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imf just indoors cryptocurrencies and i got three staking moon shots readying in the big cave just receiving some fuel and gearing up ready to take off any moment now now these are three coins that could blast off so hard that you might need to get your dramamine ready as a ride might be bumpy the three coins we will be discussing today according to my research team are the best collection of coins we've looked at yet together on this channel three solid winners for all three of the people that watch this channel let's get it vimeo is the world's leading professional video platform with easy to use tools you can create high quality videos unlike any you've ever seen before vimeo allows users to upload in stunning 4k ultra high definition this isn't your grandma's video site learn more at vimeo.com welcome to bible crypto the hardest working channel in all of cryptocurrency if you're new hit that subscribe button and join both my telegram groups learn more about crypto or connect with me and the bid squad also i'm giving away a whole bitcoin to ethereum and two litecoin at the end of september to take part in the giveaway please visit 1btc.bitboy.live for details only subscribers are eligible alright guys today we are going to discuss three moonshots with momentous potential for those of you who don't have your dictionaries at hand that means massive and zero percent of the projects covered today are sponsored all of them hand chosen by my team i don't even own any of these tokens yet i got my eye on a big savory bag of the number one project we'll look at today but at the time of this recording i own zero but first a word from our central bank overlords at the imf about cryptocurrencies that's the international monetary fund yes it's happening the central bankers have finally realized defeat and are now talking about cryptocurrency which in their words not mine eliminate the middleman they they are the middleman this is potentially the most bullish news since dave portnoy announced he was quitting the cryptocurrency space due to losing thousands of dollars what's the matter dave can't hang you can pump coins and get gains but you can't take the losses i heard the new bar stool sports logo has the stool flipped upside down but all jokes aside the imf speaking about bitcoin and digital assets means mainstream adoption might happen quicker than even i predicted which means i might have to take back my prediction on this next cycle i'm never wrong just listen to me i have three non-useless coins for you today non-useless also known as useful starting off we have a project called axis defy which is built a light speed d5 dedicated interoperable super chain that's a lot of buzzwords axis also has native margin-enabled customizable synthetic device assets with built risk mitigation and adaptive collateral or dacp which stands for decentralized adaptive counterparty pool the aacp requires less collateral as long as short of it this protects the liquidity point blank there are also built-in meltdown safeguards and programmable stop losses and with its interoperability access offers multi-currency and asset support all trading is done through its dims which stands for decentralized execution management system named dems to own the libs you'll get that joke in a minute that's not all though folks and before somebody compares me to porky pig eath co-founder anthony delorio has invested in this crypto it's also a stakeable cryptocurrency and you know how much i love steak i mean stinking but hey i do love a good steak here's a steak tip for you guys when your mom lets you order from the adult menu get that puppy bloodier than the market's worth today a well done steak isn't a real thing guys you're better off going with your usual dino nuggets the axis light paper starts with a quote that i want you to hear and let this soak in there's a quiet revolution going on and it's shaping the way we will work invest save and borrow d5 the mission of access is to bring the rest of the cryptocurrency world to d5 by building the first interoperable super chain with native margin-enabled customizable synthetic device assets with built-in risk mitigation simply put a dedicated d5 protocol will complete wall street functionality for crypto with the majority of devi applications built on ethereum there's a host of issues in the recent weeks we've seen sky-high gas fees we've also seen transactions take forever to go through currently at only 12 to 15 transactions per second ethereum 2.0 still caps at a few hundred tps ethereum also lacks a dedicated d5 chain besides high transaction costs there's a feature missing which is needed that would be divi on chain margin trading capabilities which includes a smart stop loss extreme crypto price volatility leads to collateral pool collapse this leads to over collateralization for liquidity providers which still doesn't protect users from pools collapsing there's also a lack of protection mechanism from market meltdown or collateral pool collapses on march 12 2020 there was a major collapse in the device space triggered by the pandemics avalanche of a market dump maker automatically sells collateral when the market tanks in order to get dye off the market until the system hits 150 percent collateral target however the price action dropped too sharply for maker dow's automated auctions to keep up at the time axis aims to prevent this next we're going to discuss lib and no i'm not talking about jumping in the liberal versus conservative debate that's probably not where i stand i'm talking about libera which is also close to libra don't get those two confused one's a small team the other a corporate entity robbing your data that wants your soul blood sweat tears and possibly even a dna semen sample which i'm sure for a lot of you can be obtained three times per day most days of the week also don't get confused with liberia one's a divide coin the other is a country so now let's talk about liberia what should you know about this one liberia is a governance protocol which allows users or entities to create decentralized crypto custodies and enables non-custodial cross chain trading in other words it's another divi project however it's better than the rest because it offers cross-chain trading which is non-custodial for the morons out there who don't know basic finance non-custodial means they don't hold your funds you do which essentially means this is going to be set up as a smart contract also i had to look that up i'm an idiot just like you libera can be integrated with any ecdsa compatible crypto as well as with any centralized exchange or decentralized exchange remember i talked about that cross-chain interoperability the first version of libera protocol is featuring proof of stake consensus ecdsa threshold signatures based decentralized custodies hodler's elections protocol and integration with bitcoin ethereum binance smart chain and polka dot boop there's also a validator node so let me put this into perspective for you and speak in your language monies that's the language of money dorks if lib is successful in allowing trades of non-erc 20 tokens on traditional eth-based dexes like uniswap this ship could sail towards 100 million market cap easy and never look back lib is already integrated with unit swap idax binance decks and bitshares finally today's number one project is a project i suspect will soon touch down on the moon and then continue going far into the deep reaches of space called death protocol dev aims to tokenize open assets put that into perspective deb was chosen by microsoft for startups to tokenize github the website where developers post code commits and develop software and 95 percent of you don't know how to use but github is just one mentioned open asset examples of other ones include open source software on github open services like youtube and open content like trading view and there's hundreds if not thousands more want to monetize any open activity having economic value according to their white paper the current economy has the problem of not being able to value highly social assets like oss or open source software so we created a crypto economy model that solves this problem on the flip side creators will earn dev based on the number of stakers chosen to support a given project the idea is that more popular projects will generate a higher apy for stakers the more downloads and positive feedback the more stickers will be driven to stake with their given project if a project is tough par it will not attract any interest and will not generate any rewards to fuel further growth the same holds true if a project starts strong but then flounders they will stop earning rewards as performance drops and stakers leave to stake with more effective projects if that's not enough dev also has more stake staking that is offering a whopping 75 apy returns at the time of this recording you can stake dev by going to stakes dot social not to be confused with so me dot social which i'll have huge announcements on later this week that you don't want to miss steaks.social also lets you monetize your npm packages and share them with your contributors on stakes.social the number of downloads of your npm package turns into revenue it also reminds me of what an omaha stakes social media platform would be called stakes dot social i'm hungry you can but dev has the highest potential roi i've seen in a long time and you don't want to miss getting in early on deb at the time of this video there are under 1 000 dev wallets that means you are still early to make some massive gains current market size for open source software is 33 billion dev can capture just a small teensy-weeny amount of that and only five percent its market cap would be okay they also have a token burn which will decrease the supply that could magnify those gains quite significantly deb protocol compares itself to synthetics in its white paper and right now snx sits at 6.31 cents with a market cap of almost 600 million dollars according to the team so far a total of 40 percent of the circulating supply is staked which basic economics if 600 000 coins are in circulation and 40 are locked up that leaves only 360 000 on the open market you really don't want to miss this one this is a unique use case and like i said earlier i've received this rocket leaving the launch pad and making astronomical gains get it astronomy astronomical i'm the only person that laughs at myself but now it's your turn what do you think about these picks which one was your favorite which other low cappers do you have your eye on right now that i should check out let me know down below in the comment section also don't forget to visit onebtc.live to enter our full bitcoin giveaway it might just change your life hope you enjoyed this video if you did please make sure to smash the like button and hit subscribe to become a member of the bit squad thank you so much for watching have a blessed day good boy [Music] so you

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