4 Undervalued Cryptocurrencies you should consider buying!

So today we're going to cover the most important cryptocurrencies that I believe are undervalued, and we'll compare them up Its levels in 2017 to where it is now and we build this comparison To find out whether or not you should consider investing in one of these cryptocurrencies or not And, if you value this information, make sure you like to participate and subscribe to my channel So that you don't miss any of my upcoming videos, for example, Bitcoin where you can know that he is reaching Double the price it was at the 2017 highs Ethereum is climbing there very quickly, so it won't I would be surprised if it crossed the 1,300 or 1,400 mark from 2017 and kept moving to Another two thousand three thousand is chain link, so in 2017 the rally was actually only a dollar And 25 cents but now it's $ 22, so in 2017 it crossed over its high and much more. So what can you buy today for less than its real value, so you have already crossed the 2017 links And it looks like it will keep going up and up but what you can buy abroad Much lower than it was in 2017 so maybe you can catch a run and instead just don't buy at a price Much higher so the first thing we'll cover is ada or cardano in 2017, the high price About a dollar and 33 cents today we're only 38 cents left, so there's still a whole dollar left Just to go to the 2017 mark and then you never know the two and three dollars he might keep The ups and downs you never know, so this is something to consider, and they are essentially creating Blockchain platforms for companies to use for them to make their projects more efficient, and that's what The next Cardano is singularitynet or agi and they are basically trying to create the mother Of all AI systems, so the world's smartest artificial intelligence platform where it can basically do anything And robots will come out of this is their singularitynet in 2018 as the market It collapses, so it was released to the public at 1.86 cents and everything just started crashing since, we're cutting Today, we're only sitting at eight cents, so imagine a dollar and 80 cents to 8 cents, in there Plenty of room to grow, so this one to consider next is xlm and I prefer this one Ripple because they don't go through the set of legal troubles that Ripple goes through and says Lots of people think this could be the big swing for ripple, so it went up in 2017 To about 93 cents and today we're only around 30 cents, so it's still three times ahead of us To go to the 2017 mark and then if this is truly the global reserve currency Or whatever xrp they try to call it, this will easily go up to a few bucks Next up and the last one is hedera hashgraph, I made many videos about this project so go ahead To check them out now at six cents, they were rolled out to the public for about 50 cents, and they've gone straight to the bottom And they've been in range for about a year and a half.

One thing to know about this project Is that it wasn't available to the public during the 2017 Bull Race and the 2018 crash, so they were mainly announced In 2019 it's down straightforward, so it hasn't even seen a big bull race Very, I'm very curious to see how tall this person is because it's a very cool technology It looks like it is replacing the blockchain and once again check out and explain my other videos In more detail, so here are my 5 suggestions for potential investments Which you should think about again, it is undervalued in my opinion compared to chain link ethereum bitcoin and a bunch of other cryptocurrencies that have already crossed their 2017 mark so let me know What crypto are you looking for, what do you like and if any of the ones you have you covered today, then you Skeptical about it also in the comments section below, everything helps mufflerh!

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