3 Truths to 100X your Crypto & Altcoin Investments

A lot new joiners are looking for the next
unkown gem that is going to outperform all the coins in the market. We understand that massive can be made in
the crypto space, but I see a lot of people chasing crazy returns without evaluating the
risks. Today I'm going to share with you the real
way to make 100x on crypto. Like many of the tips I share with you, It
involves shifting your mind and your perspective more than anything else.

If you apply my tips and start thinking like
this, you will do much better over the long term. Hello Everyone, it's jerome again. I wanted to talk about this topic for a long
time, because I feel like people just joining the space and even experienced investors are
being manipulated mentally and emotionally. In this channel, I try to share with you the
emotional intelligence and secrets that will help reach your financial goals. My mission is to make sure that you don't
burn both your financial and mental capital in this crazy world of Crypto. So if you want to be part of this journey,
please consider subscribing or joining the telegram channel (the link will be in the
description down below). In this video, I will share with the three
things you need in order to achieve 100x gains in the crypto space: Tip #1, Stop looking for 100x :
• It sounds counter intuitive but let me explain. • I see too many people looking for the
next gem and the next thing that will go parabolic.

• By looking at people on social media,
you feel like everyone is making huge amounts of money. Most of them are are selling you the dream
of becoming rich quick and making you think that its possible. • I know what you guys are thinking because
I used to do the same: you're telling yourself I only need to get lucky once. So you're buying a lot lotto tickets (ie a
bunch of smaller coin) hoping that one will do 100 or 200x. • So allow me open your eyes and challenge
you with the following question : • What if instead of chasing 100x coins
that have close to 0 probability, you were chasing 10x coins, but repeat it twice ?
• I want you to take a minute to think about it : 100x , is no different than 10x, repeated

• Newer people will tend to chase massive
gains, instead of consistency. Investors that are lasting and surving the
crypto crazyness are the ones that will be consistent. • Myself, I'd rather try to do 10x twice,
with 30% probability each time to make it to 100x, rather than trying to find a noname
coin that is supposedly going to do 100x or more. • People are throwing random projects at
you saying its the next big thing, promoting how good it is and how high it's going to
go. Unfortunately, this is actually holdingyou
back for few reasons: ○ Those are very new projects, often with
a team of less than 10 people ○ They are paid to promote those coins. Every single day, I receive emails about people
wanting to pay me to talk about their coins. ○ The reality is that you have a 90%+ chance
of losing everything. Promoters often bought the coins before they
tell how good it is. ○ If you're throwing money randomly at everything
expecting to be lucky, if it ever works, I can guarantee you will do the same mistakes
once you are rich. • Do you see how chasing big returns is
actually detrimental to you? You are taking more risks because you are
in a rush to make money instead of building a good process.

• I will repeat it gain : good things take
time. You are going to burn yourself trying to find
the next 100x or 200x coin. • You can achieve the same amazing results
by taking a step back, and changing your perspective. You Can and you will outsmart 99% of the people
in this space if you follow my channel. Alright so tip #2, only play high convictions. • So now that you know you should stop chasing
100x and noname coins, my second advice to you is to keep it simple: build very very
strong convictions and dont get distracted by the next upcoming coins. • Your time should be spent on strengthening
your research and conviction, rather trying your luck on a micro cap coins.

• I don't believe in lotto tickets, because
it wont work for most of us. I believe in process, and good habits. • If you want to build wealth, (not income),
you have to build the right habits today. • And the first good habit you have, is
to be curious and always challenge what you think you know. • Myself, I've listened to hundreds of hours
of interviews with Charles Hoskinsons. And I've read countless papers not only about
Cardano, but also Ethereum and Ethereum 2.0 • It took me hundreds of hours of work,
to build a mental comfort and It doesn't matter if Cardano drops 30 50 60% tomorrow, my conviction
remains the same. • The more convictions you have, the more
relaxed you will feel. • Also, don't try to solve every problem
at the same time, you will get confused. I see people throwing portfolios with 15 names. How can you follow everything ?
• If your portfolio looks like a giant lottery ticket, maybe its time to re adjust. • Like my girlfriend says : Go big or go
home, in the things that you believe at your core.

Humans are not built to have thousands of
beliefs. We have one or two, and those are defining
us. • My advice to you is to keep things simple. Don't over complicate your mind and your life,
its probably already very busy. • Your focus should solely be identifying
on high quality and high probability coins, that can do 10x, and to learn how to that
multiple times. Once you know how to do : just rinse and repeat. Tip #3: Have patience • Building wealth isn't going to come overnight. • How many of us are also being attracted
to crypto because the ability to build great wealth ? Let's be honest, a lot right.

• Chasing returns is not bad in itself,
but chasing FAST returns is bad. • This journey of investing in cryptocurrency
should be fun an enjoyable. • This is an opportunity for you to learn
new things, develop new skills, and more importantly discover yourself mentally and emotionally. • So make it easy for yourself : give yourself
the luxury of time to learn all of those things. • Does it matter if you become millionaire
next year or in 3 years ? Its the same. What matter is getting there the right way,
with grace and elation. • Would'nt that be so much enjoyable if
along the way of building wealth, you were encoutering people, building meaningful relationships,
and become smarter. I don't know for you, but this has tremendous
value for me. • The telegram channel that I have is exactly
for that : meet new people, share new ideas, get inspired and maybe get involve in newer
projects. You never know who you can encounter in life
right? • My mission is to make sure that everyone
that gets there, has the ability to keep what they have and not lose it 6 months later.

That would be my biggest victory. • So what I want you to remember from this
video is this : Good things take time. What matters today is that you build the right
habits, and skills so that you can become consistent. Stop chasing 100x, and instead chase consistency,
curiosity, and higher probably trades. You will end up with the same result, more
confidently and stress free. • So join me and play the long term game,
not the short term one. Start building the right process and habits
today, so that . Don't feel rushed, there is always a tomorrow to invest, filled with
opportunity. For those that want to support my mission
of helping people, please share this video with someone you think it might help. Also consider staking your cardano with me
in my cardano samurai stakepools, it means a lot to me, thank you. Alright, let's end off with the french quote
of the day : "Patience et longueur de temps font plus que force ni que rage." "Patience and length of time do more than
strength and anger." So don't rush things, be smart and let things
come to you as on their own time.

Focus on the process, and you will do very

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