$3,000+ Profit Trading Bitcoin! DLive! BTC Technical Analysis! (Cryptocurrency News + Price)

what's going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new videotape under the kid video for you guys full of
information say we're to be talking about making over three thousand dollars
trading Bitcoin Ross be looking at some Bitcoin technical analysis talking about
D live and a ton of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space but guys
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a very good in theory entrer that came in and we were able to ride that all the
way up as well so that was very very nice now I'm gonna go into some
technical analysis really quick because I know you guys like to get updated on
then if you guys want to hear more about the giveaways that we're doing stay
tuned because halfway through this video I am going to talk more about those but
in terms of technical analysis what exactly we see happening with Bitcoin
it's very very simple and I say this time and time again that I want every
single one of you guys to add the EMA ribbon it's a very simple indicator just
click on indicators type in EMA ribbon it's all lowercase EMA ribbon you can
add it and you'll see this and like I see on my graph and this is probably my
favorite indicator to figure out trends and big one to see where the overall
momentum and the overall trend is all different time frames and we've made a
killing using it so I get just completely revealing the curtains to
show you guys one of my favorite indicators if not my favorite indicator
to use and you'll notice while we're above it we continue to bounce off and
off and off and once we get below it we tend to have downwards momentum so it's
very easy you see the break that happened here since we left off him to
talk about pretty much after this candle because this was the last video that I
made I think that video actually got removed on YouTube but that's a
completely different story this is where we left off so we came down we saw the
break here we had a rejection again we try to come back in so that confirmed
our break and from there we had some very bearish actions we came down again
tested it one more time rejected continued on our way down now from here
we came in and we tried to break above you see that red candle that's going on
over here if i zoom in you guys will be able to see a little bit better the red
count that went on over here trying to stay below but eventually we did break
above the EMA ribbon again and from there we have just been trading above it
on the one hourly chart again this provides us opportunities to make a
killing if you are catching the bounces on the way up or if you're catching the
gaps that are formed in trying to catch this short into the bounce all of these
can work and you can make a ton of money trading this way and you'll notice only
one hour again we just had another bounce over here going up to test a
resistance that we're currently at again currently at around eight thousand two
hundred dollars tested it didn't we're not able to break it came back down we
have a little bit of a wick there but again an overall green candle and we're
waiting to see what exactly is going to happen on the one-hour chart now how
exactly should you play the EMA ribbon if you're just using it by itself again
pair it with other indicators but let's see how exactly I would use this in this
scenario so then we move over to the for hourly chart and well the for hourly
chart looks a little different so obviously the Farley chart we also are
seeing a rejection close to the support of the EMA ribbon either we will see a
projection up top right the week or support or the very strong support at
the bottom like you guys can see happen over here sometimes we have moves where
every checks pretty much close the top and that's why you want to secure
profits along the way you want to spread your entries out so that you can
maximize your and give yourself the best chance of
succeeding but from here again also testing the EMA ribbon seeing exactly
where we're going to end up the hourly and the for hourly we are both above the
EMA ribbon and if we go down to the daily this is where things change a
little bit we are above the EMA ribbon but look at the gap that we have between
the EMA ribbon and the actual candle itself that's something that usually
doesn't stay like this very long time so what might happen is I see Bitcoin
trading within a range letting the EMA ribbon catch up or something else that
we might see happen is a bitcoins price come down see it catch up to the EMA
ribbon and then potentially either balance from that if we are going to
remain bullish or break below that if we are going to remain bearish again if you
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these moves make 1% make 2% which is not bad whatsoever it just won't be 10x so
it won't be 10 or 20% you can do that with BTC USD T on bit on Finance or BTC
USD on coinbase for example they work just the same all you have to do is it
just a little bit the pricing but if you open the chart you'll be able to do the
same thing and that's why I don't understand how people miss so many great
opportunities in this market because they're their money-making opportunities
are there and like I said we were able to while I was traveling in Los Angeles
the analysts and I in the group were able to catch a short period to catch
Long's and overall make a good amount of money it's like I showed you guys in the
title in those trades now Bitcoin has actually been the best performing asset
in a 20-19 at least compared to some of the other big names of ninety three
point eight percent in a league of its own in 2019 so the number one investment
gold could have done well you know we see bch like we had done well the sp500
could have done well but they Point 2019 a league of its own
fortunately aetherium didn't end up doing too good in the last decade like
you guys know bitcoin is up almost nine million percent it's a little bit unfair
to compare against the rest given everything that it's done in the last
decade it's a little unfair to the other to the other assets but nonetheless a
very good investment let's see what happens in the rest of this deck in this
new decade right now you guys know I talked about the giveaways that we're
doing tomorrow I'm gonna be picking the winner I wasn't able to upload on Friday
because I was traveling to Los Angeles for the weekend like I told you guys for
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channel is down below in the description now if we look at the overall market 217
billion dollars in mark and Bitcoin overall pretty sideways in the last few
days you'll notice it's trading very very sideways also will notice the
resistance that we talked about previously at 8200 and the EMA ribbon
especially on the hourly climbing up and trying to create a very narrow range or
bitcoins gonna have to pick if it's going to break above the $8,200
resistance or break below the EMA ribbon and maybe start seeing some downward
action so we'll see exactly how that plays out and I'll update you guys on
that situation biggest gainer of the day is Educare cent rally bit tore it all up
a good amount nothing like Educare though up 58% I have no reason for why
this is up so I'm not gonna talk much about it now overall in the crypto
market like you guys know there hasn't been too much exactly news coming out
people are a lot more focused on the technical analysis I'd and that's where
I like to joke that all of a sudden a lot of other youtubers who used to be
you know anti trading or didn't have anything to do with trading and don't
know how to do technical analysis are now all coming in and trying to become
technical analysis experts so please be careful we listen to because overall
most people don't know what they're talking about they're just people on the
internet I'm just a person on the internet although I have made some money
trading in the last few year kryptos I might have a little more
experience but nonetheless be careful who you listen to now this news is from
the largest bloc team based live streaming platform they host PewDiePie
and they're beginning their migration onto Tron so again a lot of news coming
up from Tron if there's ever news in the crypto markets usually either Bitcoin
Tron XRP maybe aetherium and overall that's a makes up 90% of the
overall crypto news now D live as you guys know probably you probably know
this they host PewDiePie who is the biggest youtubers one of the biggest
youtubers out there I believe the biggest youtuber in terms of individual
person over a hundred million YouTube subscribers a very big live streamer who
used the live stream on YouTube and he went exclusively to D alive now as you
guys know everything that went on in the last few weeks slash months with
youtubers in the crypto space and YouTube where YouTube was actually
banning videos we don't know if there was an attack on a few people from a
group of people mass reporting or what it was that triggered those bans but
youtubers were getting strikes youtubers were getting their videos removed and a
lot of guys who make their living off of YouTube started to be worried started to
have issues and maybe not be able to continue to do this full-time and of
course that sucks for them if they're if that is their main source of income you
guys know it's not my main source of income so I really don't mind where I
post my videos or how I interact with you guys I just want to give you guys
the best information I just want to give you guys everything I'm looking at in
the market as long as it helps you as long as you guys make money and I get
messages that you guys appreciate it all the time then that's all that really
matters to me but for people who do this full-time that's obviously a big deal
and now D live and these and these other streaming platforms specifically there I
think that the biggest one are getting a lot more recognition are becoming a lot
more relevant as a potential place for people especially in the crypto space
first and then hopefully the rest of the adoption that comes in might be moving
their way onto there so I did have a question for you guys before we end this
off let me know in the comments down below if you guys have used these other
play these other platforms like D live for example where PewDiePie streams let
me know if you've used that before if you have any interest in using that or
whatever it is let me know your thoughts in the
comment down below again Tron acquiring D live streaming platform migrating on
to the Tron platform is very big for Tron if this does continue to get more
adoption but guys that's gonna be for this video hope you guys did enjoy if
you did don't forget to leave a thumbs up and leave comments down below letting
me know what you think and what else you want to see but thank you guys so much
for watching I'll see you guys tomorrow for our giveaway

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