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Among a lot of other coins, there is always going to be a coin that has the potential
to rise above all other Cryptocurrencies out there in its space. However, this time, the
coin need not be among those that come into the limelight more often. There are a few
coins that probably might have been waiting for their right time to boom up and astonish
the entire world. Today’s video is about those underdog coins that now have the potential
to be termed and listed under our list of the top 5 best Altcoins for the month of April!
First things first, take a guess of the top five we have in this list and comment below
the order as to what you think could be! We are always looking out for insighters like
us who have the potential to analyze the market through their eagle eyes!
Number 5- Elrond This coin has been showing a lot of stability
in the charts for a while now; we had seen Elrond at a sideways run since February.

could be for the next move as it has been at a consolidation period. We have a huge
upgrade that has been lined up for Elrond. This update could change a lot of things for
Elrond and also could bring in some serious increase in the number of investors for the
same. This has been moving towards decentralization that has become another reason for the increased
number of users and demand. We believe that keeping in mind the current movement and also
the adaptability shown by Elrond, there are chances that it could reach the top 25 Cryptocurrencies
among all. However, we thought of giving it a prediction of Top 20, but the same seems
a bit hindered as we notice the poor awareness among the investors about the same.

The standings
that we feel it could achieve have been thought of, keeping in mind how much of an underdog
this Cryptocurrency is. Currently, Elrond has been trapped between the major resistance
and support for a while. This has been the case for a couple of months. Having being
stuck here for w while, there are fair chances for the same to boom up in no time, that is
also another reason for us to rely on this coin a bit more than usual. So we feel that
Elrond will finally be able to pass through the resistance in the month of April and will
strive up higher to prove the nature it has within it.
Number 4- Theta This coin has already seen a lot of glories
as it touched the premium category by getting into the top 10 list for a while. However,
this did not last for long and it subsided back to number 12 following a dip.

said that, let us see the percentage that it has been up for the last year, it is 16000%.
Wait hold on, did we count the zeroes correctly? Well, it turns out that we did count them
correctly, and this is actually the mark of increase that we had noticed with this coin!
Couldn’t get better now, you feel? Wait till we get to the next part. This hype was
created mainly due to their main net 3.0 launch, despite the fact that the same has been delayed.
This, however, is not a disappointment but a surprise to their users. The reason for
the same follows now. Theta Network decided to delay the launch of Mainnet 3.0 to focus
on the NFT marketplace. What does that mean? Does that mean that there is another investment
opportunity within the same coin that hit a 16000% raise? In case you’re expecting
more out of it, you are nowhere wrong because it still has a lot to give you.

Theta has
been going through a stream of success, despite the fact that it had to abruptly stop the
launch of one of its major developments. The most significant part about this is that the
delay in launch did not affect the overall market value of the Cryptocurrency, as it
remained stable throughout the duration. Referring to the official website, we see that the mainnet
launch has been scheduled for 85 days as of April 6, 2021.

These will certainly be the
dates that Theta will be put to a true test. Number 3- Solona
As we speak of Cardano, ethereum, and others in the Crypto, we lose the potential that
we have in coins like that of Solona that further deteriorates the situation. There
are many such coins that lack a bit of public support despite having a really solid technology
and efficiency. One among them is Solona. With claims of having the next generation
smart contract system, Solona has the capability to take up the platform through a storm. It
has also recently been starting to make some major changes in its platforms and this certainly
will be one to watch out for, as it could also lead to a major increase in its number
by the end of the month. Even though we see the prices fluctuate quite a bit this month,
all such predictions come out of the technical analysis that is a mere play of the history.
We determine the future, through its past, by taking into consideration all that has
been happening with a coin in its past, and relating it to the current time, to predict
the future, by finding similarities in patterns.

This is the reason why many see SOL to break
out well above $20 as we speak and end this month. The pattern is shown at the moment
is also one among the same that has been noticed in the past. Heading into the institutional
investments that have helped Solona gain the entire place that it has today, is the $40
million investment from OKEx and MXC. This investment is to incubate and develop a Solona
based DeFi project. As the USD stable coins were launched on the Solona blockchain, it
got another push to its market value. We can deter an increase in the total volume pretty

This will be a head-turner by the end of this month.
Number 2- Synthetix Synthetix aims at making the synthetic derivative
version of any asset so that anyone can trade without having to worry about breaking the
regulatory laws of their respective countries. Just like Solona, Synthetix has also been
a DeFi project even though it has had a fair share of its volatility in the past few months.
There have been a lot of similarities of this coin with a few others we spoke of, earlier
in this video. We can expect a fair deal of higher highs in the near future. This near
future is as near as April. Synthetix has also now announced through its website that
it will soon be launching staking on Optimistic Ethereum. This could further push the market
value of this Crypto and make things much more convenient for the users. To make it
clear for you, this means the Synthetix is a really good project with DeFi to stay dormant
for a long time. This is the reason why we expect to break out really soon, and slingshot
all the way up to increase the market value of this coin.

This will just be a matter of
time before we see a major increase in its value. This also means that we can expect
another run out of the Sythetix. Number 1- Ethereum
Even though we have tried to bring the best of the underdogs up here through this video,
but however, Ethereum still remains one of the best on paper. The prices of Ethereum
have been way under the watermark. However, at the same time, Cardano has had a really
good month. It saw a bit of ups and downs but it was comparatively a really stable month
for Cardano.

Even though the pump caused Cardano to touch the $2 mark, it will now probably
end up with a consolidation period. The prices for any Cryptocurrency or stock will not last
forever in Bull Run. This is the reason why prices often tend to go down after a significant
uptime. Since that part of the time is over for Cardano and will end up with a consolidation,
Ethereum could rise back up again with its magic. We apply the same principle that we
applied for Sythetix. Ethereum is another such project that cannot stay dormant for
a long time, given the quality of the project at hand. As the NFT market goes crazy, most
of these markets are built on Ethereum, making it another reason for this currency to move
all the way up against its competitors. The two major reasons for the boom of Ethereum
this month will be a DeFi revival and the increasing attention to NFT.
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