2.Почему чтобы сдать в аренду компьютер, надо платить деньги

the question arose of the company how to make sure that thousands and hundreds of thousands of computers around the world proposed a scheme with whom markin referral marketing pay per referral that's what I'm interested in tell people that I rent my hard drive if I don’t pay but they pay me well and thank God all why not tell someone well told the closest circle of godfather told my brother told my dad told my mother told and then what kind of interest interest minimal interest in people awakens when they they receive money for their recommendation so that I can tell you and receive for this is money you must buy something be sure to buy therefore the company decided that on the basis of her own technologies and her technologies are based on many computers su sign service information protection for corporate client here the main client of the company is a legal entity, but they decided that why not on this technology does not make a product for individuals for ordinary people and the company made a cloud storage mail service security of the Russian Federation on the Internet and api telephony and people were invited to buy one two three or four products together, depending on which set of products people how much the company will buy depends on it will rent a hard drive on your computer if a person buys one product, this is 15 gigabytes of memory if he buys two products for five hundred ninety-seven dollars, then I'll rent this 70 gigabytes if a person buys three products for 1577 dollars, then the company will take 150 gigabyte of memory if a person takes two thousand seven hundred seventy seven 4 product then the company will lease already 320 gigabytes of memory here I would like such emphasize how to conclude why everyone benefits why corporate client corporate client is profitable because he buys the service is cheaper and sick of the highest quality than he bought before a competitor in the kairos company is, for example, microsoft which pride leaves the standard solution at a very high price buys a lot licensed windows which is very expensive and we know that windows have a lot of viruses the same thing happens in the field of data protection there profitable for corporate the second profitable for kairos why because the kairos company sells its product to both legal entities and individuals and selling to individuals 60 percent of the purchase price is distributed to the network to those people who are engaged in sales and earn 40 percent of their own kairos company the offer is also beneficial to ordinary people why because they are not selling anything to anyone and without inviting anyone anywhere can receive income from the fact that they rent out their hard drive and for example if a person spent five hundred ninety-seven dollars, then he surrendering his seventy gigabytes for rent in five months completely recoups its investment and for the next seven months makes a net profit of about $ 120 per month that is, if you translate this into a percentage of the investment amount, a person gets a plus one hundred and fifty percent for the year the same if a person bought for two thousand seven hundred seventy seven dollars a package that includes 4 products he for five months he returned his money and for the next seven months he receives almost 600 dollars per month, that is, this is a very good profit because salaries us, at least in Ukraine and in Russia, in Belarus, they are not like that.

very beneficial for network leaders why because it has such a unique a trade proposal that is fully justified they can build large networks, they can attract a large number of people to whom it is interesting and therefore just make a lot of money from the created turnover therefore friends everything is very clear it is clear why we pay money for renting a hard drive and we understand why everyone it is very profitable and I want to note in order to receive money for the change in rent to rush on his hard drive a man's computer must work 10 hours a day it can be continuous work this be 600 times for one minute so it will also run 10 hours and if the computer work less, then you will get in proportion to finding your computer on the network, that is, for example, if your computer works for example 5 your hours instead of $ 19 per day almost 600 dollars a month you get eight and a half dollars a day this the first moment and the second so that you can feed the hard disk option you have there must be Internet access but at least 10 hours a day any restrictions no access speed

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