2 Super Coins to 10X (Mega Moon Potential)

[Music] welcome to nft update i'm your host dz and i'm justin hey we're coming to you with the saturday edition we come to you every wednesday and every saturday bringing you the latest news and hot drops in the nft market big stuff happening but what was like that the news uh that you were just talking about yeah this is all breaking this morning and one last night so little uzi vert the the rapper with all the tattoos on his face he has a diamond in his forehead i was accused of a rug pull rugby what did he do so they had a solana nft drop it was two and a half solano so you're looking at 250 300 there's eleven thousand of them he was saying i'm one hundred percent of this part of this project and then after it launched and they sold out he deleted all his tweets really yeah now why would he do that know what he deleted his tweets he's not talking about it this just happened so i mean this story is still developing so it could have been like a cash ground it could have been i mean you would think little lucy vert has a lot of money so his little what i don't remember hearing any little uzi vert song he was like a youtube rapper yeah youtube rapper uh friends with like all my friends are dead that guy i have no idea what that is okay well we also had one of the breaking news we had dapper labs they did nba top shots yeah now they're gonna do nfl top shots they just inked the deal pretty good well everybody kind of saw that coming i mean nba top shots was and has been and still is a huge success yeah so and dapper labs i mean they make crypto punk i mean they're the ogs in the space so you know definitely uh definitely a good partnership yeah built on flow flow yeah all right it's pretty cool let's flow right into uh some topics here what do we got for uh nft drop uh well what we have actually for some nft news is gonna be metabots metabots metabots very cool this is another pluto alliance sponsorship they just it just keeps growing and it's just started this is really just kind of the first leg so it's not too late to get a pluto alliance on openc uh let me just read a little bit about metabots and metabots is an anime series from the 90s okay so what that means is it's got a huge community dating back all the way to the from the 90s right um it's also a gaming uh platform that that builds games built games on uh game boy playstation other nintendo consoles like the switch okay did you ever play a switch i have a switch do you really yeah what does it look like uh well you take the branches off in the leaves so you leave the leaves you take the leaves off you don't leave them on correct because that that's just wind resistance yeah you want to come in wow you want to speed nice all right well uh no we're not talking about that kind of switch though oh nintendo switch yeah yeah yeah i have one yeah i never played that i think it was a little i'm a little older than that series of handheld game consoles but they built games on that as well um so bitboy crypto will have his own metabot design on this game and we'll actually have some pictures right here there we go there they are so uh very cool they'll be you'll be able to play it's kind of like a mega man style game it looks like um very very cool but bit boy's not the only celebrity that they're bringing on they have countless celebrities such as musicians artists and even athletes athletes like the number one and we can't really say the name but i can say the number one international soccer player today okay okay i'm not gonna i'm not gonna say the name all right but they but they have kind of sealed it down to figure out who we're talking about here so uh anyway it's not pele not pele i was gonna say pele no not not paleo i can tell you we're thinking paleo not paley i told you earlier they've already they're a pluto alliance um sponsor so they've already airdropped we've already aired dropped several thousands of dollars in tokens and we'll continue to and this project is just continuing to go up and up and up and up we're very excited especially when the bitboy character gets introduced into their game we're definitely watching this product uh project um very closely we're super bullish on it all right we want more people to use bitboy's character than the famous soccer player yeah absolutely that's the goal it's crypto it's crypto for sure so very cool stuff very cool uh ambassadors joining the project we've also been air dropping meta token which is their native token okay we've airdropped it to pluto alliance holders and we will continue to this project is continuing to go up okay it's just up and up and up meta m-e-d-a you can find it on pancake swap if you want to you know do your own research if you want to invest in this project go check it out we think it's super bullish we know some of the huge partnerships coming to this project that they've already signed on definitely take a look at it don't miss out let's go into our next project all right we got an nft drop oh nice all right you like samurais love samurais all right you know seven samurai you got the last samurai you know tom cruise movie you know he learns how to be he was like what he's like he was in the army yeah the western guy goes to the eastern country learns the whole thing learns their ideals they're bushido [Music] yeah it's a really good movie well this is bushido's nft and you know what gets me excited about this it's the team this is a very very stacked team i'm talking about coinbase devs these people worked on slack they worked on you know the art they worked on the development side uh very stripe very very large large in-depth you know tech companies here well once you say coinbase and then you attach it to nfts it's already basically coinbase stripe slack devs guaranteed sell out right yeah so this is 8888 samurai they got five rarities the rarest is like eight of them second rares 88 of them third rare is 888 of them so this is a very big project they actually did a free mint pass okay they only did a few of them sold out they gave it away for free the free mint pass for this project is 0.17 and that just gives you the ability to mint so it was just a free mint pass that they gave out it's already 0.178 out of this world so is it on ethereum it is on ethereum okay when is the official drop like when can our viewers participate so this is dropping in the middle of october okay but these free mint passes they are on the market so i mean you can go ahead and get some exposure on it's on openc we'll have the link so the 8888 samurai they got a whole big road map here they're trying to pay respect to the eastern culture they have a whole like japanese section for their discord i'm pretty excited about it yeah very cool we're gonna drop some alpha here they gave us some news that we get to share they haven't put this on their discord they haven't put this on their twitter they have a season two road map we're in season one right now so they already see that's what i love about nfc projects the ones that have the the bold big road maps built out two years from now one year from now whatever yeah and so they have the normal things you know they're going to have the merch and everything but they're going to be incorporating into a comic book later okay so a nice little samurai comic book now they say there's physical implications so i don't know if they're only going to make and eighty 888 i don't know what they're gonna do we gotta get in and find out you know we we do a little comic book stuff at bit boy crypto yeah yeah we do our bid first comic so we're very familiar very exciting to see comics moving into the blockchain yeah and uh they also want metaverse integration now these people are on coinbase yeah i expect them to be able to succeed on that front yeah top of the top and here's the best part you ready for the breaking news you ready i'm yeah i'm waiting a token erc 20 token oh really i don't know how they're going to disperse it you might want to get as many samurai as possible but this is the coinbase team here you know i'm not saying it's the the founders or anything but these are the devs these are the artists i'm expecting some pretty good things from this yeah i would imagine it's similar to what we do here at bit boy crypto if you hold an nft you get airdrop tokens it's funny you say that here's the most exciting thing okay air dropping a katana blade whoa special katanas special rarities they're going to be maybe doing extra things with them maybe metaverse integration super cool every time i hang out on this every time i think of katana i think a kill bill yeah swords yeah yeah love that i'm buck and uh this project is not going to suck no there you go that was a nice clean up there thanks yeah so bushidos it's 8888 link will be in the descriptions bushidos.io you can check them out mid-october mid-october mark it on the calendar done i tattooed it boom done all right i have another project another one another one yeah who is that the jet skiing rapper dj khaled dj khaled another one another one crypto blades yeah another uh sponsorship of pluto alliance another one this is another one this is uh this video has two sponsorships and there's more to come uh so if you haven't got a pluto alliance go buy it i'm not gonna say it again i'll probably will you'll say it again crypto blades is one of the best performing game projects of the year token did a 200x already and it's still moving uh the great team they have a ceo the founder of riveted games building products since 2014 and released multi-award-winning games so they've crypto blades is a metaverse extension game allowing users to purchase land build on that land play against other players and win rewards if they win okay very very cool that that right now is super hot the play to earn is super hot right on crypto very very cool in the game if you hold one of our nfts you will get a special bit boy weapon that you will be able to play and interact in the game yeah and fight other players in the on the metaverse and in the medivh side very very cool people that are holding the pluto alliance nfts are getting tokens air dropped randomly nice yeah it's going to help kick-start their community as well as bring a really cool utility to our community that we love so it's very very common these pluto alliance aliens man they're popping up all these metaverses they're getting vehicles they're getting weapons they're getting hoverboards remember that i mean eververse is pretty cool too all right so the coin i was looking at it's called skill yeah i actually full disclosure i don't have any of it no but i was looking at the price action before we went live tell them that that's insane tell them about it yeah so yeah it was over 150 bucks yeah i think now it sits around 17 fluctuates from like 17 to 20 right now yeah yeah down almost 90 from its all-time high yeah yeah so you can find this this coin on pancake swap uh and it again the stuff that's coming out about this project is huge i could see this thing taking off definitely hitting all-time highs yeah skill s-k-i-l-l pancake swap yup i think that's all we have but let's go over the giveaway it's the same one we mentioned on wednesday yeah so uh we're giving away that black hole alien yeah someone's gonna win a black hole all you got to do is go into our discord verify that you're an alien holder and you have a random chance of winning a black hole alien but what if you don't have an a1 that's a good point you can go in open c they're barely above men less than like 10 above men so you can still get it at a good price so it's about point one go on open c snatch them up for the uh next thing you know price is going to maybe double who knows yeah so the black hole aliens they're going for over 20 thousand dollars we're giving one of those away to any verified member in our discord get an alien go verify in discord and you've entered to win we're going to pick that winner next monday october the 4th yeah and uh i believe that's all we got time for you me to throw it to you throw it to me all right here we go all right until next time pluto is a planet baker the legend pluto alliance rap tyler ocean on the beat shout out my boy frank hit network let's get it baby nft boys baker justin and deezy believe me all that we keep his checks and reseats and then repeat i'm with the best team on my feet got thrusters hoes in my jeans still surprised that y'all haven't heard of me i'm with a girl and she is hotter than mercury bars cold got me feeling like the ice king axe on my hip so you better do the right thing making money on my laptop funny thing when i bought venus i almost thought it was an e y but don't get it mistaken my bank account is gaining multiple zeros b pounds deniros baker man crypto we buy it at the dip though when it goes up we go under like limbo when i get a jeep i'll install a nintendo you can see the marshals playing with me through the window quarter east put it in the wells fargo pluto alliance a different extraterrestrial no entities don't call my telephone we don't drive cars we fly ufos then turn bitcoin to bank roads and bank roads to more cars and more homes 10k we pull up in the space ship the way i spit got you thinking that i bought the dip nine planets later steals feet and flavor eyes turn lasers if i don't receive the paper on mars with the robots i can't contain them follow the lead like a gps navigator take me to neptune for the next project saw an open seat but i haven't took a dive yet coming up on the black hole so in case i gotta run i'll be standing right beside the back door [Music] [Music] [Applause] so [Music] you

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