4 Tips to Maximize Profits and Beat the Crypto Markets

Hi Everyone, with so many opportunties 
flying around at the moment,   it can feel quite overwhelming to look at all 
the cryptocurrency projects at the moment. If you're alone, it's virtually 
impossible to keep up with everything   happening at the moment. For 
some, your mind is probably all   over the place looking at everything 
trying to find the next 100x gem.

In today's video,   i'm going to share with you 4 things you 
can apply now, to become a better investor.  By the end of this video, you will realize 
that beating the market consistently   is more about growing as an investor. Many want 
to win in this space, but few want to grow. Hello Everyone my name is Jerome, 
I do videos about cryptocurrencies.   My missionl is not to make you rich financially 
but richer emotionally and intellectually.   Hopefully what I share with you helps you get 
closer to financial freedom and empowerementt.

Alright so let's jump into 
Tip #1 : Understand Yourself. As an investor, the most important is not 
have the best strategies or the best picks.  How many of have searched for winning 
strategies, methodologies in the past,   only to realize that what works for other 
people is not necessarily working for you. Some approaches and strategies might for 
amazingly well for others. But when you   try to apply them to youself, it doesn't work.
One of the reason is that we are all unique. We   do handle situations and problems differently, 
sometimes resulting in very different results.   For a similar investment, when things go down, you 
might panic sell because your basic understanding,   beliefs and your risk 
torelence are just different.

Too often I see people trying to mimic or shadow 
other people's idea. The problem with this is that   you're blindly trusting people and you forgot 
one thing along the way : growing. Don't look   at things upside down: Money is the byproduct of 
growth. And Growth is not the product of money. Its not because you'll have 
millions that you will grow. However   if you grow, you will eventually 
use knowledge to make money. Remember that every investment, should 
be an opportunity to grow your knowledge   and understanding about a particular project. One key thing to focus on especially if 
you are new : is understanding yourself.   The more you invest and do things your own   way – you can inspire from other people – 
the clearer and and calmer you'll become. You will be able to understand how your mind 
reacts to concept of losing money.

Society   teaching us to make money, but losing money 
and handling the emotional repsonse to this   is very unique things. The idea of having money 
disappearing can be devastating for people because   they didn't even buy anything with that money
People also feel euphoric . For 1 sucess that you're seeing on social media,   there are hundreds of people struggling and 
going through roller coaster of emotions. So In order to understand yourself, 
the key is to start asking questions :  – How did feel investing in this project ? How 
Did I feel when it dropped 50% : confident,   excited or depressed ?
– How did I react and   what was going through my mind at this moment? By answering questions constantly, you will 
ultimately kickstart the process of growth.   Those tiny little and details, will make the 
different in understand yourself emotionally. Okay Tip #2 now : Define 
clear process and criterias : It is very hard to know if you're growing or 
improving if you're not keeping track of things,   or if you constantly change methodology.
That is why I always suggest people to start   with something they love.

The reason is that 
they have a natural interest for something and   I know they will at least 
keep doing something with   some of passion, insteading of jumping 
and right and trying all sorts of things :   use the things that you know and love as 
your basis to start your investing journey. Gamers like myself are super 
excited about the upcoming things   coming in the NFT space for gamers, 
and you can be sure that i'll spend   hundreds of hours studying the 
space when the time is right.

On my previous video about NFT, I laid out a 
methodology to invest and pick collectible.  But the way I know if this methodology works,   is if I keep doing it for some time, 
and keep track of the performances. For example : Two of my top criterias 
for cryptocurrencies at the moment : I   need to see either, a lot 
people using the products,   or having a huge and active community acting like 
die hards about their cryptos. If they just have   a website, it falls off my criteria, and I just 
skip it. I know myself and its too risky for me. Alright tip #3 : Quality of Quantity You know I like to make parallels with 
real life, so let me ask you this question: – Would you rather have 300 friends, accross all 
countries in the world, or two or three very close   friends, that you can really connect with on an 
emotional level, and spend quality time with ?  – Would you rather have 10 love relationships, 
or 1 that is really meaningful ?
  People are constantly looking for instant 
gratification, and often gratification   comes from quantity, not quality.
The problem is that the ultimate   sense of contentment that’s being 
sought after is never found.

Favoring quality over quantity can help 
increase your satisfaction with life   as you’ll be able to place more 
value on the things that you have. The reason quality should always be 
favoured over quantity is simple :   you deserve the best for yourself.
Focusing on quality helps you to raise your   standards, wether it is friends, relationship 
or investments. If you want to give yourself   the best, you will ultimately raise your 
standards and end up focusing on quality.

So don't give yourself crappy projects, you 
deserve to have the best. And do you give yourself   the best investments : you work hard and make 
a lot of research. And that's okay to be wrong. In cryptocurrencies, the way I find quality 
coins is very simple : I look for survivors.  While everyone is focused on finding short 
term winners, i'm focused on finding the   coins that have what it takes to survive.
The projects that will surivive the bear   markets in my opinion, are the ones that have a 
vision, and people supporting that vision. Vision   never dies, and Steve Jobs and other leaders 
of this world are perfect examples of that. I can guarantee you that 90% of the coins 
going up right now, when the bear market hits,   people will be rushing for the 
doors, and never come back. So remember this: In crypto :Surviving is winning. Alright last tip for today : have Patience. Believe in the three things I mentioned above:
– Belive that you understand yourself,   that you have and trust your process, and 
that you're focusing on quality of quantity. if you do have those, its only a matter of 
time, before you make money consistently.   There is no reason why if you know 
your emotions, you have a clear process   and you have quality, that you don't succeed.
You just need to be patient and persevere.   One day, it will click and you'll perform.
You should prepare today, because when the   crypto market WILL change.

We won't 
have bull markets like this forever   where the only thing you need it to press buy.

Everyone is making money in this market,   but 5 or 10 years down the line when 
the market matures, I can guarantee you   only the best will perform. Its going to 
become more challenging and more competitive.
  So focus on building your 
foundations today : Emotional   intelligence and a set of clear criterias.

For the first few years of my trading careers,   I've made a lot but lost a lot of money.. 
It took me years and hundreds of thousands   of dollars to realize the things 
that I'm sharing with you today.

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Let's end off with the   french quote of the day "Tu ne traverseras jamais 
l'océan si tu as peur de perdre de vue le rivage."  You'll never cross the ocean if you're 
afraid of losing sight of the shore.

Losing is growing. So learn not to be 
scared to lose, its part of the game. Don't forget to like and subscribe. Let's grow   together and make this crypto 
journey fun and enjoyable.  Join the telegram channel if you haven't already.
Thank you so much for your support.  That was jerome
Until next time.

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