[Music] [Music] foreign [Music] Hey guys and welcome to New Encoder The most beautiful musical instrument out there is the cryptocurrency Violin guys, I hope you have a great day today, come back with some amazing ones Content because xrp price is going up again yesterday we had a slight drop A small slight correction and now the price She sets out to test the magic dollar sign Juicy two guys mark mark and then we can see xrp A retest of three dollars and more men I am extremely optimistic about And confident that the xrp price will be tested Two dollars one from these days that were said I want to remind you Subscribe to my beautiful channel encrypted on violin Don't forget to like if you want to submit content and you can comment at Comments section if you have questions we are a big one Xrp family don't worry about scammers I block them all and allow all comments Manually to happen under my videos so we want to come back Our comments section so let me remind you If you have questions please ask them, we are a big company The xrp family that being said, let's dive into the juicy and upside content I.

We have it today, so let's take a look at the xrp usd bitstamp on the journal we see that we got to buy a two in four And buy signal three higher than that we broke above magical One dollar sign and also open the close above 1.37 Resistance made it supportive and now we are again In a strong uptrend on our way to two dollars So I actually named seven bullish signals as to why xrp price could go up to two Men buy two buy four buy three dollars The moon’s signal that the cloud is green has broken above the one dollar sign We were able to support 1.37 and we're now on our way to $ 2 If we look at the xp btc pair, we also see the ichimoku cloud In green we got to buy two moon and buy four An indication that we broke a downtrend and now we will break 2476 Satoshi resistance and next resistance at 3200 Satoshi is a high of 33 and that means two dollars are happening At any point you guys am so optimistic why am I also optimistic and what do I do I wanted to share today I was reading some articles you guys And I've read the following 3 main reasons that might lead to xrp code arriving Three dollars and in this article they are talking about the people around bashing xrp and now how to buy xrp As we know, the cryptocurrency community is divided between two communities Who supports this project and those who bomb it? And you know what people are attacking now Cry and buy because xrp is here to stay And it will go to all-time highs even people Who were selling and afraid of seconds They cry and buy again but prices are over a dollar I don't want xrp to sell at 17 cents and buy it $ 1 but there is People who do this either love or hate it.

Xrp is here to stay Talk about centralizing xrp to a large extent Like Binance coin bashing for being the same In fact these two icons have been seen exploding in price They were over 55 and 65 in the past seven days. Let's talk about the cause of xrp It may reach a price of three dollars There are three main The reasons for that the company's first ripple is Onward to the second lawsuit that we talked about on this matter The lawsuit ripples very well for ripple sake Recently granted ripple documents Inside About how Bitcoin and Ether are displayed and how to identify those cryptocurrencies The stock has not been done because this will help ripple Sec is preventing ripple from getting those documents and The judge granted those documents above Sec wanted to obtain the personal financial records of Brett Garlinghouse and Chris Larson to show how much they earned from the sale xrp and judge did not allow these again Financial records until the boom's boom losses Per second, so it's just a matter of time before the second He will drop those lawsuits and the second reason is Strong prices are again attracting investors We see bullish momentum that broke the price above the $ 1 mark and is now Currently on her way to this two dollar mark This is where we get the technology and the basic at the same time You have ever heard of the snowball effect when you usually imagine it The view below for xrp is the exact opposite Looking at buying momentum pushes the price higher In return, more enthusiastic traders buy more Show confidence again in xrp The third reason is that xrp did not Reaching an all-time high and all the other coins we've been on Speaking of well above all-time highs or About all-time highs but the ripple has to be 3-fold For it to reach all-time highs, which also makes it very good Investing is not going to buy bitcoin now at a price Crazy rallies at 60K, all-time high of 19 Dollars, it hit three times its previous all-time high I wouldn't feel comfortable buying it now and Xrp is still very well priced so people will definitely buy xrp If they want to invest in cryptocurrencies, let's go to this article from the journal Hodoo, a prominent analyst, is reviewing the massive bullish target of Litecoin xrp The binance coin was published on April 12, 2021 article It states that one of the leading cryptocurrency traders offer Up some short-term bullish price expectations for Xrp coin Litecoin and alias binance Analyst Kailou shared with his 161 counterpart 000 followers thinks xrp is going to It crossed the dollar sign over the next week xrp Are you uninterested? Send it up The guys in the graph shared by xrp can go above two and a half Dollars so this guy has more than 161 000 followers and a famous merchant and he calls to two and a half Xrp dollar in days is the fourth largest asset before The market value has been torn apart recently Number 144 in the original Ripple week code he has It has risen since the company scored two big wins in its legal battle With the American Security and Exchange Commission Again, the thrust giant was able to hold them both CEO Brett Garland House and financial history of Chris Larson Sealed and managed to reveal documents that reveal the Security Council Previously, he referred to xrp as a digital currency Not security men now the seconds have to explain Why did the court state in its previous documents that xrp is a numeric? Currency and now it is suddenly a security Good luck seconds, well you guys also saw something interesting on Twitter Jeremy Hogan posted the following bar ripples It amounted to $ 3.4 million in attorneys' fees to defend the Tetragon case Okay i charge a little too little after that And to make it better or worse depending on which side you are Tantragon has to pay it and for people they don't know tantaground is a huge investment company Filed a lawsuit against Ripple because they said xrp was a safety and we want our investment back Ripple said no, no xrp, no security The seconds are yet to be determined and Ripple actually won The case and now have to pay tetragon three and a Half a million dollars in fines, let's read this final Judgment was entered in favor of Ripple and Against the plaintiff Tentagon Financial Group Ltd.

On all charges in her verified complaint regarding specific performance and restraining order Relief is given a ripple attorney's fee Expenses in the amount of three million four hundred and sixty-three One thousand four hundred forty-three dollars and thirty-four cents By the Pentagon within five days of all Final judgment order if not paid in full on a date Compliance with this order Tantagon final judgment shall pay Ripple interest after ruling at a statutory rate of 5 per annum over The Federal Reserve discount rate is compounded quarterly on the amount Unpaid operation from the date of this request Until Ripple gets the full payment for you guys That should hurt three and a half million dollars And you know what ripples our sausage on Twitter Chris' attorney's fees for the second lawsuit He must be epic and he's right he must be afraid of them because he is There will be fees in millions and millions and the second will have to pay All of that I think SSC can stop this madness At any point settle down because a second will run out From money guys this is not normal those fees are crazy The guys who said I want to remind you that we are just At first we are only at the beginning if you see this Last time in December when we got a weekly candle this high In the weeks that followed, their total numbers increased by 350 percent If we do the same now it will lead to us To nearly six dollars, so six dollars in two weeks is crucial The potential guys tell me your opinion of course when the xrp gains momentum and More people buy them when the lawsuit is settled And xrp is released on major exchanges, so nothing prevents this Missile ship because this missile ship will take off into the double stratosphere Three-digit numbers will happen my bullish and juicy sign Words Thank you for watching my video if you were Like the content provided please subscribe to my beautiful crypto ride channel And like if you like the content right and don't forget to comment in the comment And do not be afraid of these cameras Just let me know in the comments section what you think Where you think xrp price can go if you want to support my channel gains Reach out to my tag group and not only have a meet and greet Enter the Elite Violin Club you will not be disappointed Thank you Watch you and see you in the next video good bye [Music] You are

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