future, also the token is very useful since
It can be staked to receive a part of all the fees that are charged on
the platform, thus generating a 24% annual return on our SPELL tokens.
The SPELL cryptocurrency has a current price of almost 2 cents, a
market capitalization of more than a trillion dollars and has 71 trillion tokens in circulation.
The largest cryptocurrency on the entire list, but without a doubt I think it can go much
further than where it has gone so far. And well friends this is how we end
today's video, I hope you liked it, remember to tell me in the comments if you want to
see a video about the 5 blockchain games that I am investing right now, another niche that I think will return to explode soon. If
you liked this video, do not forget to leave a simple like and subscribe to the channel so as
not to miss any new content that you upload.

Thank you all very much for
listening to me for these minutes, I say goodbye and I hope to see you very soon in a next video,
goodbye, oh and remember, the future is crypto..

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