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VeChain is gaining popularity as a result
of numerous pieces of news that cryptocurrency investors should be aware of. What s up everyone and welcome back to our
channel. Hope you all are safe and healthy. So guys today we are here with crypto that
has got the eye of everyone, the VeChain . But before, please keep in mind that cryptocurrency
prices change rapidly, so by the time you see this video, it may have changed to a completely
different value.

This video's material does not constitute
financial advice or any other type of advice, and you should not treat it as such. The information in this video is provided
solely for educational purposes. Before making any investment decisions, complete
your own due diligence and confer with your financial advisor. So, let's get down to business. First and foremost, what is VeChain? VeChain is a distributed ledger technology
platform that aims to improve supply chain management and business processes. Its purpose is to leverage distributed ledger
technology to streamline these operations and information flow for complicated supply
chains (DLT). VeChain Token and VeChainThor Energy are two
different tokens on the Vechain network.

The former is used to transport currency across
VeChain's network, while the latter is utilised to power smart contract transactions as energy
or "gas." This includes the possibility to employ NFTs
as a tracking device. This NFT monitoring concept is what is propelling
VET forward today. The first piece of information comes from
China, and it concerns pet food produced in the country. Counterfeiting is a concern, as is the inability
to track and acquire ingredients. This is where VeChain enters the picture. VeChain plans to deploy its NFT tracking technology
for pet food. This would allow it to enter a multibillion-dollar
sector while also allowing companies to better track the origins of its ingredients.This
may assist in reducing the number of bogus ingredients on the market.

VeChain plans to deploy its NFT tracking technology
for pet food. This would allow it to enter a multibillion-dollar
sector while also allowing companies to better track the origins of its ingredients. This may assist in reducing the number of
artificial ingredients on the market. The same NFT tracking technology may be used
for something even more severe: vaccine passports. The idea of vaccine passports is gaining traction,
and with it comes discussion about how to implement it. Again, VeChain may be able to join the space
with its NFT monitoring to supply those services. Finally, we must discuss VeChain's recent
announcement of a $1 million award programme. This gives cash for developers to launch VeChainThor
platform projects. That platform is noteworthy since it is capable
of handling Enterprise NFTs. Walmart China, Bayer China, and others have
partnered with the cryptocurrency. Now let s move towards its price prediction. According to CoinMarketCap, VeChain's price
is around 0.119553 USD as of August 30th, with a 24-hour trading volume of 656,215,615
USD. On August 29th, VeChain lost 1.90% of its
value. With a live market cap of 7,689,092,358 USD,
the current CoinMarketCap ranking is #23. There are 64,315,576,989 VET coins in circulation,
with a maximum supply of 86,712,634,466 VET coins.

VeChain news from an investment standpoint
in the crypto market is widely diversified, as is the current price and VeChain prognosis
based on the previous year's VeChain news. Despite the fact that numerous websites reserve
all rights, there is sufficient ground for this giant crypto VeChain price prediction. In terms of VeChain price prediction 2021,
the unique and unbiased price predictions of VeChain VET is that it will need to work
harder if the coin price wishes to assume and affirm its position for bullish momentum. If VeChain VET breaks the psychological level
of the current ATH $0.27, a tremendous bullish momentum will begin; if it breaks the $0.27
mark, and if they play their cards properly, more corporations will begin to construct
on VeChain VET.

If the next Bull Run begins, VeChain's price
may easily rise to $1 in the next decade. So, here concludes today's video. I hope you liked it. What are your thoughts about VET? Do let us know. Thank you for considering taking a moment
to look at this video. Next time, I'll be back with a new video. Until then, stay positive!.

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