1846 O Seated Liberty Dollar coin value

what is up guys Jared squatting here in today I'll be giving you the value of the 1846 New Orleans silver dollar now this coin has a very wide range of values link from Louis 251 dollars to as high 7790 $1 79,000 of them were minted in that year for from the new orleans mint the first year that anyone besides the Philadelphia Mint ever made a US silver dollar so very interesting going to have very great piece of American history to earn and it wouldn't be for a long time before another live for another coin be minted by the new orleans mint it took a while for the other mints to start to come into fashion besides the Philadelphia Mint if you will so you are going to see a lot of it just being single dates until you get up to the later seated and then the morgans which you'll see a lot of different mins for but I hope you enjoyed the video peace love and much respect

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