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name is aaron in today's video we're going over   the top news stories of the day including 
what is going on with the lrond ecosystem   i want to talk about nike getting into 
the metaverse we're gonna go over ethereum   the complaints the dissatisfaction with ethereum 
yet the bull case i want to talk about ethereum   interoperators and competitors like the amazing 
success that avalanche is seeing we'll talk about   what axi infinity is doing in different 
countries talk about floki enu meme coin   making partnerships bitcoin of course the reason 
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get into it with elrond elrond has been seeing   amazing success over the past several months and 
actually the last couple years growing out their   ecosystem bringing in users bringing in builders 
and ultimately it's stuff like this is why i   tend to like elrond for an ethereum competitor 
interoperator elrond announces a groundbreaking   1.29 billion with a b dollars liquidity incentive 
program for their mayor dex so elrond as you may   or may not know getting into d5 and this will 
surely attract people supplying liquidity and   all sorts of stuff with this liquidity incentive 
program what you need to know is this elrond the   high throughput blockchain that can scale beyond 
100 000 transactions per second at low latency   and negligible costs has announced a one billion 
dollar liquidity incentive program to supercharge   the launch of their mayor dex d5 platform this is 
perhaps the largest defy incentive program to date   and represents a strong step towards pushing 
defy adoption beyond the current boundaries of   the cryptocurrency space into the mainstream 
the incentives will be denominated in max   the mayor dex utility and governance token like 
the uni token therefore 1.29 billion dollars worth   of max tokens of which 282 million in the first 
month will be distributed to the mayor dex users   who provide liquidity in e-gold mechs and usdc 
tokens by distributing mayor dex ownership to   the next billion users we lay the foundation for 
a truly global financial system that is accessible   to everyone everywhere according to bennyman 
minku elrond ceo and co-founder by the way this   is already live as of a few days ago november 19th 
i guess the point is we can look at other ethereum   interoperators and competitors like what avalanche 
is doing right now and has been doing for the last   couple months i think they did this with solana 
all kinds of liquidity incentive programs have   been launched over the past year and guess what 
it does it incentivizes liquidity people come   into the ecosystem because they want those yields 
so this is very good for elrond i look forward to   seeing how their defy ecosystem continues to 
develop nike getting into the metaverse in a   big way nike just buy it they want to bring 
sneakerheads into the metaverse and you will   buy them because nike knows how to make you want 
them let's find out some details on this story   look at your feet a lot of you are wearing nikes 
right now let me know if you're wearing nikes   in the comments below for the fiscal year ending 
may 31st 2021 nike reported its revenue was up 19   to 44 billion for the year but that's here what 
about the metaverse why nike is interested in the   metaverse this is no joke nike has very serious 
interests in getting into the metaverse patent   filings date way back to pre-metaverse universe 
in 2018 we were reporting this to you at the time   patents that they've been filing since 2018 reveal 
the nike has seriously been stockpiling the tools   with which it can do business in the metaverse 
these digital tools will include sneakers   but also avatars and other forms of virtual 
branding nike intends to sell you digital products   and you will buy them because nike knows how 
to make you want them i mean you can understand   that in the metaverse these huge brands these 
huge corporations like nike like supreme like the   thousands of others they're going to want to sell 
you virtual goods in the metaverse and it's going   to be cool to wear certain goods in the metaverse 
and nike wants a piece of that they've been filing   patents for this for a long time when they're 
ready they're going to launch in a big deal and   it'll seem like it just came overnight but make 
no mistake about it it's stuff like this that is   the future and because we're in tune with this at 
an early stage we can kind of see where the world   is trending i mean case in point time magazine 
will hold ethereum on their balance sheet as   part of a new deal time magazine has sealed a new 
deal that will see the media giant hold ethereum   on its balance sheets the deal marks another of 
times forays into the cryptocurrency space it is   one of the leading voices in the media publishing 
space as the magazine is almost 100 years old the   magazine which is infamous for its lists will be 
adding more cryptocurrency to its balance sheet   thanks to a new partnership with galaxy digital 
looks like old mikey novogratz is behind this one   although this is not the first time the time 
magazine will be adding crypto to its balance   sheet i believe they've already added bitcoin 
it will be the first time it is adding ethereum   and we're seeing it be one of the first 
companies to add ethereum to its balance sheet   in general this is hugely bullish for ethereum 
now i don't know if you've been on crypto twitter   lately but i also think that we're living in 
the golden age of dissatisfaction for ethereum   people are complaining about the gas fees 
i mean that's probably the utmost complaint   people are dissatisfied they say ethereum 
is for the rich and that is partially true   now the complaints around ethereum at this time 
you know near the end of 2021 kind of remind me   about the complaints that bitcoin was getting 
around mid-2017 where everybody was saying   fees on bitcoin are too high it's never gonna 
you know be good there are better options and   certainly plenty of other better options 
presented themselves at the time for big   gains but we did not count bitcoin out and that 
was the wrong move counting bitcoin out i think   ethereum is going to blow past its all-time high 
in a big way and i think ethereum inter-operators   and competitors like avalanche like cardano 
like solana like elrond will also do really well   as well i think only more companies are 
going to put ethereum on their balance sheet   and just this chart specifically 2017 versus 
2021 ethereum yes we're seeing some volatility   but we're seeing plenty of similar volatility 
in 2017 and the thing continued to run so nobody   knows the future but i'm still bullish 
on ethereum despite the dissatisfaction   and of course for almost probably over a year now 
you know my personal investors thesis as long as   ethereum is doing well and favored uh ethereum 
interoperators will do well and will be favored   playing out like clockwork avalanche slides into 
top 10 as users complain about gas fees yeah we   just talked about this people are looking for 
alternatives to ethereum and avalanche's cheap   and fast blockchain offers an enticing alternative 
just like what elrond just announced not exactly   the same but they're providing all sorts of 
incentives to come on over to the avalanche   ecosystem and people want to take a piece of 
that and get the yield and get the incentives   and we're seeing real users use avalanche and 
that's why it's doing so well and we've seen that   with solana and plenty of others bitcoin twitter 
expands bitcoin lightning tips feature for android   so social media platform twitter has expanded its 
bitcoin lightning tips feature for android users   launched in september 2021 for apple ios the 
feature allows users to set up a bitcoin lightning   address to receive tips for their followers 
so if you're on android if you're on apple   or ios now you can set up the feature on twitter 
to get tipped or tip people in bitcoin pretty cool   venezuela is promising axi infinity scholarships 
for crypto training courses the initiative is part   of the this particular digital program which aims 
to fast track growth and induce economic stability   in the country so venezuela is one of those 
countries that's moving into crypto in a big way   in multitude of ways now one thing they're 
doing is crypto training courses educational   courses and axi infinity is one of four entities 
that are funding this one uh this is surely good   for crypto in general in venezuela certainly 
good for actually infinity bitcoin in general   this is an exciting time to be in this space 
huge win for floki enu before we get to more   altcoins let me take 60 seconds and turn you on 
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enu huge win for meme coins everywhere floki inu   signed sponsorship deal with indian soccer club 
kerala blasters memecoin floki inu has signed   a sleeve sponsorship deal with the blasters one 
of the top soccer clubs in india floki's twitter   account announced this yesterday that the coin 
had successfully secured an official partnership   with the indian soccer club blasters with the deal 
floki enu's logo and website will be featured on   the blasters kit sleeves in the new indian 
super league season the deal which goes into   effect immediately will also have floki enu's 
brand being led displayed during the home games   at the team's capacity stadium so yeah a huge 
win for floki huge win for meme coins interesting   partnership with the blasters looking forward to 
seeing how this develops square cash app square   releases white paper for decentralized bitcoin 
exchange sure you can buy bitcoin on the cash   app run by square but what if you could swap 
it via a decentralized exchange built by square   i think this is really cool uh obviously 
this is just great for bitcoin a lot of   people are saying well this is stuff that 
you can already do on ethereum why not just   you know do it with ethereum and of course jack 
dorsey is a big bitcoin believer and he wants   to build this stuff up for bitcoin for that we 
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