1887 O Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Review

hello you Suzanne Lord ahead Irish guy here I want to take a moment I gotta put my cotton glove on to make sure everything is hunky-dory when I do the coin routine I got a new cornea what's about to be out of the case because we're about to do a coin hey everyone got another example of an 1887 Morgan Silver Dollar this particular one is is in circulated condition of course you can tell that by looking at the the various scratches and indentations in the coin now the edge of it is pretty crisp although you can see there it's got a hole it's got a pit there I mean it's definitely circulated on the back you can see the mint mark this particular mint mark is oh you can see the oh right between the D and the ho and the word dollar and then you've got just one dollar one dollar face value the United States of America and God We Trust and then you've got an eagle he's like dude that's the Eagle noise and then he's sitting on some arrows and some leaves and these coins are highly desirable among both bullion collectors and Muniz Matic coin collectors numismatic being coin with collector value so that's value that a coin has in addition to the spot price of the precious metal now these particular coins contain a little bit less than an ounce of silver and they contain some copper but it because of their collect ability and the fact that they will never be minted again the collector value associated with these coins most often makes the value of them significantly greater than than the spot price of silver and of course that that varies among Morgan Dollars because a lot of things come into play the mintage of the coin how many of the of the particular year and in mint when you look at the mint and the year on the coin how many coins were created does that affect value the condition as if you look at my other videos I've got a video playlist link you'll see that my 1889 CC which is 1889 Carson City had it professionally graded because I thought I may be sitting on a gold mine there literally so a lot of factors come into play with these but a really great way to to stack the physical precious metal silver and carry some collectability as well great way to own a piece of history anyway if you if you'd like check out my other videos got a playlist playlist linked in the video description I've got a lot of coin and bullion videos and there's something and I have not reviewed feel free to shoot me a message and I'll see if I can get my hands on it and all conduct a coin review here in this fine studio thanks for tuning in and have going

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