5 Cheap Altcoins That Will Make Millionaires in 2 Weeks (URGENT Coinbase FAIL!!)

welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name's austin in today's video i want to take a little break from some of these more established higher cap altcoins that we talk about all the time on this channel and dive a little deeper into the more newer lower cap altcoins that are clearly making progress in this market on top of that huge warning to crypto investors please be careful please be careful we'll talk about this if you're interested in making money with cryptocurrency click subscribe we drop a video every single day demystifying this cryptocurrency market let's jump in okay so first up we gotta talk about this scam as old as time happening right now please help take down this scammer currently live streaming at this very moment so we're seeing this with ripple right now we're seeing this with coinbase and do not go to this website this is a scam they're trying to steal your cryptocurrency a quote unquote ethereum coinbase giveaway collab which is totally fake if you send us one ethereum we'll send you double back if you send us 10 ethereum we'll send you 20 back croc of bs and you may be saying austin i get it i've been in cryptocurrency for a while now so there's no way i would fall for those live streams nobody would probably fall for those the market's a whole lot smarter now and while i think that this audience is very smart there's a lot of newbies out there that are just starting their journey coinbase regains the top spot as the most downloaded app in the apple eye store ahead of tiktok as well as crypto.com at number 5 ahead of instagram and snapchat and i must warn you about these scams happening right now affecting even the richest of crypto investors a single coinbase user lost over 11.6 million dollars in under 10 minutes after falling for a fake notification scam we are just learning about this now from the u.s attorney general do not let this happen to you in april after a coinbase user bought over 200 bitcoin a notification popped up alerting that user that their account had been locked although the notification appeared to be from coinbase it wasn't instead the fake notification was the first step in an alleged fraud in the moments that followed almost 11.6 million dollars in crypto about 206 bitcoin was removed from the user's account and that coinbase user gave them the bitcoin him or herself because he was tricked into doing so the coinbase user who was identified in court documents only as gr was instructed to call a phone number on the notification thinking it would connect that user to a coinbase customer service rep right he wanted to unlock his account which he thought was locked by coinbase an unidentified individual one answered the call and then asked gr to make a series of changes to the account point is for you triple quadruple check everything stay vigilant and very quickly before we get to altcoins i do want to warn you of this the bot accounts the scammers in our comment section are getting worse than ever these are fake accounts saying things like i was able to make 20 btc from 5btc in just august from implementing trades with tips and info from a fake person named barry armstrong they switch out the names they switch out the general bs that they're spewing and try and get you to message them or they might message you fake accounts fake accounts do not fall for it and also you know this is messed up but more and more fake altcoin dailies clear scammers are popping up asking you to contact them or trying to message you we will never reach out to you if you see one block them report them do not fall for them all right moving forward let's talk about lower cap altcoins keep in mind investing in cryptocurrency is very risky do not invest more than you can afford to lose and also as long as bitcoin continues in a bull market i could see potentially these altcoins doing very well but if bitcoin dips obviously these altcoins dip harder so do your own research make your own decisions but first altcoin making moves is opulus just as a reminder opulence with their token is launching the next generation of nfts and peer-to-peer defy loans to change how artists get funding and connect with fans built on al grand so this is specifically for musicians and artists meant to empower the individual and take the middleman out of it did you know our sister company ditto music which is a well-established music distribution management and label service for well over half a million independent artists did you know ditto music had a gold record with major youtuber ksi this year big heart for ksi for being part of the opulus family so a big show of support for opulus from ksi from a few days ago opulus reaching new all-time highs over partnership announcements yes i am very gassed yes i invested early music and crypto and as we know from the other day opulis partnered with line tech giant line is building nfts and opulus line is the whatsapp of asia with over 300 million users and line recently completed a merge with softbank and yahoo japan i like it opulus definitely making moves definitely has potential to revolutionize the music industry i'll keep you updated and next up an altcoin clearly making progress mina protocol co-founder evan shapiro just did a live explaining the difference between mina's zk snarks and how they differ from roll-ups just as a reminder mina has been described as the world's lightest blockchain since its size is designed to remain constant despite growth and usage so because of its implementation with zk snarks you're able to verify data on the blockchain without having a bulky blockchain in this two-minute clip listen to evan shapiro explain why this verification recursive verification as he's going to call it is so vital with the implementation of snaps in coming in the next few weeks and then also at the end of this clip how mena is integrating with ethereum watch this very technical but watch this on the mina side there is a couple things right now that differentiate the first is we have the ability to do really efficient recursive verification and this makes me a really small so everyone can verify but also it means that we can do some really interesting privacy applications once snaps is out and then in the next it seems like few weeks or so in some form so that that's the main advantage right now from a usability perspective is the ability to make these kinds of recursive proofs really efficiently and in particular in addition to that you have the decentralization properties where i can then go back and check it later which is also very very uh good for decentralization of the protocol so that's the world today what i think is going to be really interesting is muno right now is being integrated into ethereum so that you can have a smart contract on ethereum which is going to be always incentivized for someone to update it in a decentralized way to the latest immunostate and what this represents is an extremely decentralized um bridge effectively between mina and ethereum and in that world while we can start kind of asking the question is mina now well it's a layer one it has its own consensus it has its own um centralization in its own community and all its own things but is it also now like a layer or two to ethereum given how tight this bridge is between the two platforms and i don't i think at this point what's really interesting to me is that some of these lines start to get blurred between what is a layer two and what is a layer one i think we'll see in the next year or so this starts to happen all right give me your thoughts on mina down below poletsky moving and next low-cap altcoin clearly making moves is social token x-cad you may have seen x-cad was the number one trending search on coin gecko the other day the watch to earn revolution is starting we see trending number one right here just as a reminder for those who may not know x-cad x-cad network is a platform harnessing the value of content creator audiences via creator tokenization basically a social token viewers earn rewards used for fan governance and i also liked this analysis x-cad is tokenizing youtubers by creating a whole ecosystem marketplace mvp built by silica and the zill team and ceo are advisors for the project top tier zill project and of course the reason they're trending most recently is because they just released their plugin we can see active content creators plugged in to the xcad ecosystem and of course boost rewards with x-cad a way for creators and their audience to engage with each other all right love to see the progress x-cad definitely a coin on my radar and next low-cap altcoin fear fear nfts it is a metaverse slash play to earn gaming ecosystem focusing on the horror genre just had a few different updates with the fear museum beta launching today we have just released our road map to hell basically their road map charting our horror verse developer plans the horror verse is a unique horror metaverse gaming world we are creating with this museum being its gateway and if we look on the roadmap we can see what was just launched right before halloween the gaming visuals are getting better mansion and grounds are fully designed and also the release of their fear wallet which adds a much better user experience for the players nft collectors this and more just happened upcoming in november and december nft quest rewards earn nfts by completing quests within the museum and the horror verse worlds and more story lines including a fear christmas horror story with the legendary monster krampus with his lair located in the upcoming alpine world all right so a lot to look forward to keep in mind we can't hit every single bullet point today but i just want to give you the broad strokes on what's happening in the crypto space as well as this play to earn metaverse revolution space and next up low-cap altcoin making moves donkey finance market turmoil meaning market volatility keep calm with donkey finance more people are using our platform every day total value locked has just risen to 13 million and users have doubled to over 2 200.

love to see the progress fundamentals matter and according to donkey finance being able to copy the best yield farmers is a true need for users so while we always like to report the user growth for the high caps the bitcoins the ethereums the cardano's polka dots i also want to keep reporting on the user growth of these smaller protocols all right that is the video give it a like if you appreciate us not just talking about the high caps if you like us talking about the whole market but like always see you tomorrow [Music].

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