2021 Altcoin Sepeti ! 2021’de Milyoner Edebilecek 25 Altcoin ! Yatırım Stratejileri – Altcoin Analiz

Hello friends, welcome to our youtube channel. We will make an altcoin basket for the 25 coins that I expect to increase a lot. What I describe in this video is definitely not investment advice. I have shared the projects I invested here upon your intense requests. You and other people sell it to you for money, to the poorer ones. However, as a result of my years of experience and certain analyzes I made, the most I expected a lot of increase. 25 coins. This is the project, guys, today I am shooting this video on December 8, 2020, I hope 1 If we survive years later, I will also share the update video of this basket. I do not recommend that you make such a heavy investment with these prices. As you know, this is an altcoin basket, cryptocurrencies are very risky investments. Therefore, invest in a way that does not put yourself in trouble. If you profit from this altcoin basket, the profit is yours friends but if you make a loss do not come and get mad at me here because when you make a profit, you do not come and share with me, you for free.

I'm trying to present my information, but if you hurt, come to me here don't cry, friends. Because I would have made my warning from the beginning. These are my own investments. I have money in these projects, some of them very little. Let's move on to the video now, guys. This altcoin basket is a basket I made for 2021 and these projects are very high quality projects. There are galatasaray tokens, which we call ignorant friends, since the corona started, football clubs or in other sports of other clubs.

There was a decrease in income as the audience did not come and the clubs used their own cryptocurrencies. they can earn an income by subtracting. Thanks to Chz, we can also receive tokens from the soccios application. Galatasaray, Token Istanbul, Başakşehir collecting trabzonspor, algorand like tokens. I know that it is a really high quality project, investment with me, you can research it. I've talked about what happened in other videos. Tron has really good quality friends on the friends tour. You know, his CEO is a bit of a copycat, enough to imitate what he does. But there are tron-based societies tron ​​has its own mind.

Tron unn has altcoins, I'm throwing just tokens. There are trona-linked coins like Bittorrent. There are teams. Tron's team is working, in short, friends. In 2017, I bought the tron ​​from 50 satoshi. It was up to 2000 satoshi in a month. So any sub coin is actually available for trump to increase a lot in this sxp binance in As you know, the binance exchange is the most popular in the cryptocurrency world. the stock market is issuing credit cards for the sxp swipe project for now.

You know, they issue a visa there, a credit card. Website x project so that the world can work to integrate cryptocurrencies quite suitable. a project can be invested. There is polkadot in fifth place over here, friends, polkadot as the term for my future. I saw a project that I saw and it went from 5 dollars to 150 dollars on time. It went up to $ 1200. Any sub coin, this is actually I think that this polka doç, so friend can increase quite a lot. I'm thinking. You all know that you are already hunting the projects I invested in. Sure day Sirer Hodja's project is a very good project now I am not telling about this hand, friends, they also have assets. a hate project is fine well, you can also investigate which society this is. There were other beautiful projects besides my favorite projects. Guardian like my waves I have been buying since $ 2 friends now the value is $ 9 You know, I did not shoot the video for you at $ 2 and did it though.

I got the maturity in August too, when I got it there for $ 2, it looks like that right leave it in the upper corner, build an altcoin basket with 50000 tl. I had invested now. I had it all right in front of your eyes. You can watch them from there, and that's why I didn't put them here. For example, friends because it is already priced. So I don't want to come and take the thing that costs $ 9 at $ 2 and pay attention to you. There are other prices here, but as I said already, invest a little. You know, this is a basket and a normal investment basket does not have full horse coins. 36 percent. You keep comment bitcoin, you keep it 20 percent theater. And with the remaining 50 percent to the nation state. You make an altcoin basket according to the risk perception. By the way, I tried to tell you more about the topics that are in the top 300.

Because there are more bays that can increase. But I cannot come here and share them with you. Because the more risky projects guys, now that you are on the seventh I want to talk In the meantime, you can follow our youtube channel. coin engineer, we have lots of videos here guys. From how exchanges are used to airdrop projects, now you I want to talk about other useful sites.

What should you pay attention to when buying coins? I'm looking for using it. Is there usdtry there? And the coin-volume friends are the volume ranking here. You turn it on, for example, it says 24-hour volume here, I throw it here with very low volume. Do not get into what happened, friends. Because there is always a low volume of the stock market, do not throw it away. there is a risk. Therefore, I do not like to participate in low-volume projects. It must be of good quality. There must be a team working behind it for me to enter. So when you enter Twitter, you should see that the project is running non-stop. For example, look at the guys on their twitter. Let coinca make new developments, coin divisions, make gratitude so if it drops let them distribute, organize campaigns or join the balls, I throw.

There is a blockchain conference, I talked to the CEO as a participant. I want things, friends, in the projects I invest in and have a live product like my friends. This freckle project chz so guys are getting along with sports clubs. It can be held by hand. It is a concrete project that I like because of it. If you want to learn about coins, let's write coinmarketcap point coma for example trt. In this trt, among the projects we have invested in the eighth place, here you want By typing coin, you can get information about coins. When you decide to buy a coin, come to coinmarketcap for example, take a horse here friends Look at a ranking here, in what order. Check out the website from here. Check out the quality website and see the circulation accounts right here. In other words, how much money does this team have in total with its competitors? For example, make a comparison, friends, there was 1 billion TL. There were a billion TL, 89 billion TL in coins. When you did this, the price increased, friends. In addition, this transfer is the official wallet of the binance exchange.

Take Transvaal, your token friends, I will see it on the binance exchange list in the future. I think you will know. Did you buy buckles? Friends? Before you make the investment, there are friends who come to an event here. In other words, where did the price come from, for example, take a look at it, come to 1 year like this, Look guys, what was the price 3 months before you made an investment. Have a look like this, friends, we just entered coinmarketcap and now we came to the market before the market. This coin market is thick, so it is thick. This means calendar, friends, I mean, you ask me a lot of Korean calendars on Twitter. Sir, I find these fundamental analysis news from such places, friends. For example, you come here. You write the coin you want to search, select the coin here. For example, you can follow the news here. For example, there was a spark e group on December 12, for example, he mentions this in front of him. he has a nation on December 31st, friends. Mail net coin, airdrop.

These things are the things that increase the price and the stock market is listed. increases. Friends, there are differences. Bifurcation guys when we say fork. For example, bitcoin as a gift to those who hold bitcoins because it is a fork for forking. They gave a taste. These are price increasing factors. Friends, there is a site like this, you can review coin360.com friends. For example, you can get information about the general functioning of the market here with ethereum ripple.

For example, why did the movie increase, friends, let's look at the graphic because elephant coin Friends on white stock exchange list. The price rose 16 percent at a time yesterday. Normally, if we were in throat season, it increased 2 percent by 300 percent, but thank goodness for that too. For example, with a listing that previously invested in elephant coins, it increased 20 percent. For example, I have thrown so much money now, we come back again, I'm sorry here t have friends. Listing on tvt binance exchange. I bought it in hopes of it or I thought of it as something frankly. You know 10 cents per 1 mb time. Also, because the price is now in trt, I can make such an attack again. I thought like Because their structures were somewhat similar. Of course, 1 billion 1 100000000 pieces of this liquid in the future, they make coins like this in the stock exchanges. That's why I made such an investment friends here univar 13 tokens. This is what we call 12, the world's largest decentralized exchange, ulisse wap guys. admin wap so new one ferry token ide 13 tokens from him i invest in it I did this sands.

Speech Recognition Completed Sandbox room a f project here is the coin of the trauma I call hunt friends travilla is a big tourism company here i have xem friends like 2 semi i Why do I love? I made a lot of money in 2017, I love it. Also, a gift called xcm for those who hold moisture coins, if I drink it. they will give. Because of it on January 14, the price of ilsem seems to increase gradually. So for example, 30 cents in apple, 20 cents, as you know, then this spark e group became a phenomenon. It became a trend, everyone bought hurra stuff because everyone would give spark to those who hold xp in the network. took ripple and thanks to this, for example this year it has increased 2 times. In a week, trending important friends, news tracking is very important in crypto currencies Frankly, the technical analysis process does not work, friends, I do not look at it much anymore.

Learn to know support, learn resistance. Find out the rest, so the rest is fantasy, I think there are falsification phenomena. You know that the man on Twitter says that if he breaks below $ 19000, it goes to 1516. Even if one goes above it, it goes to 25 thousand, but is it such an analysis? So come here man Analyze like, be clear, don't be hypocritical. I do not follow those who do not do this anyway because they play to the stands. He doesn't know what to do yet. When the guy comes and takes a video, he does something or whatever, when we say February, friends are individuals. There is a browser, bre brother, this is a search engine like google, and for those who use this individual browser bat They're giving away tokens. This has an area of ​​use, guys.

They give people money for advertising payments. They gave it to me. I transferred and sold this money and converted it to TL so you can use it on the channel. they had videos. What is it now friends What we call it china term you know for friends like very powerful. what if a country and one of the biggest cryptocurrencies of china, friends, it has existed since 2017 It was something like $ 200 at the time. What is that? I made a good profit. This island at the end of 2017. You can also evaluate Neo. So I think the Chinese government supports this coin. There is a nation on December 31, my friends, so my increase in the short term is here in the short term.

If you ask them what they expect, let's make you a beauty if you watched the video so much. In my opinion, I expect an increase from the perception of HD, friends. Apart from that, I have xem over there, and I expect an increase from it. As I said, it is most likely after people sell ripple due to airdrop news. I will not want to. And how much do I expect an increase because, as I said, it has fruit flesh. There is this fading, friends. Onion is also very good project left them and srm looks like each other already investors or something similar in this realm, there is something to invest in investors.

Ftx owner, by the way, a stock exchange that we will hear a lot in the future. I recommend you to open our membership. Because it has many different features. For example, they came to America shares. They settled in full, friends. You can get Netflix audio like you go and gathered there. This is a nice feature, this tomo is about this project that I love, I recommend it too. This one is already in your hand if you are using the binance exchange to get these projects. We need to have members with binance. 22 of the 25 projects, female esther wanted bagnaz, put it and friends, when you hold one in your hand You have many advantages in the stock exchange, so commission reduction is already due to it.

If you want something or something, you have to hold one in your hand. I think this un will be a lot higher in the future. Since 4 dollars, I haven't spoiled what I have. You know, the purpose of the nation is to increase the dollar in me, but my goal is increase cm. Because I think unm will rise, friends. The bigger the Bagnaz gets, the more it will increase. That ftp ftx exchange is full of new friends, I trust it too, because its CEO is really You know a mighty man had a criminal token. Sushi tok, for example, its founder came, he left it to this man or something because he was in this world. he knows there is water. I haven't seen any projects this guy invested in turned out to be bad friends.

This man has learned this job. I mean he has a lot of money or money, funds or something. Because of him, this guy almost gotta be close to this guy and you know that jerry exists at friends.co like I invested 0.03 of the project I invested. I also went up to 0018 lebe. Then it fell from there and fell as low as 0.6 lada, guys. I expect an increase from this. There are those 2 years here, both of them will be coins in the future. I think the whitelist will return. Something like this privacy project, this is a different beautiful project. There is Stx, friends, the price has increased a little today, waiting for the price to decrease a little It can be obtained with ST.

Poison x friends giant project is nice. It's a def'i project as well. It is a project that I have been investing in for a long time, by the way, I have 25 coins here. I'm telling you, I say I invested in all of them. You know, you may find it a little different.But I have 0 lira in my bank friends. I do not use credit cards, but I occasionally withdraw from cryptocurrencies enough to handle it like this. Cause I know the dollar's gold and the euro's tl you can earn me a lot I do not think, guys, am I keeping the money in cryptocurrencies because of it.

From where? If I get an income, I divide it into 1010 baskets. My friends, for example, I get my monthly salary, I am coming this month, for example, let's get turan. What should we buy this month? Let's get fading this month. Because I think this will save me. Financially, here is a project that I love a bit. These also have other subprojects. You can follow them differently. Jet friends know it's a risky investment. I can't say anything to that, because I took it from very low on time and in 12 months I made 20 times the profit. Friends anyway, I think it could happen again bought for. I do not recommend that you take this too loaded.

Is this my own investment strategy 20 as fifth da t friends. There is a live broadcast project in the theater, this good moment is a man who is a whale called the whale. He comes every day and shares his portfolio or something. In the live broadcast, privet had shown it to some. They stole the man's entire wallet or something, 2 women were making quite a million million loaded with them This man made these investments, for example, in 2.018 at that time.

I said Allah, I searched, even the projects are nice friends, this live broadcast is youtube You open a live broadcast or such a project bitcoin is currently $ 19,000 guys. I am this bitcoin one day or if you ask me if you have some maximalist mm proof, my proof no, but I think bitcoin will come to 100000 dollars. It happens in 5 years, it happens in 10 years. I think it won't take that long, but I think it will come. one day, for example, if this bitcoin goes to $ 30000 now, if you are not altcoins, bitcoin The amount decreases but you will make a profit in dollars, friends, to determine your purpose well necessary. Do you want to earn dollars? You want to increase the amount of bitcoin. As I said friends who evaluate them from him, you definitely know your profit I am not a partner. Therefore, when you hurt me, do not share your loss.

I ask, there have been many requests. coin engineer what are you doing, what are you doing here i I'm doing these, my friends, I have a term or something, but enough or something we know friends. I did not want to come and tell you about familiar things today. You know, I would come here and say. You got reports. Get the sites, everyone already knows about them. it has increased, so it will increase even more, but it has already increased. I did not say in dollars. Now if I come and say $ 600. Frankly, I didn't want to tell you, our instagram page is definitely our youtube page. Do not forget to follow friends on instagram, youtube and twitter on various campaigns. we do. If you ask how I will follow, there are buttons here. As you can see here, we currently have a website, our telegram channel.

Do not forget to follow us on my Twitter girl instagram here friends. I am definitely waiting for your questions in the comments section. These are my preferences. There are other solid coins, but since I chose 25 projects, today I mentioned. Thank you guys for watching the video. As I said, don't forget to subscribe to the channel. I am waiting for your questions in the comment section. I wish everyone a lot of profitable days, I hope 8122021 this video in a more beautiful way.

I'll update my friends. If I was going to enter the market right now and I want to buy me 25 coins, they will come. I buy friends as altcoin..

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