1921 S Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Review

all you do the whole red orange guy here I want to take a moment my goodbyes cotton glove on to make sure everything is hunky-dory when I did the coin routine I got a new cornea character today what about the outer case because we're about to do a coin whoa everyone hello everyone back again with a with another example of a Morgan Silver Dollar now this one is somewhat heavily circulated you can see it's very smooth from all the pocket where the the readed coin edge is not very not in great condition you can tell it's worn down this is this coin has been circulated very heavily so on the front you've got a says 1921 state when the coin was minted you pour abyss unum on the back you've got the Eagle you've got a $1 face value and it says In God We Trust and if you zoom in really closely between the D and O you can see the ass mint mark that's where this coin was minted and these coins make they appeal to both bullion investors as well as coin collectors because of their numismatic value their collective collector value any Morgan dollar even this one right here that's really circulated very happily it's not really going to have any pull not a lot of collector value because of its condition but if I if I wanted to sell this which I wouldn't but if I wanted to I could get I would expect to get at least the spot price of silver for it even though it doesn't even contain a full troy ounce of silver it's right around 70 percent silver I think not seventy percent but it's 90% silver ten percent copper and the actual silver the actual amount of silver contents from right over it's right under an ounce it's like point seven something so it's not quite a full full ounce of silver but there you have it feel free to check out my other corn and bullion videos I've included a corn and bullion playlist in the video description thanks for tuning in and if if you've got a coin that I have not reviewed let me know and I'll see if I get my hands on it and I'll I'll conduct a video review here in this fine studio thanks for tuning in

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