5 FAST & EASY CREATIVE EFFECTS in Premiere Pro #02

Hey guys, Jordy here for cinecom.net
and welcome to Creative… …Wednesday, I guess. Yeah, for the first time in Cinecom
history we missed an upload. Because normally it's Tuesday,
which was Yesterday and we didn't publish anything Yesterday
and I feel really bad about that. Honestly it kind of hurts, because
it's also for a very stupid reason. We actually managed to have
our video ready before 4 o’clock but weren't able to press
the Publish button.

I’m not going to dive too deep anymore
into it, if you really want to hear the story I've made an explanation video which
you can find in the comments of this video. Go check that out, if you like so. If you don't care, you're just here
for some nifty new tips, well, then fire up Adobe Premiere Pro
because I've got 5 creative effects for you that you can use in your creative
work, let's roll the intro! [Cinecom's intro music] 5 unusual but very creative effects that
you can use in any kind of creative work.

Let’s start off with the first one! From the Effects Library, I’m
going to search for Invert. Drag that effect to your clip. That's already going to invert the
RGB channels and give you a cool look. But we can dive into the
settings of this effect and you can find different ways that
the clip has to be inverted. What I definitely like a lot are
the Chrominance settings in here. Both of these will shift the colors
in a trippy way. This was also used in the music
video ‘Feels’, from Calvin Harris, which we also did a video about
a couple years back. Next up is the Paint Bucket effect, which is going to look weird when
you apply it to your clip at first. So, let's change a few settings within. With the fill point -which you
can also drag around- you can choose which
luminance value and color should be filled in with the paint bucket. After that, you can change
the tolerance, choosing how much you
would like to paint in.

Finally there's a stroke option, which allows
you to choose how the paint should look. So, where is this useful? Well, you can create
scribble effects with this. You won't have as much control
over your scribbles as if you would do it manually,
frame by frame. But this technique does
make it super fast! I just simply animated the tolerance
to let my scribble effect come in and out. I've got three more exciting
effects inside Premiere Pro, but first a quick shoutout to Storyblocks
Video for sponsoring this episode! If you're looking for more effects,
transitions, templates, animations and so on, that you can simply drag and
drop into your favourite video editor, then definitely make sure to check out
the Storyblocks library. There're hundreds of thousands
video assets that you can download without
additional fees. We've also been using Storyblocks
for several years now, and really love their library. We use it in many of our projects and
I can highly recommend to check it out. Which you can do by clicking the first
link in the description below. Video effect number 3
is called Emboss. Applying that to your clip will
make it look pretty weird.

Basically you can outline the edges of
your clip and adding a sort of relief to it. The options are very simple, you can play around with them
to see what they do. Now here's a great way
to use the effect. Hold down the alt key and drag your clip on
a track higher to make a duplication of it. From the bottom clip, I'm going
to remove the Emboss effect and only leave it active on the top clip. With the top clip selected,
move over to the Opacity property and change the blending mode to Color. This will turn your video
into black and white, but, because of the Emboss effect, it will add some sort of RGB distortion
around some edges in the shot.

This is a very stylish look for
music videos, for example. You could also even animate
the Emboss property to give some more life
to those RGB glitches. A second blending that works pretty
cool as well is Soft Light. This will create the illusion
that the video has… …some sort of a more
3-dimensional depth. Here you can see an example
without the effect and here's one with
the Emboss effect. And finally I'd like to mention
that you can also use… …the effect called Find Edges
instead of Emboss. The technique works exactly the same,
but it's going to give you a different result. This time change the blending mode to
either Multiply, Color Burn or Linear Burn. This will add a stroke around
the contrast areas, which, again, could be very cool
for a music video effect. Moving on to the next one! We're going to search for Strobe Light
and drag that to one of our clips.

This effect is basically gonna
flash white solids into your video. With the strobe duration and period, you can change how much
and how fast that should flash. You can also change the color
to something else if you like so. Again, that alone could already
be useful for a specific scene. But like before, let's take it a step further. You can change the strobe to
'Make Layer Transparent’. The strobe is now transparent, meaning that you can place
another video underneath. And this looks pretty cool. Again, something that should work for
music videos or maybe a flashback. Another cool trick is where
you place the same clip underneath, but then without the Strobe effect. And now I'm going to offset the clip
underneath by a couple of frames. And now the video seems to have
some sort of a time glitch, jumping back and forward in time. And that brings us to the last effect. Search for the 4-Color Gradient
and drag it to your clip. At first it's seems like
a rainbow exploded, but we’re going to change
the colors of each point.

What I'm trying to create here
is a custom lens flare. So I look for orange, warm
colors on one end. The brighter the colors that you pick,
the more prominent they will become. So, if you like a subtle blue leak
on the bottom, for instance, I change the color to a very dark blue. You can also put some
color points on black if you don't want anything
to appear there. Finally, you can move the point
to a different place if you like, or change the blend value, which will
make them overlap and feather more. And now you can set the
blending mode to Screen or Add to make them reveal on your clip. If you like, you can animate the points
in sync with the camera movement to let them fade in and out. And that's how you can create your
own custom light leak or flare. I hope that you've learned
something new and that there's maybe an effect in there
that you can use on your next project.

Thank you guys so much for watching, thank you Storyblocks again
so much for the support. And as always: Stay Creative! -The short movie is coming up
and we need props. And one prop we need is the mask! And that I'm creating from scratch
with some clay. I hope it works!.

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