1940 Wheat Penny

hello youtubers and coin collectors out there so I've got something I haven't shared on the channel that much lately it's a classic wheat penny this one right here is the 1940 wheat penny and just to give you a little history some perspective on what was happening when this wheat penny was produced in 1940 the president was Franklin Delano Roosevelt the Democrat from New York Pinocchio the Disney film was released and the first McDonald's restaurant was opened up so those are all pretty cool facts about what was going on in 1940 not much else that I could find interesting was going on in there so some information about the penny itself the design on this penny is the standard wheat penny the wheat pennies were made through 1948 I believe and the metal content on this coin is copper and the production the amount of this coin in 1944 the Philadelphia Mint now you can tell that it is the Philadelphia mint because it doesn't have a matt mark on the front so the mintage for that coin in 1940 is 586 million so I said the wheat pennies were made until 1948 I meant to say 1958 so correct myself on that the wheat pennies were made from 1909 to 1958 so the value of this particular coin according – coin trackers is 35 cents up to $5 however there are some proof coins for this there were fifteen point eight thousand of those made and they're valued around fifty five dollars each so hopefully you found that information helpful if you're into coin collecting please check out the other videos on my channel take care [Music] [Music]

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