13,000$ Rarest Two New Pence Coin!! 1971 year most Expensive Queen Elizabeth 2 Coin!! #shorts

hello guys here i want to show 
you my two pence coin collection   from 1971. the two pence coin is currently 
the second lowest circulating domination   of the british poon sterling after the 
half penalty was demonetized in 1984.   this coin is in very good condition at the 
auction it costs maybe ten eleven thousand dollars   the weight is about seven grams 
the size about 25 millimeters   so i will post it for sale on our website for 
maybe thirteen thousand dollars if you also wanna   sell your coin guys go to our website the coin 
ask.com the link i will put below in this video   so go there sign up and start selling 
your coins as i do look at this coin   very good condition so sign up on our website 
and start selling your coin guys see you

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