5 BEST April Altcoins (Crypto Pick EXPLOSION)

april is upon us and there's one coin that's going to absolutely crush it more than any coin we've seen in the history of the world you can expect a 589 000x from this coin during the first full month of spring you can watch your portfolio blossom into a bouquet of money i'm of course talking about xrp let's get it just kidding that's the best i got for an april fool's day joke but in all seriousness today we will be taking a look at my top five coins for april for real this time let's get it bid swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens calling all the top decentralized exchanges visible gives you the very best price and value for your trades fit swap is changing the game try it now at bitswap decks dot io welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button for your chance to win a full bitcoin details down below additionally this month we'll be focusing heavily on trading as we try to turn 100 000 into a million with by bit i think we're going to make some big progress in april so make sure to sign up for your buy bit trading account and the buy bit trading competition by heading over to bitboycrypto.com buybit okay in today's video we're going to be taking a look at my picks from march that included a triple digit gainer and then we're going to be taking a look at my top picks for april that are going to help you smash that portfolio in march we used one of the token metrics indexes in order to make our picks we'll be using token metrics again but this month we're going to use a different strategy so let's see how our picks did from last month based off their index four coins we picked were alpha finance nord finance luna and bitcoin alpha finance saw some modest 10 gains not too bad but not the greatest next we had nord finance which did not perform great at all after an initial pump actually pulled our portfolio down big time seeing a 30 percent drop this one hurt because initially it had a huge gain but you got to learn to sell the top sometimes but check out luna it had almost a 200 gain this month and also gained 140 against the bitcoin price this is one of our best picks in a while and definitely caused our monthly portfolio to crush it despite one of our coins losing lastly we had bitcoin performed well with a 20 gain for the month overall our portfolio saw over a 200 percent gain pretty much from luna alone so can we see april outperform march i believe that with the coinbase ipo we'll see a massive run up to 80k or more for bitcoin so to find out what altcoins i believe will crush it the most will be turning back to token metrics for research tokenmetrics is our coin research site of choice and you get a weak trial for only five bucks there can't really beat that so let's check out the top five coins my research revealed for the month of april coming in at number five i have theta now theta has been on a heck of a run it launched all the way up to the top ten but now has dropped back and subsided to number twelve however it's still up almost sixteen thousand percent for the last year it's hard to believe honestly but part of the reason theta began its most recent climb was due to the expectation of their mainnet 3.0 launch that has been delayed though it's not all bad news you see their delay is based upon their decision to focus on an nft marketplace one we will actually be launching our own nfts on soon and that obviously will lead theta to the promised land i kid i could but really we are impressed with their nft marketplace and believe while many were upset by the delay of the 3.0 main net the shift in focus to the hottest area of crypto will place theta in a position to crush it once again next number four we have elrond after an insane start to the year elrond has stayed sideways since the middle of february definitely looks like it's been in a big consolidation period as it prepares for its next move up elrond is preparing for a major staking upgrade as the project pushes more toward decentralization the demand for the network has been ever increasing dubbed the internet scale blockchain elrond will move much closer to the top 20 during april in my opinion the e-gold token has been caught between major resistance and major support for months now and april will finally see it crush the resistance third i have synthetics one of my favorite d5 projects is snx and yet it has struggled recently looking at its chart it also like eagle has seemed to stall out since its mid-february highs but according to last week it seems that it could be heading back up and looking for higher highs in the near future the idea behind synthetics is huge it's basically creating synthetic derivative versions of literally any asset out there so anyone can trade it without worrying about breaking regulatory laws in their country we've also discussed the importance of ethereum layer 2 solutions including optimistic rollups while synthetics is now announced it will be launching staking on optimistic ethereum the long and short of it is this snx is too good of a d5 project to stay down for long we'll have another run and i expect this to start in april next at number two we have solana this is the next generation smart contract platform taking the world by storm starting to see some major development on this platform but it isn't all tech in the current speculative age of crypto a lot of the prize movements are based on the technicals and of course the speculation many people believe a solid breakout well above twenty dollars is in the cards for sol the chart indicates there is already a major breakout afoot they also recently received a 40 million dollar investment from ok x and mxc to incubate and develop solana based d5 projects cardano polkadot and ethereum get all the butts but solana is definitely an up-and-coming project that will turn heads one other big boost alana got in march was the launch of usd stable coins on the solana blockchain this is a huge indicator of an increase in volume coming soon and i think it's going to be in april last but not least ethereum for two months the price has been held down under the water while its competitors have mooned what if february and march it was for cardano but it definitely seems like following the huge pump that saw cardano almost reached two dollars there could be a consolidation period even in bull runs prices don't go up forever they need breathing room and i believe we'll see that for ada and now it's ethereum's time to shine again you can't keep a good project down forever now we're seeing the nft world go crazy and many of the biggest movers are built on you guessed it ethereum while many people have looked at the nft craze as a top signal there is literally nothing to indicate that in the historical charts from the markets i believe a divi resurgence in nft attention will cause ethereum to boom this month hopefully this weekend as we prepare for the easter pump but what do you think will this be a heck of a month for e than the rest of my picks or do you believe we're on the cusp of a bear market you'd be wrong but go ahead and drop those comments down below that's all i got be blessed happy april bit boy out [Music] you

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