1896 O Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Review

all youtubes I've ordered a net orange guy here I want to take a moment I gotta put my cotton glove on to make sure everything is hunky-dory when I did the coin review I got a new cornea today what's about to be out of the case because we're about to do a coin hey everyone got another example of a Morgan Silver Dollar this particular example is in 1896 now you can see on the front it says II poorer buzina and it's got some stars now there this is definitely a circulated condition coin you can see it Dean right there around the edge you can see a scratch on the face between the back of the neck and the star and those are just a few you know you can see scratches on the neck scratches on the face scratch they're something there's definitely a lot of wear and tear that this this coin is encountered but keep in mind this coin was minted in 1896 it's a long time ago so it's probably seen a lot of history good a good way to stack physical silver bullion these Morgan Silver Dollars are very popular among precious metals investors because of their silver content they contain close to an ounce of silver not quite an ounce but even with that being the case they often just because of the collectability associated with these coins a lot of them are melted down in essence thrown into a you know melting contraption to just harvest the precious metal silver so they're gone forever I mean these will never be minted again so from a collectability perspective also known as numismatic perspective these coins some of these coins more so than others have a very very substantial numismatic value associated with them so that's a collector to bill collector value that you get over the spot price of the precious metal in this case silver this one is an omen mark you can see the Oh between the D and the oh and the word dollar that's where this was mented a lot of detail on the back of the coin says one dollar United States of America and God We Trust you can see some more scratches on this particular coin I do have encapsulated but you can see I mean it's definitely not an uncirculated condition there's some some stains around the e between he and the S of the United States and some stains around trust and of and again you can just look over the face of this you can see pits and scratches and definitely circulate condition but still very valuable and highly desirable among both bullion collectors and numa's new Mizpah test people that like numismatic coins there you have it this is just another one of my coin videos feel free to check out my coin and bullion playlist I've included a link at the bottom of this of this video got a lot of coins reviewed and if there's something that I currently don't have a coin review for please let me know I'll see if I can get my hands on it and I'll perform a coin review of that coin here in this fine studio thanks for tuning in

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