1840 Seated Liberty dollar coin value

so what is up guys Jarrett's floating here and today I'll be giving you the value of the 1840 seated Liberty dollar now this coin is worth anywhere from two one hundred and twenty six dollars to about $3,100 and ms+ certified shape sixty one thousand of them were produced but of course many of them did not survive very good investment not too expensive and a mid-level investor could probably afford one and not the best shape so but you could still probably buy one there's only about quarter grand which is a lot but not in terms of some of the other coins that you'll see from this time era so it is a very neat a lot of these coins are very easy to invest in because you could only had to drop a couple hundred on it to get one but don't expect the best shape either so that's the other thing about it of course are some that are way more valuable but I hope you found the information this video useful peace love and much respect

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