2 Hal ini Berpotensi Memicu Kenaikan Harga Vechain (VET)‼️

Hello everyone Welcome back to my channel.. Still with me David Marcelino.. in the content of this video I want to discuss about Vechain because I see there is some good news that might be used as a reference about Project Vechain.. Vechain is currently on coinmarketcap at a price 0.15.. let's look at its All Time High and All Time Low.. ATH was at 0.27 seven months ago and has fallen 44 percent, ATL is at 0.0016 two years ago and has gone up 9000 percent..

This is what the website looks like vechain.org official Vechain we see .. Vechain with Proof of Authority's system if we want to visit the website .. this is the founder of Vechain, Sunny Lu Advisornya and so that we can open in vechain.org .. we saw the news on Twitter Vechain foundation has announced they have completed VeChainThor version 1.6 which means POA 2.0 stage 1 will be activated soon. On November 5th the testnet was run and the mainnet was on November 16th. so this is good news especially if the testnet is successful we will welcome the mainnet. news like this is usually responded by investors by investing in this project and the price of the token can go up.. Vechain has VET coins there is also a VeThor token and they will also launch 1 more token which we will also discuss in this video.. we look at the announcement earlier on October 29th, from the announcement that PoA 2.0 has received a lot of Hype because it will be the first protocol of its kind i.e.

PoA, it becomes the first protocol in the world with PoA PoA 2.0 it combines Byzantine fault tolerance and Nakamoto consensus mechanism So they see the weakness of the Byzantines and Nakamoto but they are taking their strength We see from the 29th until now the price of VET has continued to increase. In the past, network upgrades have been shown to cause significant upward price movements , at least in the short term. As I said earlier testnet 2.0 has been launched on November 5th or today yes here the 6th While ma his innet after being scheduled for Nov. 16. If PoA 2.0 is successful, there is a possibility that we can see VET will rally in these weeks as well.. this is the first news that can move the price of VET.

Let's see the second thing that is news about Vexchange DEX. This DEX is a Decentralized exchange – This Vexhange DEX decentralized exchange will launch its governance token and Yield Farming program. news three days ago on newsbtc.com Let's see further So this DEX is the development of the Vechain ecosystem this is DEX and Automated Market Maker or abbreviated AMM, first belongs to Vechain they call Vexchange and they will also launch tokens with the same ticker namely VEX. if we look at coinmarketcap, at this time there is no plan for VEX to be launched on 9 Nov. VEX itself has a website vexchange.io it looks like this.. so they think of themselves as Vexchange, like UniSwap. we can Swap, Send, and Pool can choose the token name to be swapped.. for those of us who have often swapped, for example in Pancake Swap, Union Swap is certainly no stranger to Swap tokens, yes.

This is news on Twitter. If it had been in newsbtc.com so when they launched this DEX will also launch a program such as the headline Farming Yield coincides with governance token of VEX .. so later a couple or pair VEX and VET can offer users new opportunities to maximize reward by Yield Farming Vechain Vex is not the first but it is the second iteration since launching in 2019 The launch of their Second iteration is a major milestone in modernizing the protocol and giving the community more power to determine its future.. this is due to token governance. So with this token, users can vote. So they have power This is part of their plan to go fully decentralized when launched the team from Vechain will hold for the first 30 days after that the governance will control about rates and pairs of VEX and VET The amount of VEX allocated through liquidity mining will be two million in addition to millions of VEX for its swap function, this is similar to other governance tokens with the LP program – liquidity pool users will receive VEX depending on the volume per dollar they stake on the DEX governance token platform on Vechain will have a total supply of 100000000 to allocate as follows : 50 million for DAO and 2 years vesting 20 million for founders with 2 years vesting.

20 million for future team also with 2 year vesting. then 5 million for airdrop and 5 million for LP, both of these programs without vesting. So after Nov 9th, launch this VEX through airdrop and liquidity mining then about next year new users or investors can have a decision with the voting system huh.. So that's two good news for VET price movements, because it is proven that usually mainnet launches and continues there is an expansion of the ecosystem, it is all news that can increase the price of the token. What do you think? You can share your opinion in the comments column. Okay that's all about Vechain, this is not financial advice, just entertainment and educational content.

All investment decisions are the responsibility of each! I thank you for watching this video. Thank you for supporting this channel by subscribing. I hope we can meet again in the next videos. Greetings to the north hi hi.

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