3 MOST Profitable Coins I Own (Mega Millionaire Crypto Portfolio Update)

Everyone always wants to know what we have
in our portfolio and what we are doing. And while we recently revealed our whole portfolio,
we made some updates to it that I want to tell you about along with revealing some upcoming prospects
that we're using to beef up our crypto holdings. Let's get it! BitSwap is the hottest new way to trade tokens.

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and smash the likes if you enjoy these types of videos where I give you my personal strategies
for stacking giant crypto gains. And today, we're going to be showing you guys
some changes that we made to our portfolio. Now, if you missed our last video where
we showed almost our entire crypto portfolio, then you can click above to watch it. And why do I say almost our entire crypto portfolio? Well, because I mentioned to you that a lot of our
private sales were still floating around out there, and we still have a lot floating
out there still to come in.

So our overall portfolio right now
is actually bigger than it shows. But unlike other folks that make clickbait
thumbnails and titles talking about how they're going to show you their portfolios and then they just show you some
random coins they invested in, we give you the real numbers here because we don't have anything to hide
and we want you to know the truth. And I have to admit,
it has been a great month for us. We made some killer moves
in our portfolio this month that have definitely paid off big time. I'll be going over several of the moves we made, and I’ve got to thank the BitSquad because some of them were due to
your comments on our last portfolio video. So first, we have several new coins we've added
and some we're quite excited about. One of those projects is OccamFi. This is one we've been invested in for a while,
but our first allocation finally came in.

It’s a Cardano launchpad project that
we're super excited to have invested in early. Now, it's had a rough 24 hours
as you can see here on the image, but overall, this is one we're extremely bullish on. We sold zero tokens from the sale,
so that should tell you something. Cardano launchpads are going to help
build the ADA ecosystem, and that's super bullish for all of crypto. Another launchpad we're super thrilled
to be invested in working with is CardStarter.

CARDS is another launchpad project
on Cardano that we believe will crush it. Now, I spoke directly with the team, and they have so many Cardano projects
wanting to work with them that they're having to turn legit
projects down left and right. When the demand is higher than the supply,
then, well, you know what tends to happen there. Now, one project that we added to our portfolio
solely thanks to the BitSquad was Harmony. You guys stayed on me so much, and I told you a few weeks ago
we were going to add it.

And we did in fact do that. I had some problems with the exchange that we used so it took a while longer than I wanted,
but we ended up making it happen. So I'm proud to say that we now have
over 1 million Harmony tokens and right now sitting at about $140,000. Now, I'm really bullish on Harmony, and I think a run up to over 30¢
in the midterm is in the cards. And I think it can definitely get over $1
by the end of this bull run. Another project we added that we're excited about
is Mochi Market with the ticker M-O-M-A or MOMA. We discussed this one a while back on a livestream, but we got 100,000 MOMA tokens. As you can see, it is already paying off
as it’s up 18% today alone. Mochi Market solves a lot of the problems from
the NFT marketplaces including high costs, lack of ways to monetize rare NFTs, lack of liquidity, and lack of cross-chain interoperability
between NFT platforms. This is one that we are keeping our eye on for sure. So let's get into some changes to our portfolio,
which many of you guys helped out with.

One of the biggest criticisms
that we had on our last portfolio video was that people thought it wasn't smart of me
to be so bullish on VeChain and not hold that much. My reasoning for this was that, for me, it makes more sense to have smaller holdings
in the projects you think have the highest potential because you don't need as much invested
in them to make a large amount. But after reading all the comments, I think it's pretty clear that for super
small speculative projects down outside the top 200 to 300 coins, that works. That's probably the best strategy. But for larger cap coins with high potential, I admit I made a mistake. And I see the errors of my ways. Well, we fixed that. VeChain is now our No. 6 overall holding
we have almost half a million dollars worth. It hasn't hurt that VeChain has been
ripping ever since we bought it. More on that a little bit later. I'm as bullish on VeChain as ever, and I firmly believe it will get over $1
by the end of this bull run, if not higher.

We also have another huge shift in
our portfolio due to the BitSquad. We had like one Binance Coin in our portfolio. I've honestly never been so ashamed. But honestly, it's kind of like this. When you see a coin like BNB
absolutely ripping it up, you start to feel like you missed the entry,
and there will never be a good one again. I remember when it was $5. But you don't want to FOMO in. However, at some point, you realize that you aren't being emotional in wanting
to get in a coin that's ripped for months. You just want exposure. So that's what we did. We added almost half a million dollars
worth of Binance Coin, and it is now our No. 5 overall holding. And I think I want to end up
with maybe 2000 BNB, and this is the one I'm piling more
money into as we speak.

Now, I believe the prospects for BNB
have been bolstered certainly by the latest tokenized stock
offerings that they added combined with the attention
the Coinbase IPO has gotten. Remember, Binance dwarfs Coinbase. So if you think Coinbase is on the right track, then you definitely want exposure to BNB, the coin of the biggest crypto exchange on the planet. And it's a heck of a lot easier to buy BNB
than Coinbase on the stock market. Now, we had another massive change
I wanted to go over with you. While Polkadot already was our No. 4 crypto holding, we beefed it up big time, now owning almost 39,000 DOT tokens.

The thing is I just believe DOT is ready
to explode fairly shortly. It's based upon the cyclical altcoin shifts. We've seen DOT as high as No. 3 on CoinMarketCap, and now it's near the bottom
of the top 10 coming in at No. 8. Now, of course, the Dogecoin pump
came out of nowhere, so that's a new entrant to the upper echelon of coins. DOT though will look to prove its superiority
over DOGE in the short term and the long term. I fully expect Polkadot to have a move soon, and that's why I went ahead and loaded up
my portfolio with it before it happens. We also finally met our Bitcoin goal over the last month. Our goal was to have 100 Bitcoin, which seemed like a daunting task
we could never get to, but by making smart moves in our portfolio, we were able to achieve that goal
stacking those Satoshis.

Now, for a long time, I told you guys that holding a lot of Bitcoin in your portfolio
wasn't a great move honestly. Why? Because I know where most of you are at. The same place I was at even
as late as early 2020. You've not maximized your portfolio.
You were on the climb up. Now, you use altcoins to stack up more Bitcoin. Now, more Ethereum and now,
maybe even more DOT, BNB and Cardano. These are long-term holds. But I achieved those goals. And it was time to start stacking up
Bitcoin as a hedge against the rest of my portfolio and net worth. Now, we wanted to get Bitcoin, and we got it. We can rest easy now. Lastly, another project we added
a lot more to is Solana. This project absolutely crushed it
the last few weeks, and we beefed up our Solana holdings
at the beginning of the month, just as I told you we would on
our top coins of April video. Man, that is turning out to be
a bunch of winners in that video. We now hold almost 8000 Solana
and maybe looking to add more soon.

But if we're going to add more, I definitely want to wait for a retracement. But we got in just at the right time because we were able to get in
before it absolutely mooned. And now, the three most profitable coins
all-time in my entire portfolio— Cardano, VeChain and Solana. Pretty interesting stuff. But as I mentioned in the beginning of this video, one reason our portfolio has skyrocketed has been
due to the many of the projects we invested in early through private sales,
seed rounds and launchpads. While I'm well aware those opportunities
are not available to most new investors, the launchpads are. Ferrum Network, Polkastarter, CardStarter
and OccamFi are all huge reasons why we are getting big gains. And the projects that launch on those platforms
all are available to the token holders, including the big SoMee governance token
launch coming soon to CardStarter. But many of these projects still have
great prospects after launch. Now, two of the projects we invested in early that
we believe still have potential are MOAR and Stater.

MOAR Finance just launched on Uniswap. I'm going to go ahead and drop the pair address
on Uniswap down below in the video description because it's actually kind of hard to find. I want to make sure you guys have the right one. Now, if you know one thing about how
I feel about the future of investing, it's bringing the power of derivatives
to normal everyday folks. It's a quadrillion dollar market. The derivatives market is how the rich
have been getting richer for decades. MOAR Finance helps to unlock this market by bringing interchain liquidity
to the derivatives market. It's one we're definitely watching. Lastly, another one we've discussed before
that I invested in early is Stater. It's along the lines of Mochi Market.
It's basically another NFT solutions provider, but this one is specifically for peer-to-peer
lending for NFT assets. That's right. You can actually use NFT assets as collateral
for borrowing in a peer-to-peer marketplace. You can get loans for as low as 0.2 ETH
with interest rates from 7.9% APR.

Now, as you can see on the chart, Stater has followed a pretty similar path
to most of our early investments. They have a pop right out of the gate, and then slowly dropped due to selling pressure. Remember, get good entry points. But eventually, they hit that point of accumulation. And that's the money spot. Stater could be at that accumulation
phase before a big move. Now, we saw a similar thing with Ethernity, which, by the way, we've added to our position. Many people keep asking about
Ethernity and why it's dropped. Well, it's because of the selling pressure
from early investors. They push the price down by selling. Meanwhile, we're adding to our position. That should tell you what
we think long term for Ethernity and many of these early projects
we've invested in. But let me know what you think about the changes
that we made to our portfolio this month.

Are there any other coins
you would like to see us add? Make sure to drop those comments down below. That's all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out..

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