5 CHEAPEST Altcoins to Make You RICH (Under a Penny)

Did you know when Bitcoin first started,
you could get 4 Bitcoin for a penny? Right, as hard as that is to believe, for less than a quarter, you could have become a millionaire right now. While Bitcoin is certainly an anomaly in cryptocurrency, there's still tons of opportunities for people out there
to be able to turn a little bit of money into a lot. Today, I'm going to be giving you my top 5 cheap
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if you enjoy these top altcoin videos. In today's video, we're going to be taking
a look at my top 5 cheap altcoins. These are coins that, in some cases, are under a penny. The most expensive coin on this whole list is only 15¢. Now, you guys do have to understand, much of what has driven the price of Bitcoin
through the roof over the years is its extremely limited supply. It only has a max supply of 21 million coins ever. Most of the coins we'll look at today
have billions of coins, so the chance of these coins getting to $60,000
like Bitcoin is pretty much impossible, but they still offer huge opportunities to investors.

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make sure to visit bitboycrypto.com/deals. Get your 7-day trial for less than $5. Okay, so let's go ahead and kick off the list. Coming in at No. 5, I have Pundi X. This is one of my first coin reviews I ever
did on this channel back in 2018.

The price is coming in at about half a penny these days. Now, it's had quite the resurgence over 2021, but here's the thing. It still hasn't even eclipsed
its all-time high price from 2018 when it saw its price go all the way
over a penny and a half. So while it's crushed it lately, it still needs a 2X to get back to all-time highs. And that's what I call potential. So what is Pundi X? It's a point-of-sale platform for people
to be able to spend their crypto. Plain and simple. You know, like Bitcoin started out as. Digital currency. So Pundi X is highly focused in Southeast Asia. Indonesia, to be exact. While spending crypto seems like a luxury
for us in the United States, for those people who are unbanked, spending crypto means becoming
part of the world economy.

Pundi X has recently pumped over 100%. Traders are taking notice. So why the pump? Well, NPXS has recently announced staking
and a token burn to reduce their supply. For a coin with 236 billion tokens, that should help carry this project
through a massive altcoin season. Coming in next at No. 4, we have Holochain. The coin going by the ticker HOT has
certainly been on a tear lately, crushing new all-time highs and making its bear
market woes seem like ancient history. While the price had a bit of a correction, it's already challenged a new all-time high
and could be ready to test it again. Holochain has always been a bit
of an enigma in the space.

It's one of the few projects that have
dared to think beyond blockchain. While blockchain is still an emerging technology, there have certainly been some problems within it. Holochain takes the idea of blockchain
and expands upon it, making Holochain faster and more decentralized
than anything blockchain itself has to offer. Holochain has recently launched an app called Elemental Chat that uses the HOT architecture, HoloPorts. But Elemental Chat is only one of the Holochain
products featured in the toolkit for Holochain. I love projects that continue to build through
the bear market and are making moves. Holochain is not full of empty promises. They're out there delivering the fire. You get it? "HOT"? At No. 3, we have an interesting project that was launched with a ton of hype
but never seem to materialize. BitTorrent. BitTorrent has eclipsed
its previous 2019 all-time high and is looking for more, coming in at about
a third of a penny for the price right now. Now, if you're new to crypto,
but BitTorrent sounds familiar, it should be. It was a non-crypto website that enabled
users to share files or torrents in a decentralized manner peer-to-peer.

Basically, if you want a file
such as a movie or a music download, users of BitTorrent would all have
small parts of the file and would each send you their tiny section. When you receive all the different file fragments, they would then be put together,
giving you full access to the file. In 2019, Justin Sun announced that crypto
project Tron would be buying BitTorrent and helping it to come into the world of blockchain. This was actually one of the biggest
purchases ever in the history of crypto. For a long time, it looked like it may not work out. It had a huge launch on the Binance Launchpad. It's actually their first project. It launched with fireworks, only to later out sizzle into obscurity. But a recent price surge has brought
new life to BitTorrent. But is there more to this than at first glance? Well, the rumor is that TikTok is now pumping BitTorrent similarly to what we saw with Dogecoin recently. Is Justin Sun and the marketing team behind this? Or did TikTok users find it on their own? One thing is for sure, the TikTok crowd loves cheap coins,
and BitTorrent is a natural fit.

At No. 2, another project that
launched on Binance in 2019, Harmony. Now, people have been begging me to cover
this one for a while, so here you go. Harmony goes by the ticker ONE. And a quick look at the chart reveals
this one has gone parabolic, and the community is calling for a $1 one token. Is that possible? Well, a 9 billion circulating supply isn't actually terrible. Definitely a lot compared to Bitcoin's
18.6 million circulating supply, but at 15¢, it does have the tokenomics
and potential to get to $1. Harmony is a good project and is in a pretty
good niche, especially for the moment.

It seeks to solve Ethereum's
scaling issues in the near term well before ETH 2.0 rolls out with sharding. Harmony is a sharding protocol that comes
along with a trustless Ethereum bridge. And it's hot as it rallied 700% in the last month. And I've said some good stuff in the past
about Harmony, but here's the thing, we're seeing a ton of projects like the ones earlier
mentioned that launched during the bear market that are finally coming to realize their potential. So while Harmony has pumped hard,
there could still be more to go. Harmony is not all hype, and that's what I love
about many of these projects on the list today. Harmony's got strong fundamentals, and that's what we want to see
in projects that perform well. No. 1 on my list of cheap altcoins
is one you cannot go wrong with, VeChain. I've been telling you guys about this one since 2018. There's no stronger project in the supply
chain tracking space.

It's not even close. While you look at many of the charts
from today's cheap altcoins and see that they've gone parabolic
out of nowhere, VeChain has been building up ever since the summer of 2020
when the price was under a penny. I told you it had some of the best potential
in the entire crypto space for the bull run and could push upwards of $2
by the end of this year. While we are still at 20X or so away from $2, we've already seen almost 1,000% gains
since I picked it and gave a price prediction. And I believe that we still will get there,
all the way to $2 by the end of this bull run.

VeChain has massive partners
including Walmart of China. Now, if you think our checkout lines are long,
you should see them in Beijing. I'm just kidding. I have no idea what their checkout lines are like. I've never been there. But the fact is VeChain is a solution
to a huge problem in the world, has strong fundamentals
and strong technicals, and it's still under a dime. Many people are pointing to a Cardano-type run
ahead for VeChain where it seemingly pumps forever. It's been following along a similar path
to Cardano from about six weeks ago. So you definitely want to pay attention to VeChain. Well, there you have it, my top 5 cheap altcoins
all available for under 15¢.

But let me know which ones
you are the most bullish on by putting them down below
in the comments. Also, smash the like button if you are a fan of
any of the projects that we discussed today. That's all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out..

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