[Music] welcome to nft update i'm your host diese i'm justin and we come to you twice a week with the breaking nft news and hot projects in the space yes we do yeah uh some of the news lately uh have you seen all the mania around these tungsten cubes i have not seen those yeah it's uh they weigh so much like one inch you know i mean it's like 20 pounds or something but yeah there's a new nft drop where you have fractionalized ownership of tungsten cubes like over a thousand pounds that's crazy you have to schedule a meet you go to a storage building like once a year and you can touch it that's your that's the utility that's the utility of this nft you could touch a cube so uh yeah i don't know it was pretty funny that's the future of nfts right there um well more exciting news i know my one of my favorite movies of all time well two five two favorite movies were quentin tattoos reservoir dogs loved it but pulp fiction uh we went to ran out of breath we went to uh ny nft nyc i wanna say that backwards and we did see quentin tarantino make his announcement of seven never before seen clips of pulp fiction that he's gonna turn into nfts and auction them off yeah that'll be huge i mean that movie is such a cultural phenomenon i mean i really see like a lot of wealthy people wanting to own a piece of this yeah and i think clinton's big thing is the people that win they can do whatever they want to with it they can share it with other people they can let other people see it they can sell it they can put it on a wallet and throw it away they can hide it whatever it's their piece of memorabilia from this movie that's never seen that never been seen before never been released yeah i like it all right so uh before we get uh into the meat and potatoes here i came to the office i saw you playing video games well that is the meat and potatoes i was playing video games so i could cover this sponsored video or sponsored content uh that we're gonna talk about right now all right uh tell us a little about this i know uh it has a coin associated with it so this is a play to earn game yes player game the game is called my master war token is m-a-t it's matt with one t so the game reminded me of an app game called heroes charge about 10 years ago huge game lost a ton of money playing that game because it was so addicting i actually kept forking money into this yeah the the art reminded me of clash of clans the game you're very similar i've wasted so much money they're very addicting very addicting so this game has only been out for two weeks there's already 30k players right now i expect this game to probably get into the millions as soon as it rolls out on ios and android that's one of the updates that's coming it's actually going to be an app on your phone it's going to be play to earn so you can actually win matt token which is on pancake swap built on binance smart chain but not only that it also has utility for investors so if you buy this token you can buy it on pancake swap you can then stake it and then you get 40 of the game royalties that come in from like in-game purchases uh selling characters selling equipment upgrades any in-game purchase the stakers get 40 percent of that i actually didn't know that i'm actually probably gonna have to buy some now uh i'm at the fomo in the clash of clans can you imagine you know instead of sinking in all this money and then you just get no return you're investing in yourself and your game and next thing you know i mean the bigger you get the better you get the more money you got coming in well that's the difference between centralized and decentralized so when decentralized the actual users have the control so this game was actually funded by huge vcs vcs like dow maker raptor ice t labs so it's got some big names behind it it's only right now currently 13 million market cap so that's pretty super small in a frothy market as we like to say yeah and uh so basically a turn-based uh battle game you know so yeah i mean i'm pretty excited about it yeah i'm very i'm actually when i get done filming i'm gonna go play it again so it's pretty cool we got work to do justin well that's my work matt token m-a-t link in the description if you want to participate uh you can go on pancake swap and and and check it out let's check it out real quick [Applause] [Music] wow that gameplay does look really really good a lot of these coins with games on the road map oh yeah q1 q2 i mean this is this is going on now yeah there's already a game it's already got a working project all right well uh let's talk about our second sponsor segment here congratulations to everybody that got in on empire when we first mentioned it you saw a parabolic run up the plenty of time to take profit well right now we'll show the chart real quick here's uh the one month there's this accumulation phase this is where you can get in that huge huge run up i mean you see where the ceiling is there's still price discovery mode ahead of us i'm really really bullish on empire it just kept going it just i thought it was like i thought it reached a ceiling and then it just kept rising yeah it's the community reminds me of a meme community and i say that in a good sense because it's got a good community behind it because they believe in it and they're always tweeting about it they they have skin in the game you know they're making memes you know they're retweeting they're tagging it so the community is the number one thing that gets me excited yeah but that's not all actually i take that back second most thing that gets me excited i checked it out last night so i knew i knew we're going to talk about it i went on there their marketplace is actually live now on it's a binance smart chain nft marketplace and you can actually use it right now oh that's huge and it's built on binance smart chain which is super cheap to use yeah so imagine you don't have to pay 300 to get nft more like 50 yeah like three dimes or something like that so but they're gonna have ethereum and solana working out pretty soon okay but uh there's a lot of stuff on the roadmap that they're going to three decentralized exchanges this month they're gonna have staking on this month the staking is gonna be on white bit okay but there's even more there's even more uh they're going to have an nft drop can you imagine having the og open c nft drop that's huge yeah that would be huge especially if they really can succeed with the solana marketplace there is a need for a solana marketplace whomever wins that race is going to be a billions of dollars in value i agree with that yeah uh that's what we have not yet to see on solana is a a marketplace to to rise ahead of everybody else yeah but what's the number one thing keeping people out of crypto what is it it's knowledge they don't know how oh i got to do this exchange this and this chain they're gonna have a fiat on ramp okay so they're gonna be able to onboard i don't want to say the normies but the people that are newer to this you know the bsc people that you know they're a little bit lower capital you know they can't afford a giant gas fee a lot of time so having a fiat on ramp is i think going to be huge so they can actually purchase it with their credit card yeah imagine open c allowing credit card use that's huge that would be big so if they get this thing down they get the solana thing down i'm expecting empire i mean we'll be we just saw the empire state building it will be the empire in the space i mean there's a lot of upside potential here let's do it all right so the token is empire and it's on finance smartchain we'll have the links in the description yes we will all right so that's our two projects uh if you think we've been playing a game called coinleague.com you might have heard us talk about it if you think you're better traders than dz and myself go to coinley.com you can enter the game you'll see our names in the in the game creators justin our dz's game get your polygon get your metamask set up go play a game go enjoy and play against it's very cheap to use like a dollar a game or something it's not very expensive at all yeah imagine draftkings or fanduel with crypto that's what we're talking about here yeah but that's very funny let's uh give out some money we gave out 500 in tether the people that won they're so appreciative they're like oh my god i'm gonna use this you know i'm gonna try to flip it i might be able to like buy a crazy nft with it or buy a car with it pay some bills with it let's do that again but this time let's let's go up a little let's give out like six or seven hundred bucks that's it well how much should we give out six hundred dollars what should we do here i'll put i'll put a g i'll put a thousand on it okay i'll give a thousand away to to somebody to one of my twitter followers all right uh i'll do the same since you're gonna make me look bad if i don't so uh retweet and tag one friend on our pinned tweets and you can win a thousand dollars okay recap i'll pin a tweet you'll pin a tweet on yours i'll put a tweet on mine go retweet the pin tweet follow us on twitter tag a friend in your retweet and we'll randomly pick one lucky subscriber to win a thousand dollars ust from me and a thousand from dz all right and that's all we got all right i'm throwing it i'm throwing it here we go i'm gonna dribble a it shot all right pluto's a planet that's right [Music] you

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