$100K BITCOIN (2021)… Here’s How It HAPPENS!

$100 Thousand dollars per BITCOIN. It was
a meme, a joke… that was thrown around in the early days. No one really thought it was
possible… But the future is a funny thing…. since BTC has surged past it’s old all time
high of $20k, that number doesn’t seem so far out of reach. People are talking about
100k, like it is going to happen..so will it? Well find out in about 10 minutes, because
it’s time for Chico Crypto! So, I’ve been around Bitcoin and the crypto
markets in some form since late 2013, my first purchase of BTC was around $200 dollars & after
that 1st purchase, I saw it rocket up to $1200 dollars in the matter of a few months.

I got involved at the perfect time during
the 2013 parabolia, it was crazy euphoric, and it made me realize BTC can do some very
unthinkable things, price wise very quickly…but I also held, all the way back down to nearly
where I bought and went through that brutal bear market…where the price looked dead
in the water… So I also understood early, it can do the
complete opposite too. Then 2017 and it’s following bear market came, and did the exact
same thing!!!…more than reinforcing my views. Which means this is my second 4 year cycle…from
just 200 bucks, I’ve seen Bitcoin parabola to 1.2k, fall back to 200, reclaim that high
of 1.2k…reach new parabolic high of 20k, fall all the way down to 3k and then once
again reclaim it’s old all time high of 20k. All within the span of just 7 years.

That’s a lifetime of market movements in
any other asset class, but for BTC it happens in just 7 years…but even since the big break
of 20k, things are showing signs of parabolia. In just 11 days since, BTC has surged, breaking
27k to the upper levels and even breaking 28k on some exchanges. The higher the price goes, the less significant
these movements look on the surface, but if you do the math, from 20k to 28k is a 40 percent
increase since December 16th the day of the break. That is significant, you break it down,
that’s nearly a 4 percent price increase per DAY. If BITCOIN Kept that rate up for all of 2020,
that would put BITCOINs peak at over 300 thousand dollars by the end of 2021….but even I don’t
think that will happen. Although, that 100k mark, yes I do think it can happen in the
next parabolic run, or I wouldn’t have made video after video with that number as the
headline for the past 2.5 years…. I’ve been saying around $100k would be this
cycle's peak for the longest time, so don’t you other tubers try and take that away from

So, if it does happen…when will it happen?
Is 2021 the year of smashing 10k level after 10k level on the way up to 100k? Well we have to break 30k, then We have (7)
more 10k levels to break in just 12 months. That means every 1 month and 3 weeks, BTC
needs to move on average by 10 thousand dollars. Can be more some months, it can be less…it
just needs to average to 10. Which is very significant price movements
in the scope of things. Looking at the all time price chart, we can see it took nearly
9 years for bitcoin to claim it’s first 10k, from 0 to 10…but then to claim the
next 10k, from 10 to 20, it took only 6 months to reach it, but officially cross it, it really
took about 3 years. So based on this pattern, 9 years to claim the first 10k level, 3 years
to reclaim the second, the third 10k level, 30k, would take ⅓ of 3 years, 1 year to
be officially breached. Which would mean, 30k will be broken in December 2021?? Well, we are super close to that already so
I would throw that pattern right out the door…..but with those price movements, the pattern of
the price moving on average of 10k, every month and 3 weeks looks more realistic…so
if happens when & how? Well there are some significant events throughout
2021 which could help the price on that path….one I’ve been covering for some time, shrouded
in what I call controversy…..the Coinbase IPO.

So since I’ve been covering it…when do
I expect it to happen!? Well if you haven’t noticed. Things are getting prepared for it.
December 17th, Coinbase officially files for the IPO, December 23rd, Jay Clayton announces
his resignation as Chairman of the SEC. You wanna know what happened the day before this!?
A person just below JAY at the SEC, a commissioner Elad Roisman, put out this post “Statement
on NYSE Primary Direct Listing Proposal and in it he was fully supporting the NYSE’s
rule change, for direct listing IPOs. Elad said “While many aspects of our equity markets
have long benefited from innovation, innovation has managed to elude, to any significant extent,
the primary offering process. Until today. NYSE’s proposal would provide an alternative
means for companies listed on their exchange to raise equity capital in our public markets.
I support the approval of the exchange’s proposed rule change” Well guess who was announced as taking over
Chairman for Jay Clayton, the one who fully supports what the NYSE is doing, Elad Roisman.

If you didn’t know, Coinbase is rumored
to be the first to take this route with the new rule change, and NYSE has been testing
just a short few months ago, with big “traders” of the exchange. And NYSE is an early investor
in the ole coinbase….. So if you didn’t know, Like Ron Paul would
say….It’s happening! Which if you look deep into Law School’s even own blog’s
on the topic posted just 5 days ago, they know it’s happening too. The COLUMBIA LAW
they said this… “Primary direct listings might appeal to
unicorns, which have long track records of being able to raise large sums of capital
from private markets.

Such listings can provide liquidity to employees and early investors,
and as we can see above they call unicorns-startups valued at over 1 billion dollars. Coinbase is king Unicorn, as the startup,
the last time the did a funding round in 2018 was valued at 8 billion dollars. Over 2 years
have passed, so what’s it worth today, PRE IPO? Well Messari research, put out a model
and explanation, and valued coinbase PRE-IPO and post IPO filing, at 28 billion dollars. Those are just predictive figures for today,
and nothing set in stone, coinbase based on funding rounds, is worth 8 billion today…but
those predictive figures from Messari show how hyped this one will be, and when the IPO
goes live on the NYSE, a 100 billion dollar valuation or more?? Not out of the realm of
possibility… So when Tyler…when is the IPO? Well, in
my opinion, Coinbase and those involved will try to time the crypto markets & looking back
at the last hype cycle year, in 2017…there were 4 pretty significant pumps throughout
the year, one in December 2016 through January 2017…kind of like today.

Then in March of 2017, then in the summer
of 2017, and finally parabolia at the end of the year. Coinbase isn’t going to wait
till the end of the year, so it’s gotta be either sometime around March or in the
Summer. Now I don’t know if business insider has some information we don’t have, but
they said this “Following speculation from a few months ago, the US-based crypto giant
has filed to go public early next year, per its blog post” Not Mid, but early…so me thinks, it’s
coming around March 2021. That’s in just 3 short months….but in that time, we have
so many things that can happen. So I predict, a short selloff in January for
BTC, but it will not be long, and BTC will suddenly start to rebound, crossing 30k late
January, and then in February we get the news, the official date of the Coinbase IPO, it's
in March thus 40k is breached this month, and then up to 50k possibly past it near 60k,
depending on what the share price of Coinbase is doing.

Well, in my opinion, it’s going to be doing
wild things, because of the IPO direct process listing, early investors, they don’t have
lockups, nor do the employees who hold shares. It’s gonna be wild, its gonna be HOT. But because of this, we are going to have
a big correction as will the “COIN” shares in the first week or two of trading. March
and into April is going to be intense if things play out like they are looking. Down to 40k, or even the high 30ks..So if
things play out like I predict, after the Coinbase IPO hype, we will have 8 months to
go from 40k to 100k. Will this happen? Well, one thing will be
for certain. For the first time, their will officially be a piece of crypt within wall

Will Coinbase shares follow the Bitcoin price, or will Bitcoin follow the Coinshares
price, which officially means BTC is following the stock market. If that is True Will St.
pump it to 100k by December 2021? Me thinks so. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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