5 Coins to $5 Million | Teeka Tiwari List LEAKED

the most anticipated list of top cryptos is tikka Tiwari's five coins to five million dollars today I'm gonna tell you what the five coins are and what the prospects are of each now can you really make 5 million dollars with these pigs well unlike him I'm not gonna charge you five thousand dollars to find out let's get it hello and welcome to bit boy crypto your one-stop shop for all things related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency now I make videos on this channel almost every single day many times twice per day if you like what you hear see then please make sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell to turn on notifications if you would like to the conversation even further then please make sure to join my telegram group the bit squad we can chat or you can ask questions alright guys I've had so many people ask me about my thoughts on tika Tiwari's top five coins that you can make 5 million dollars with so today I'm gonna be giving you the five coins and what I like about each and every one of them now one of these coins is one you've seen on my channel several times you're gonna have to stay tuned to find out which one and I'll tell you all five of these coins have had insane gains today so are these pics legit and who the heck is tika Tiwari well tika is a former vice-president of Lehman Brothers and is known for being a wealthy investor he actually started at the bottom only making $4 an hour and rose all the way to vice president but I'm gonna tell you what he really is he's a great internet marketer the number one way to make money on the internet is not to sell a product be an influencer or maybe make youtube videos trust me on that one but the top way that people make money on the entire Internet is to tell other people how to make money on the internet you see these come in the form of ebooks courses and the latest invention webinars but tika stepped it up by releasing his top 5 coins that will make you 5 million dollars on a jet calling his webinar a jet anar that's where you can not make this stuff up teeka's company is called palm beach research and it is a 12-month subscription plan the ultimate prize for joining this group is you get access to teeka's personal list of his final five coins for the year that we'll be able to make you 5 million dollars but to get that list you're supposed to pay five thousand dollars for the yearly subscription and you might be able to get it half off for twenty five hundred and i'm amazed how many people are tricked into believing that this guy's the world's foremost cryptocurrency expert i'm willing to bet you that i probably know more about crypto in general then this guy does the main difference is that I don't charge you guys subscription fees to get my thoughts on crypto another difference is that I don't pay news outlets do to help me as a crypto currency expert it can be very confusing to people to distinguish what it's fantasy and what is reality on the Internet if somebody reads a news article that says someone's an expert unfortunately most people are not intimately familiar with the way paid press releases or pay to play articles are done I feel like everyone should know this but you can't always believe what you read on the Internet I'm sure the yearly subscription comes with some really good research and really good information or else no one would buy it but it's it worth five thousand dollars when you can get all of that same information for free on youtube twitter or reddit i would say hardly not and if you're really smart like I am then you just wait for the list to come out so why can't actually give you the exact document or video or as released we have plenty of public domain info on Twitter and reddit that contain the list now look I've done a lot of research on this and I've seen about nine different versions of this list where someone switches out their favorite coins with one coin on the list such as H bar or poon DX I've seen on the list but according to my research this is the list and I'm gonna tell you what I think about it now like I said earlier keep in mind these coins pump today but not only did investors rush into them last night but they also benefited from a bit of luck and timing as Bitcoin itself is up almost 20% today so here we go in no particular order the first coin is MCO as you know I'm a huge fan of MCA I feel like we talked about crypto calm almost every day on this channel CRO and MCO which are the two tokens of crypto calm both have the advantage of means taking coins so people don't panic sell them at the same level they panic sell others which helps them to stay more stable Gerudo calm is a cryptocurrency wallet you can download on iOS or Android along with a wallet you can spend and earn crypto through the app by staking MCO or CRO you can make 16 to 18 percent annual interest now if you want to actually aid adoption instead of just looking to invest and become a million then you can download the wallet with my code bit boy to receive $50 for free we use 850 MCO or more and you order the crypto comm card second we have another project we've talked about on my channel engine enj is a gaming token that specializes in NF ts also known as non fungible tokens you can think of these as basically trinkets or collectibles for video games many people believe that NF T's are the future of collectibles and there is some very interesting case studies and research to back that up I've seen some of it the younger generation though in my household my three kids literally asked for in-game collectibles for their birthdays instead of anything physical I think engine is a good one to appear on this list because it could be on the forefront of adoption as a lot of people think gaming will usher it in now engine and MCO are the only two that appear on this list that I've really pushed or talked about on my channel these others really haven't even been on my radar the next three are I guess you could say out of left field third is new mayor coming in at number 90 on CMC but please keep in mind as you see the games behind me that people ran out and bought these coins and mass last night I would wait for dips to get them if you are interested but número is created by the hedge fund company new Mirai the goal of this project is to create prediction markets based on research this data is then used to build out models of financial markets in order to take advantage of market moves that can now be predicted this project has been around since 2018 and it really hasn't done much so it's definitely an interesting pic to look out on the list [Music] fourth is streamer data coin and it goes by the ticker data and you can see if you bought this coin at this time yesterday you would have tripled your money and it has made a massive move against btz and E now at first glance you may think this coin has something to do with live-streaming I mean it is called streamer and I've already mentioned the importance of gaming to cryptocurrency and streaming and gaming go hand-in-hand but this project is actually focused on connecting smart devices and being the underlining architecture for the machine economy you can think of it as something maybe similar in some regards at least Toyota the fifth and final coin is status or SNT it's token coming in at number 71 right now now status is an app that is available on most app stores this serves the purpose of helping people communicate in a private and secure way we all know that we are living basically in a surveillance state right now and having a means for private communication has never been a higher priority along which is being able to communicate with one another users can also browse the internet anonymously and transact using the apps internal wallet you can think of it as your own little decentralized internet that you can put in your pocket now I hope you're seeing that there does seem to be a bit of commonality for all five of these coins two things in particular stand out to me first these coins all seem to be part of emerging technologies industries and fields MCO allows people to spin cryptocurrency engine allows people to trade and FTS and emerging technology new mayor is focused on AI market predictions data is connecting smart devices SNT is helping people operate in a decentralized and private manner we aren't talking dental cone here that allows you to pay for a root canal with cryptocurrency these are complicated emerging industries so I think that that is definitely very interesting but the most interesting thing to me here is that all of these coins are ERC 20s we're starting to see a realtor can spill on aetherium could this be due to defy well I'm not really sure but I do think it's definitely an intriguing observation you guys let me know what you think about that but guys please keep in mind what I said earlier these coins are the brainchild of a pure internet marketer I'm going to stop short of calling him a scammer but just barely one thing is for sure though people who invested in these coins last night got huge returns today in very short order but if someone can pay five thousand dollars for a site membership then they probably have a lot of money so when the prices went up hey guess who is probably the first person to sell so a lot of money did go pouring into these coins last night and that is why they pumped hard but just remember it's important to keep your portfolio's diversified don't go all in on one of these coins because some bald guys said so but now it's your turn do you believe this guy is a scammer or legit do you plan on investing in any of these coins if so then please make sure to drop me a comment down below I hope you enjoyed this video if you did then please make sure to smash the like button and hit subscribe to become a member of the fastest growing community in crypto the bit squad thank you so much for watching have a blessed day the boy out 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