1935 Denver Mint Buffalo Nickel

hello youtubers and coin collectors out there we got a really old buffalo nickel for you right here this is the 1935 as you can see on the date right there just to give you a brief sense of how old this coin was when this coin was made FDR was the president the Hoover Dam was built and this was also the year Elvis Presley was born so kind of some perspective there for you so a little about this coin so this is what's known as the buffalo nickel or the Indian Head nickel this design was made from 1913 to 1938 it's a common coin the metal content is copper and nickel so unfortunately Noah silver here in this coin however it's still worth more than face value because of its design so on the back here we have the Buffalo which gives it the name buffalo nickel you can see the mid mark down at the bottom there so in 1935 there were twelve million produced with the large diamond mark and there were a 58 million produced with the smaller D so I believe if this one right here has the smaller D mint mark on it and so according to coin and trackers this coin is worth anywhere from a dollar seventy-five up to five hundred and twenty five dollars so that's just for the coin in raw condition if it's a degraded coin it can obviously be worth more or if it's an error coin it can be worth more as well so hopefully you found this video interesting if you're into coin collecting please check out some of the other videos on my channel take care [Music] [Music]

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