1898 $10 gold eagle pre-33 coin arrives today. This was the “free” one what do you guys think?

hi everybody its NEMA stocker here and I had a very fortunate day today it's very nice to be able to do an unboxing and a free-of-charge American Gold Eagle flew into the office today and if you've seen the video that I posted the other day you'll see how this particular coin was financed and the story behind it and today only a couple of days later it was delivered and it's going to be really interesting to see what kind of coin I've got this particular coin was sold by a forum member of the silver forum goes under the name of bones and it originally came from Atkinson's bullion which is a uk-based bullion dealer of fairly high renown and repute and so let's have a look at the coin a little bit more closely well doesn't appear to be damaged in any way I don't think it's been severely polished which is good but it does look to me as if it might at some stage have being cleaned you you guys please do let me know what you think of this coin you should be able to see in enough detail in HD to know but it looks to me as if probably if it was sent for grading it would get maybe an A you details grade hopefully I'm learning I mean it might it might get a problem-free status at NGC but it looks to me as if it's a bit on the slightly on the dodgy side but let's have a look now and compare it to some of the others in my collection because I'm lucky and I've got three other Gold Eagles from similar dates and we can take a look and see how it compares to coins that have been previously graded by Inge see so let's take a look at the the graded coins this first one was an unlucky purchase that turned out to be cleaned and I must say that the new coin looks suspiciously like this one in terms of its quality and that's why I think it might very well have been a cleaned coin and you can see another couple of examples this one is an MS 62 and you can see that the the fields of a coin are very very different on this compared to the one that has just been delivered this is a really really nice coin and the next one was a coin that I picked up a while back also as bullion but it got given an MS 63 plus grading by NGC and it's kind of interesting to have these examples and be able to compare it because it gives you a much more accurate idea I think of the potential grade so seeing them side by side I still think this is probably cleaned coin at some stage but guys let me know what you think what do you think of this new coin do you think this is worth grading or do you think this is better keeping as a raw poin so let me know what you think and please subscribe and comment and hope you like video

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