5 Coins to $5 Million | Top Low Cap Altcoins w/ MASSIVE GROWTH Potential in September

welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where 
you subscribe because you're interested in making   money with cryptocurrency and to this channel 
demystifies the market with one video per day   my name's austin in today's video i want to take 
a little break from some of these higher cap   altcoins and share with you some top five lower 
cup altcoins on my radar that i think have real   potential into 2022. five coins to five million 
but the three things i want to preface with is   number one i am not a registered financial advisor 
so always do your own research number two today's   video has nothing to do with price price could do 
anything obviously investing in cryptocurrency can   be very risky and number three today's video 
is about progress and accomplishment so that   being said check the time stamps down below and 
let's jump in coin number five on today's list   they just made a major integration ismena protocol 
polygon has just integrated with mina protocol   bringing privacy to the ethereum scaling solution 
so both polygon hodlers and amina hoddlers are   loving this today and basically what this means is 
polygon the popular scaling solution for ethereum   and amino protocol which is a lightweight 
smart contract platform have announced a   bridge to merge the two technologies and just 
as a reminder besides a smart contract platform   what is mina protocol well pitched as the world's 
smallest blockchain the mena protocol weighs in at   just a few kilobytes compared to ethereum's 300 
gigabyte blockchain and while these blockchains   like ethereum for example will only keep getting 
bigger as more adoption happens mina will be able   to stay the size of just a few tweets due to a 
technology called xero knowledge proofs so now   that polygon has integrated with mina what does 
this mean for you the users today's collaboration   means that developers can now build applications 
on polygon using mina's recursive zk snark enabled   applications or snaps the technical jargon can be 
boiled down to this by using zero knowledge proofs   these types of applications on polygon can keep 
certain features hidden from different parties   so mina is not only lightweight it's also privacy 
centric and to give you one last example of what   this means instead of being able to quickly find 
out who owns the most expensive nft on polygon   snaps could be used to hide the owner's identity 
likewise for sensitive kyc information a crypto   protocol that needs these details private could 
use a snap to affirm this information without   exposing key information like a passport number 
or birth date essentially developers will now   have the ability to include privacy features 
into any application that they now build on   polygon i love this give me your thoughts 
on this polygon mina integration down below   but let's keep moving low cap altcoin number four 
on today's list is part of the solana ecosystem   so obviously we've seen huge success from coins 
as a part of the eth ecosystem we've seen coins   off the polka dot ecosystem start to grow as 
well what's an example of a coin making moves in   the solana ecosystem coin number four is burned 
finance we've talked about them on the channel   before they are from the same people that brought 
you burnt banksy which made national headlines   burns finance is a fully decentralized nft auction 
protocol on solana the test net called spark is   about to be released already over 37 000 people 
have joined the waitlist but that being said   let's take a little step back and talk about what 
exactly drew me to burn finance in the first place   burnt finance is a solana-based non-fungible token 
minting an auction protocol so this is meant to be   like a nifty gateway let's say for example 
but instead of being heavily gate kept burnt   finance is aiming to be totally decentralized 
and it has a lot of big backers the biggest   one being alameda research heavily respected 
also defines capital polygon founder sandeep   which is obviously a big deal as well as burnt 
finance being incubated by injective protocol   so a lot of big names like this project but what 
is the news today well burnt finance is launching   their private early access to its spark test net 
today meaning that the test net will provide users   with the first ever look at the burnt finance 
platform which currently stands as the first fully   decentralized nft auction protocol built on solana 
anyone will be able to mint new nfts purchase   assets and set up a wide array of auctions 
with the lowest fees so give me your thoughts   down below let me know if you're bullish on the 
solana ecosystem but let's keep moving and next   up low cap altcoin number three on today's list 
is energy with their uniswap killer energy swap   a couple months ago energy took a big step into 
d5 with energy swap they were essentially aiming   to build a better mousetrap and based 
on the well-established uniswap protocol   energy swap utilizes the full power of the energy 
blockchain to deliver a decentralized exchange   that is unparalleled in terms of fees stability 
and security i highly recommend i highly highly   recommend to check out our deep dive we did a few 
months ago on what makes energy swap better than   uniswap there's a link down below in the video 
description seek it out check it out right now   and energy is a partner of the channel and the 
big update today is their energy bridge is live   we are very excited to announce the launch 
of energy bridge on our mainnet it is fully   operational and ready to bring your erc20 tokens 
across from the ethereum network to energy this   is a huge step for our growing defy ecosystem and 
will be a major on-ramp for new users and capital   to energy and energy swap and what does this mean 
to you well with both energy swap and the energy   bridge live we are now one of only a handful of 
d5 platforms with an automated market maker and an   ethereum bridge in place this puts energy at the 
forefront of d5 positioning the energy blockchain   as a premier choice for decentralized exchange 
users throughout the crypto space and that's true   this does now put them a big step ahead but let's 
even dig a little deeper what is the energy bridge   energy bridge is a tool that facilitates the 
bi-directional transfer of assets between other   networks and the energy blockchain this allows 
users to transfer their existing digital assets   from other chains onto energy without 
using centralized exchanges or paying   multiple transaction fees so if you like a dex 
but with cheaper fees then this may be for you   here is the energy bridge right here i will 
link this down below in the video description   and while currently the energy bridge connects 
the ethereum ecosystem onto energy in the future   they will add other in-demand chains to allow 
the transfer of a diverse range of assets so   they're starting with ethereum maybe a solana 
or an alverond etc in the future if they see   the demand and just so you have all the details 
let me explain exactly how this works the energy   bridge uses energy's unique ethereum compatibility 
to securely facilitate the bridging of assets from   the eth mainnet to the energy mainnet it does 
this by locking down a specified amount of tokens   on the eth chain in a smart contract and minting a 
corresponding number of tokens on the energy chain   once the assets are bridged to the energy main 
net they can be used in any energy-based dapps   such as energy swap basically all the same 
features but now with cheaper fees with energy   and if at any point you want to move 
your assets back to the ethereum chain   energy bridge can burn the tokens on the energy 
chain and unlock the locked assets on ethereum and   energy does pride itself in being way more secure 
than its competitors like uniswap for example   as part of our enhanced security we require 5 
000 block confirmations approximately 3.5 days   before assets moving from the energy blockchain 
will be active again on the eth blockchain this   is to protect our users against theft and fraud 
allowing time for users to recognize malicious   activity via our wallet alerts and notify energy 
defense to freeze the assets and investigate so if   you want to use a dex that has much cheaper fees 
and is also prioritizing the security of its users   then energy swap now with their energy bridge 
is definitely a coin to keep on the radar give   me your thoughts on energy and energy swap 
down below in the comments section links   down in the video description check them out but 
let's keep moving next coin on our list is x-cad a   social token on the zilliqa blockchain and xcad is 
having a big september it's no secret that some of   the biggest youtubers on the planet like ksi like 
mr beast are invested in this coin it's also not   a secret that social tokens the space in general 
is here to stay in fact friend of the channel raul   paul is on record saying social tokens are going 
to be the next big thing for crypto and will grow   to a trillion dollar industry in this decade so 
having said that what is x-cad the x-cad network   is a powerful bridge between global influencers 
and their fans meaning that number one influencers   can create rare nfts that capture influencer 
moments and allow fans to acquire and collect   these moments and number two enable influencers 
to launch social tokens that allow fans to take   part in influencer content and ksi himself gives 
a great example imagine investing in a logan paul   coin straight after the japan stuff that was 
years ago when he was quote unquote cancelled   buy in super cheap and then huddle for a few years 
and then boom his coin prices fly even higher   now that he's fighting mayweather lmao the ideas 
are limitless with x-cad and obviously if you're   just a viewer with x-cad you don't necessarily 
even have to buy the coin viewers will be able   to receive rewards such as tokens or nfds just for 
watching and supporting their favorite youtubers   so give me your thoughts on x-cad down below the 
reason that i think they're about to have a big   september is because the onboarding of big 
creators has just begun the first fan token   announcement of the month some youtuber called 
cap gun tom who has over 1 million subscribers   will be issuing his own fan token on xcad we also 
have influencer nico omalana i've never heard of   these guys but he has over 3.9 million subs and he 
is issuing his own social token on xcad and expect   anywhere from two to five creators announced every 
week this month and the last thing i want to say   which is worth mentioning is the plugin for the 
viewers for you is live this is how easy it is to   start earning creator tokens download the plugin 
watch videos which you probably already do and   get rewarded in the creator's native token xcad 
will even be covering the gas fees at launch to   streamline adoption the watch to earn revolution 
is coming pretty cool comment below your favorite   social token and let's keep moving and coin number 
one on today's list making big moves with marvel   is nft coin omi and their vv platform vivi closes 
out marvel month with two additional premium drops   collect the first ever digital captain america 
statue and amazing spider-man number one and here   is the example of marvel's captain america drop 
as well as marvel's spider-man drop common rare   ultra rare etc nfts dropping with omi but what is 
it and why are so many nft lovers talking about   it ecomi is a singapore-based technology company 
that allows users to buy and sell collectibles   through vv its non-fungible token marketplace 
with its vv platform ekomi wants to bring pop   culture and entertainment into the 21st century 
and the integration with pop culture for me   is really where economy starts to get exciting 
because while other cryptocurrencies are still   only hoping for adoption are still hoping 
for awareness akomi's got it vivi has already   formed partnerships with some huge brands 
including warner brothers capcom and dc comics   and some of their most popular collectibles to 
date have come out of their ghostbusters batman   ultraman and harley quinn drops and the cool 
thing is that once you get the brands you have   a very good chance of getting these brands 
audiences as well for example we're already   seeing users create their own nfts based on 
notable brands that i think you'll recognize   but how is this possible how is ecomi able 
to do this when other cryptocurrencies would   love to have brands like this with them well 
the secret sauce here is ecomi's leadership   ekomi's global head of licensing alfred r khan 
is one of the biggest reasons for optimism on   this platform before vivi khan was the founder 
chairman and ceo of for kids entertainment from   1991 to 2011 and he is recognized as an industry 
leader and is responsible for more than 25 billion   in retail revenue on partnerships that include 
brands such as pokemon yugioh teenage mutant   ninja turtles cabbage patch kids polly pockets and 
he has also assisted with branding and a licensing   of nintendo mario brothers zelda donkey kong 
james bond and the world wrestling federation wow   so this guy really is a major player in the 
licensing space and to be clear while these brands   haven't announced any formal partnership with the 
comey if slash when they decide to get into nfts   because of the alfred rcon connection i would bet 
that ecomi would be in the mix for a platform that   they choose and that's the video if i missed an 
altcoin a low cap altcoin feel free to comment   down below i will be looking i will be researching 
and i will try and include the valuable ones   in my opinion in my next video and by the 
way check out this interview how to become   a crypto millionaire with play to earn nft games 
great interview link down below see you tomorrow

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