2007: George Washington Dollar Coin

hey youtubers and coin collectors out there there we have one of the Presidential dollar coins this was the very first one this one features the first ever commander-in-chief George Washington so as you can see on the front of the coin George was the president from 1789 to 1797 he was a very first president and some people refer to this coin series as the golden dollars or golden coins unfortunately this one right here is not made out of any gold most of them that you'll find in circulation aren't either but a little bit about the coin and about George Washington so he did a lot of special things that are coin collectors probably very appreciate very much including he set up the the Mint Act which established the Philadelphia Mint which Philly was the capital of the country at the time he also authorized acts that purchased copper to be used for coins and decided the metal content of coins so some interesting facts about George Washington his portraits of him that featured kind of white hair that's his actual hair and not a wig like some of the other presidents would wear it's white in pictures because he would powder it white which seems seems like a very different thing for a guy to do the powder his hair but that was the the style back then so it does have his original hair some other interesting facts no one will ever rank higher than him in the US military some other interesting facts he did have some cash flow problems he had to borrow money to attend his first inauguration he he missed a lot of sick days he's known as one of the sickest presidents in the United States and that's just kind of some introductory facts so about the coin itself flip it over and you'll see the Statue of Liberty with the face value of the coin $1 and so that wraps it up for this particular video you've probably seen a lot of these coins in circulation especially if you're a coin collector you know to look on the rim for the date in the midmark and if it's not there that might be a sign then it's an error coin so I would always check out the rim to make sure that not an error coin and then if you want to add it to your collection if not put it back into circulation so hopefully you enjoyed it and take care [Music] [Music]

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