3 Top Altcoins with SIZZLING Potential (Don’t Miss These!)

it's hot outside but the markets are cold you know what that means it's time to look at some alts on sale pulling my top all queen gems out of the fridge and getting them ready for some smoky gainful goodness let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto the home of the bit squad the largest crypto community in all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we're going to take a look at some delicious altcoin summer gems if you want to get insider information via tokenmetrics you can use the link on bitboycrypto.com deals you'll get a sweet seven-day trial for less than five bucks everyone thought this was going to be altcoin summer but the markets tank due to many reasons now it looks like this is going to be more like a summer camp horror movie than endless summer and wave after wave of gains not giving financial advice just financial best practices when i say buy red sell green buying in the red is the smart play don't fomo into a stack of green candles timing is an important skill that hodlers and traders need to practice but your timing is just as important as your project's fundamentals that's why i'm excited about these projects today but not just me tokenmetrics is also pumped about what their potential is so here we go first up is a backyard barbecue favorite pancake swap barbecue pancakes sounds gross token metrics call for some bearish action for cake back in the middle of may sure enough it's been consolidating ever since the healthy thing to notice with cake is that its consolidation level is extremely close to its previous all-time high 19 from back in february of this year pancake swap isn't just some wimpy crepe it's a hearty flapjack that'll keep your portfolio full the yield farming on pancake swap is one of the most used in the cryptoverse it has yields farming for just about everything that is on binance smartchain the yields can be modest by crypto standards a measly 17 percent on busd bnb swaps or you can go big with exotic swaps like htb bmb that's a huge 500 apy now keep in mind that opens you up to a lot of risk in the form of in permanent loss remember no risk no reward but i like to keep you informed of a possible gainer that has just as steep of a downside do your research this is not financial advice just financial information anyways not only does pancake swap allow for yield farming but it has a host of other special flavors like trading competitions nfts and a new take on icos the initial farm offering pancake swap puts you front and center of the newest tokens on the binance smart chain if you do end up using pancake swap be sure to use their in-depth data and analytics to stay on top of the latest developments in cake that may take hours to hit a blog or twitter so with a well-rounded ecosystem and a strong binance chain main net pancake swap should definitely be something you should have your eye on and maybe put whipped cream on top of second is the chilis token yet celsius tokenmetrics has this is one of the highest ranked coins for the summer and for good reason celsius is a channel favorite not only because its governance token of celsius.com but it has seen a steady increase in value since the end of 2020 cell has now seen over 200 grow since december of 2020 and even today it's sitting pretty at six dollars and fifty cents as of the time of this video by all accounts it's still within its rising wedge pattern and continues to make higher lows month to month what i really like about celsius is that it's part of a very healthy ecosystem they've opted for the opposite of d5 giving users from all walks of life a fantastic tool to get started in crypto celsius is just for normies it's a great platform for crypto traders and hollowers alike to let their gains get a good sear celsius offers earning borrowing and payment solutions for crypto staking the sell token will give you a tasty 4.86 apy celsius is headed up by crypto grill master and high-ranking bit squad member alex mashinsky and the rest of the team is of course top-notch as well they even offer corporate onboarding to make it easier for businesses to pay their employees with crypto celsius is actively pursuing institutional clients to help them get up to speed and integrate it into crypto now depending on who you ask that can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing but zeldus is not just a bitcoin buyer they are all about getting people the right exposure to the right coins they back up this commitment to accuracy by holding the most regulatory compliance that we've seen from a non-exchange crypto business they hold licenses and permits from iso the company's house the state of delaware the sec and the vincent arm of the federal reserve these guys take their grill in seriously so even if you prefer your crypto a little more well done don't be turned off by the cool red center of celsius meaty what if somebody wants theirs well done we ask them politely and firmly to leave lastly we have amp which is a token that me and the researchers have had our eye on for a while it's a solid token with laser focus on one thing collateral smart contracts amp likes to say it is the decentralizer of low risk asset transfers sum that up cutting out the middleman putting you closer to your money amp is doing that by partnering with many of the d5 heavy hitters including gemiini consensus conflux and oh look chain link also unit swap sushi swap and more they pick solid projects and integrate fast amp is an erc20 token so it's in a great spot to be a key player in a d5 space hasn't even seen its first big leg up yet that takes me to the crazy part about amp it's parabolic gains amp had seen huge gains over the spring and summer despite thousands of other coins along with bitcoin getting crushed amp has gone up by a mouthwatering 320 percent since april and even though it's breaking back on a correction the downward slope is starting to bottom out as a recording this video amp is at a bargain price of 8 cents which means you can fill a crypto grocery bag full of amp just by using your spare change in the mason jar sitting in your kitchen keep in mind that in july ethereum goes to the london hard fork which is promising to greatly lower gas fees this price action along with the ethereum ecosystem about to gain speed means that token metrics is as amped as i am about amp so light those burners keep the gas on and close the lid on your grill keep the virus hot because this is the moment to scoop up some great coins before they're too hot to handle kind of like me go ahead and smash that like button and hit subscribe if you haven't already not only does it help us out but it keeps our videos ahead of youtube's centering algorithms comment below with your prize predictions for amp celsius and pancake swap for this summer let us know your experiences with any of these platforms as well let us know what other coins are on your radar that's all i got be blessed bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bitswapdex.com [Music] you

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