1969 S Penny (Look For Die Errors Worth Thousands)

hello youtubers and coin collectors out there so this code we have here is the 1969 s Lincoln penny now this one is kind of extra special because there are some very rare error coins with this there is not too long ago a guy that found one of these well coin rural hunting that was worth a hundred thousand dollars approximately so it was a 1969 double die error and there are 25 of these coins known in existence so that what MIT that's what makes them kind of so rare so but for the regular coin I'll show you some pictures of the double die coming up soon but for the regular coin there were 544 million of these produced with the san francisco mint mark there were also 1 billion producer at the Philadelphia Mint and 4 billion produced at the Denver Mint so what you want to look for with the 69 is the double die so that's like an error that looks like this so those were were double die coins but this one right here unfortunately is not I I consider it kind of still to be a pretty cool coin because it's from the San Francisco mint and those have much lower mintages than the other so it's kind of an essential coin to have in your collection here's a look at the reverse give you a little history about what was going on in 69 Lyndon Johnson was the president and then he was replaced by Richard Nixon and the first troops started being withdrawn from Vietnam so I was kind of the end of the Vietnam War in the start of the Nixon presidency so some of you out there can probably still remember that time so yeah I would check out for the double die there's also other error coins that are out there that are like cracks to the die which would be just like a line going through and also look around the rim of the coin there that's an own kind of type of error as well but the double die is when two letters or numbers are on top of each other and as you can see here the the 69 is pretty clear that is just one one copy so hopefully you enjoyed this and take care [Music] [Music]

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