$2500 Ethereum in 2 Weeks (Top Expert’s ETH Prediction)

if we break above the level here above um this neckline we could see a uh a a huge pump and whether that's going to be to 4 000 or 5 000 for ethereum that remains to be seen but as long as bitcoin keeps looking bullish there is no reason to um to be skeptical against big or ethereum i think that ethereum tends to follow bitcoin and as long as it bitcoin continues like this i think we could easily see a four thousand five thousand dollar ethereum within the next maybe a couple of months here bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges bitswap gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bitswapdex.io welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button for your chance to win a full bitcoin details down below in this video i sat down with carl from the moon youtube channel to look at the prospects for ethereum it's looking like april will be quite the bullish month for eth especially we could climb above the two thousand dollar mark soon if you're interested in trading ethereum or bitcoin you can do that of course with buy bit and take part in our buy bit trading competition to sign up make sure to visit bitboycrypto.com by bit all right let's jump into the interview and let's see what carl is seeing on the ethereum charts hey everybody as always on thursdays i'm joined by carl from the moon channel uh good friend of the show you guys also make sure by the way go subscribe to his channel we'll have the link down below he's got a lot of great uh urgent technical analysis videos as you guys know uh but carl welcome to the channel today i'm excited to talk to you yeah thank you so much for having me on the channel again exactly as you predicted exactly every week every week exactly as i predicted yeah well listen today we're going to talk about something that a lot of people are very curious about uh which is ethereum i've been calling for an easter pump because it's easter this weekend so we're calling it easter so i want to know are we going to see ethereum make a a big move this weekend or over april yeah guys i'm going to go into the charts because i'm going to show you why bitcoin could actually no ethereum could uh reach 2 600 within the next maybe a couple of weeks here so let me show you a fantastic pattern that i found just now so let's go into the charts all right so this is the ethereum chart on the daily time frame and what i first want to show you is what everyone is probably already aware of we have a triangle that broke out and i've seen many people talk about it so this is not really any big news but just before i go into the other pattern that i want to show you let me just quickly show you just what happened here so we broke out and technically the target should be up at two thousand four hundred dollars approximately two point five k um but there's one problem and that is the fact that you can see that the volume is not very high the volume needs to confirm the breakout and as of right now we didn't have any exciting volume i mean this is exciting volume and this is exciting volume but here you can see that we're still seeing the volume uh go down as the price goes sideways which is exactly what we want to see in a consolidation phase or when we're waiting for a huge breakout and over on my channel i usually take a look at the volume because it's very very important to do so what i've been thinking about is that we'll probably going to have to do this um adjust this like this and this gives us a um a another pattern a double bottom pattern or a w pattern like this and um we have a neckline right here and this neckline is what we have to watch now this neckline is at 1940 dollars approximately and very easy if we break through the neckline with volume here then this is going to lead to a huge ethereum pump um that's technical analysis right there um and i'm going to show you the target because that's what everyone wants to know right everyone know the target exactly we want to see the target and we can do this down to the bottom of this point we put this up like this at the point of a breakout and this gives us a target of approximately 2.6 000 which means that from where we are right now if we break through here we could see and 34 ethereum pump against the us dollar so very bullish news if this plays out obviously nothing is guaranteed we can reverse down if we don't break through here we have to see a confirmed breakout with volume for this um trade so to speak um goes through and and of course over my channel i try to to monitor this as close as possible but if you if you cannot see any videos pop up about it just watch the volume and and check if we're breaking above let's say uh 1 950 or so um that is going to be kind of the signal and um if we just also bring out the um the daily ema ribbon you guys know how much i like this ribbon we can see that um ethereum is still looking bullish so we do have the uh the uptrend here where we're bouncing off of the ribbon like this like this and as long as we're above this ema ribbon we're still in a bull trend and sure this is a double bottom but you can also of course make the case that this is a an ascending triangle which doesn't really change all too much because it's still a bullish pattern and and we still have a very similar target it's going to be actually pretty much the exact same target i would maybe uh exclude the wick there also potentially we can do this and in that case the target is going to be 1 2 417 approximately but regardless um it's very obvious right now that breaking above this level that's the bullish scenario for ethereum that's what i'm waiting for and i hope that your audience um liked this little quick ta on ethereum right there yeah well i mean 24 to 2600 uh certainly sits well um i'm looking at the the volume there on the chart and i'm looking at the end of december um i'm looking at you know probably where you had the a couple red days there uh it looks like probably around the 20th 21st somewhere around there could you stretch it so we could see what's going on there i think it kind of reminds me of where we were about right there and even when you look at the chart you know we've had a little bit of a breakout uh we've got to get above it but i'm hoping what we'll see is if we can break above it that will bring the volume in i can tell you the search results for ethereum have dev or the google search trends for ethereum have certainly been uh you know on the decline and i think the retail investor the the newer person to crypto we got to get them excited about ethereum again if we're going to see uh that volume break out definitely i mean i think the period of time you were talking about is back here right yep yep we saw some consolidation that's for sure and eventually when we broke through consolidation here we did see a lot of volume come in right there and we saw a massive pump here of course you can see that from this consolidation we saw a uh 100 and 170 move and um yeah why not this could happen again i'm not going to say that it that it is going to happen but yeah if we break above the level here above um this neckline we could see a uh a a huge pump and whether that's going to be to 4 000 or 5 000 for ethereum that remains to be seen but as long as bitcoin keeps looking bullish there is no reason to um to be skeptical against big or ethereum i think that ethereum tends to follow bitcoin and as long as it bitcoin continues like this i think we could easily see a four thousand five thousand dollar ethereum within the next maybe a couple of months here uh but in the next couple of weeks i think we could easily see 2.6k because that's like that's what the technicals is showing us yeah um anything higher than that i don't really have any technical analysis to tell me that it's going to happen because that's the problem with trading um at at um highs like this because you don't you don't have any price action to kind of um help you out right uh but um yeah i'm bullish on ethereum and specifically if you break this level that's when i go um really bullish in ethereum yeah i i think that uh we've got to do it at some point i just can't believe that ethereum is going to continue to stay down like it has over the last uh two months and i believe at some point it's got to break out and i'm looking at that volume right now and i'm looking at how similar it was kind of in the middle in the end of december uh and it looks like you know we've got a few of those volume bars that are look like you know it could possibly have bottomed and beyond an uptrend right now so what does that have to say i think the next week is going to be pivotal uh for ethereum no question about it definitely definitely i'm super excited and for everyone who doesn't know i also hold some ethereum um and but you can also trade ethereum of course um i hold bitcoin and ethereum and a few other altcoins uh but i am definitely bullish on it here not only in the short term but also in the long term so that's why i hold this exposure to ethereum and uh i know that you are basically the ethereum channel so um big shout outs to all ethereum holders out there yeah definitely we are the official unofficial uh ethereum channel until vitalik comes on the show i don't know if i can call it official but uh yeah we're excited to see what's gonna happen for ethereum and carl thank you so much for coming on today uh and chatting with us about this i think this has given us some hope uh given us some targets to look at to know if we break above where we could we could be going and of course if we were to break down i think we'll probably bounce right off the bottom of that channel so i don't see it going back below 1700 anytime soon so i i would like to see us go ahead and get over 2 000 that would definitely be a pretty good mark so like i said carl thanks for coming on the show anything else you want to leave us with today yeah i want to make a prediction oh perfect i love predictions let's hear it i believe i believe that this video is going to receive 20 000 likes all right well here's my thumb i smashed it i smashed the like you guys make sure to go ahead and smash the like button let's let's prove him right let's knock i got mike tyson right here behind me let's knock out 20 000 likes on this video so thanks as always carl for coming on the channel look forward to seeing you every single week and getting some some expert level technical analysis for everybody who's watching right now let me know what your price predictions are for ethereum make sure to drop those down below in the comments that's all i got be blessed big boy out [Music] you

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