2 BIGGEST TSUNAMI CRYPTO & NFT COMING! | NFTs, Blockchain and Crypto. Explained | WHAT IS NFT?

Well, today, I'm super,
super excited to tell you two of the biggest train to the biggest
industry where the world is heading, which is cryptocurrency,
and what if I tell you another one? It's an empty. Well, let me explain
to you in a little bit. But before I explain to you how big the add up here,
let me ask you a quick question.

Do you remember back then, 20 years ago, what is the biggest invention
of the human being 20 years ago? Oh, guess what is the computer?
Computer. It's one of the biggest invention,
which is allow you and I and the whole entire world to come together and able
to work at home or in the office. Right.
So what? After the computer, after the computer
the Internet that allow people to go online and do a ton of things
like search on Google, Yahoo! On Facebook and do a ton
of the Internet right now. We cannot live without the Internet. Before I tell you the next thing right here, I'm telling you this thing
right here after the Internet.

What else do you think is the big
invention in the iPhone guy? That is the update of the
computer and Steve Jobs. He learned tech the computer, Sobek, and he put it right onto your palm
and everywhere that you go is super, super convenient that you can go
on the Internet, you can browse music, you can't shopping online,
and you can do a ton of thing because the iPhone work
on the Internet and because they need to connect and leverage
the idea of the computer. Now, the question in here, Jimmy, why would you tell me all
this thing right here? And where is the future head
and what is the next big thing? Well, I'll tell you the next big thing in the future and which is the tsunami
is cryptocurrency and NFTE. OK, let's talk about an in a little bit. But when it comes to investing guy, this is the thing that most people don't
realize when it comes to investing. I don't know.
Look at charts. I don't normally look
at the financial statement. But first thing key in investing
is you have to spot tsunami.

You hit the spot whose opportunity you have to look at the market as a whole,
like, well, right now in the war. And then if the tsunami is coming, how can I find where the tsunami is,
where the West heading? Right.
Just like the biggest
economy before its computer and the Internet and the next
big the Internet is the iPhone. Right. And after that,
e-commerce shopping online. So now let me talk to you a little
bit about cryptocurrency.

You know, about cryptocurrency already. So let's talk about empty Jimmy. Why and if it's the next biggest
because an uptick, if you pay attention to this thing right
here, right now before we have physical product, which is like the book
that we rewrite this, what happened? Now everything turns to e-book right before we have like face
to face interaction. Now everything is to zoom
and stuff like that. Right. And before we talk to each other face
face, guess what happened now is given the opportunity to record
a video like this digital. You send the message to you online,
do social media and YouTube. So if you want to invest, you have to pay
attention to where the war is heading. So I remember that the other day, the show of Ellen's show,
she went online. Right.
And she draws something so ugly. Right.
As you take a picture of that. And she turned it into a
digital picture digital. And to sell it online, like for
fifty thousand dollars is insane. Like people buy ugly picture
for fifty thousand dollar digital. And that is cool. And let me ask you another quick question.

I saw some artists. They live me buy a digital art,
OK, for 16 million dollars. And last week, those corne the picture of those calling
the auction for millions of dollars. So you have to pay attention to the trend. OK, so in the future, what I really think is an up what is it is basically think
of it like digital collectible item. OK, if you watch it back then, like Pokémon car, baseball car,
people make like millions of dollars. They several hundred thousand dollar
for a baseball card collectible item. But that's physical product. He's a problem guy
when it comes to physical product it can destroy, this can get real
and it can get lost over time. But when it comes to digital products, you basically can't store it
for over a long period of.

Everything is in your fault, so I see the photo is so convenient right
now, so I could see that in the future that everything is going to be digital
and you can see it happen already. People shopping online, people,
and that's online video is online, everything, ebook,
everything even happens online. So I can really see that. And it's going to allow the people, OK,
it's going to allow the people like you. And I so imagine, for example, OK, let's say let's put this way
for you to easy process.

What is NFTE and up to is like, for example, right now,
let's say hopefully one day. But I'm getting really famous and I say, you know what,
I'm going to take a picture right now just sitting right here,
like I'm taking a picture right now. And I say, you know, Jimmy and his
sunglasses take a picture right now. And later on I become really famous. I only have five this picture for my
lawyer and I have my signature in there.

And I put it online and I sell this picture for twenty thousand dollars,
OK, with my signature on there. So that is cool.
And up to that then. So basically it's lot all this,
it's a of YouTube. It's allowed celebrity allow any ordinary people to produce their own work by Senate
online through digital. OK, and by doing that like before,
you draw some sort pictures you worry about, like copyright,
you worry about trademark, you throw your item, stuff like that,
and you have to sell online to like trademarked your item,
copyrighted your item.

But now to an up. You basically can snap a photo and you can literally, like,
sell that thing online and you owe the copyright without have to go
through the copyright process. You don't have to go
to the trademark process. You own the material. And now you can send your image out. You can send your your your your art work out and you can sell it to anybody all
around the world really, really fast.

And I see this opportunity is massive
because it's a lot older now. People all this single celebrity
or even
marvel, you know, they can create a ton of collectible
item and sell to so many people. So I say and obce digital collectible item is going to be huge in sports industry and
in the music industry for all. This is huge. OK, and the question here is,
how can you invest into the NFTE? What kind of token out there
that you can invest in? What kind of coin out? Well, right now in this video,
I just want to let you know the future. But if you were really interested right now, I have to let you know
that the future's huge.

This week's tsunami is coming to an end up to you, and this is a chance
to talk about those kind of thing. So in the next one or two week, I probably will release the video, which
caught the eye of six figure and leave. And I a lot put over a policy half
a million dollars into this coin. And I strongly believe this
coin is huge potential. Oh, least let's put the extra
one hundred in the future. And I'm very confident where the future of this is headed. And of course, this is
a high risk investment. But look, when I spot a unicorn, I am willing to bet on this risk
and I
say, if you interest, please comment below and say, hey,
you know what, I'm interested. I would take my own risk because high risk, high return and don't
do the blame game. OK, we look and I we released a video very soon to you that we look at our
we invest like a genius..

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