3 Top Projects In Crypto! (Enjin Coin Primed For Run Up)

[Music] welcome to nft update i'm your host dz and i'm justin also known as jeezy and we come to you twice a week with the nft news and upcoming launches that you might want to keep an eye out on that's right this week we had a little bit of the news front open c sales volume for q3 was released now this is july august september q1 it was like 1.2 billion q2 like around 1.3 billion you want to know how much q3 was you showed me but i can't remember it was crazy over 10 billion and we're not even yeah and then we looked at october we looked at the month to month you know so august spiked september spiked now we looked at the data for four days in october and it was already like a quarter of september let me ask you something ask me what do you think is going to happen to the nft market and the volume trading volume if we do go into a bear market if we go into a bear market i think it's a good hedge but of course sales volume is going to diminish prices will go down but the blue chips i expect them to gain eth gain solana so you think they're going to hold their dollar value yeah and i've said this before like not everyone wants to sell 100 of your ethereum no through the bear market you're not going to want to sell all of it so park it in some nfts yeah hopefully they hold yeah it's gonna be it's gonna be interesting we haven't seen a bear market with this much attention on nft so it's gonna be kind of new territory i think when we uh when we see it yeah we saw with the crypto kitties you know they they spiked and then they dropped but you know they eventually just started gaining eath yeah but now it's it's a whole different world since cryptokitties yeah like we're we're in new territory as far as nfts go the volume i mean some would say that the whole crypto market right now could be propped up by the nft volume all right well let's go into our first project here oh what you got this is dropping sunday so you're watching this on a saturday this is dropping sunday on the 10th in this crazy skulls these things are crazy yeah i saw something we actually have some too that we're going to be giving away to our community yeah yeah i'm looking forward to that so there's 2700 that were minted pre-med but then the rest are about 70 of them are coming online sunday and you'll be able to purchase them holding one on halloween you're gonna get a spooky card god that sounds so scary it's spooky drops on halloween these cards are gonna give you all types of features and access this is some i've said it before but this is something i've never seen not only if you hold three you'll get a free nft drop in the future it's a mummy skull but check this out holding it gives you a share of royalties from openc but bigger than this future sales you'll get three percent of the sales split amongst the cards forever forever every project that they launch in the future they're giving out three percent of the sales to the holders of the spooky halloween card so really i feel like i'm watching shark tank yeah can i mr wonderful so i'm gonna get it three percent in perpetuity perpetuity i got a royalty deal for you i got it yeah yeah i want two dollars off every honey bun you sell in the future yeah but you got to think about that i mean basically that's the definition of passive incomes if you hold this nft forever you will get three percent of whatever drop they come out with in the future yeah it's pretty big so every skull you get one pass one halloween card so you get one for every nft and so i mean i'm expecting pretty big things from that but they also have they have more what is that so they're dropping the the spooky card on halloween early november they're giving out a radioactive can now you remember the mutant apes yeah they're going to do like radioactive skulls and like a mutinate you know the board apes had to mutinate well this the crazy skulls are going to have a nuclear skull the board apes were very successful but the mute names were just as successful yeah yeah i mean they're they're still trained for multiple eats yeah i think they made like 90 mil on the drop like within three hours so crazy skulls it drops sunday check it out all types of things on the road map so and the art the art is sick very cool very cool well i got what we got next i got a project it's an oldie it's not really an oldie it's kind of an og okay uh project in the not space we just kind of want to highlight it it's a very cool thing we're actually in talks with them currently on doing some pluto alliance stuff we got some the pluto alliance thing is just crazy but yeah uh engine okay engine possibly going to be a future partnership sponsorship of pluto alliance really excited about the possibilities they're developing their own multi-chain nft platform i think everybody kind of knows that we got jump net affinity coming out soon basically it's a layer 2 solution so now game developers can build on the ethereum network and use the ethereum tools without all those gas fees yeah that just kill projects yeah you can't buy a fortnight skin if you got to pay 27 in the eath gas or more i mean no one's going to play that game so we we think engine is going to be that that platform that's just going to catapult mainstream adoption as far as online blockchain gaming so affinity is going to be a polka dot parachain very cool it's going to be focused on nft's gaming and metaverse uh affinity will also be developing frictionless onboarding to newcomers so it's going to be extremely easy to get over on this platform yeah so if you want to get engine it's enj it's a top 100 coin i think it's around 80 in the market cap right now yeah very big pluto alliance sponsorship possibilities y'all think about that could be a game could be another drop all right we'll see we'll see all right so we got another project yes it's world of freight it's minting right now right now you can mint it uh it's a vehicle drop it's 10 000 vehicles they got ufos they got trucks they got you know all type boats but here's the thing this nft is actually going to be tied into a real use coin not just some governance token in-game currency they're trying to make the european v chain vegan like chain a supply chain type yes so the coin is going to be called suplane like a supply chain and yeah they they are trying to compete with v chaining oh nice so in america you can't get an air drop of a coin unless you use an nft yeah so this gets around that and that's probably early january yeah we saw that with bonnelly it was very successful you bought their nft on wearable and then they later came back i think a month later and airdropped bondly tokens to all the people that held the bondly nft yeah and that lets u.s citizens and other citizens like participate in an airdrop it's really the only way yeah it really is yeah so the game you know the nft itself they do have more stuff you know so plane yeah that's january 2022 probably right now you can actually do things with the nfts they have a game launching this weekend so you might be able to play as soon as you know this video is dropping they have a garage a junkyard and a racing arena oh it's not kind of like a mario kart exactly so in the garage you can upgrade your vehicle and the junkyard you can just burn your vehicle and then get a reward and then a racing arena yeah you race other vehicles and then you win that token that's pretty sick yeah it's uh world of freight token the waf or the wolf w-o-f yes so just holding just holding one of the nfts you get 25 of these every single day yeah that's pretty big first 2000 mint is given a bonus 500.

Oh i'm gonna go mint one right now i'm actually about to yeah so yeah so world of freight it's live now uh i mean you got the racing you got it's a plane coming now this is a long term hold i mean you see what v chain's worth it's uh what top 20 coin i mean it's it's in the billions so if they can actually pull off a european v chain this is going to be could be huge gigantic for sure so this is going to be on ethereum yes yeah so what is it called like one no it's a point zero eight there's like thirty eight vehicle types are pretty rare so uh yeah it's live now minting now go ahead and check it out world of freight all right now it's time for the giveaways it is the end of the show yeah let's give away uh pluto alliance nft but let's do a pluto a plutonian they're going for like five thousand dollars a pluto yeah all you have to do is retweet this guy nft underscore justin at twitter retweet his pen tweet make sure you're following and we're gonna give away a pluto pluto alliance nft so when do you want to pick the winner uh let's just pick it up when we get back in the office monday we'll make intern andrew do it intern andrew yeah we'll make him do it and uh what else let's do something for uh the black hole holders if you own a black hole go check your wallet check your wallet and there might be something extra in there that might there will be all right well that's all we got time for today it is i'm gonna throw it to you let's do it let's do it right here we go i'm gonna dribble it i'm waiting jeez that was a terrible throw all right well that's all we got time for this weekend [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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