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January the 23rd 2020 strong had having hype bitcoin is the next bitcoin emotion
value you ralphing bitcoin offended by selling personal responsibilities new
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Baltimore time that
is 10:30 a.m. in los angeles and 6:30 p.m. in lovely london hey guys if you
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alright here's an article that came my way today a new way of measuring crypto
exchanges Dominus cold wallet storage and this is from long hash and this is a
good reading people here here's some important quotes coinbase has by far the
highest amount of Bitcoin of all crypto exchanges and it's holding its holdings
grew substantially over the past year that was trying nineteen moreover that
growth was relatively steady apparently unaffected by the up and down up and
downs and prices it is set to exceed the 1 million threshold very soon coinbase
guys coin based the company that so many people predicted it was going to fail to
boycott them they're so evil they are going to have control of a million
Bitcoin very soon it over the last year they have gained control to of a hundred
and fifty thousand more Bitcoin they have 150 thousand more Bitcoin than they
did last year at this time okay that's they gained what basically 1% of
all the Bitcoin out there they they created they gained in the last year
okay soon very soon when it reaches a million when they reach a million I mean
it's a sign they will control 1 out of 18 Bitcoin ever created will be stored
it will be stored at coinbase so the trend is clearly not controlling your
private key I'm yelling to the rooftop baby saying dudes if you really want to
own your Bitcoin you put it on the treads or you control your private key
ok but what we have in reality is bunches of people giving their Bitcoin
over to third parties to a point where coin base is going to control 1 out of
every 18 Bitcoin in existence that is that's
amazing that's amazing and if you're if you're one of those coin these people
you don't have to let it be this way take it off take it off
proof of keys come on dudes do it could you control your own private key you
take take control personal responsibility yes even though
coinbase controls 1 out of 18 Bitcoin ever created
something could go wrong over there something could go really wrong over
there nothing is guaranteed so be careful but that is a fascinating
statistic and you know we have so many people talking trying to talk about
complex aspects of Bitcoin we got to boil down to the nitty gritty simplicity
here learn how to move a Bitcoin I mean it's that simple I think many people
buying on Columbus they don't even know how to send the Bitcoin learn how to
send the Bitcoin so you don't have to rely on a third party and then move it
off of that move it off there get learn what a hardware while it is if you have
to start with a beginner while that you got to start with a beginner wallet I
guess now another quote from their who OB may be the most interesting case it
jumped from fifth largest to the second-largest over the course of 2019
it has been alleged that the bulk of the plus token transactions were processed
through Hobie which if true could have accounted for this dramatic jump in rank
yeah makes sense there they started the year not having well they had a lot of
Bitcoin they shouldn't have any people shouldn't be storing any their Bitcoin
then and then by the end of the year for some reason they had a lot more and the
rumor is the plus token this plus token thing then it it really played a big
role in the whole entire Bitcoin ecosystem
I mean hey this is where the big boys play scammers can do things like this
they can trick people take their Bitcoin and then dump it all at one place you
know probably it will happen again people fall for
lack these things in this space guys this is what a big boys play there's a
lot of dishonest players out there someone just had a question oh there we
go Bikram Meister is it likely that
coinbase will surpass Jim Jones in Bitcoin multis well I got I got a say as
many of you know back in 2015 I gave a a kid about my friend's kid
well the day of his uh for his bris I gave him point one Bitcoin and that
little boy now was he's gonna be five years old in May he has more Bitcoin
than Jim Jones found that like button alright so but but again I mean I just
want to go back to coin base because people did predict doom and gloom for
coinbase do they're not going anywhere they have a million Bitcoin under their
control I mean that's that's amazing that really is in their cold one so the
bigger point of that article was for those people are trying to judge
exchanges well it looks like coinbase is the biggest one because they they have
the most big pointing in cold storage because you can't you can't fake that
you can't fake that if you've got the public address at least all right I
really don't care that much about exchanges because I don't mess with them
I have never sold a Bitcoin for fiat why would I go to court when I thought when
I messed with corn bases when I was buying Bitcoin oh and I'm glad I was
buying back in those days pound like button
alright by the way I mean I must have made it in the world there's some dude
out there on Facebook pretending to be me pumping cloud lining of all things
yeah that's pretty believable if people fall for that some fake Adam Meister
talking about cloud lining I don't know what's the same in have you not have you
not paid attention to one world that word I said during this six year period
or on YouTube or however long but thank you to the person who reported
that personal Facebook and yeah just another bad taste in my mouth for
Facebook it though some people do and I do have a Facebook page there a
bitcoinmeister one its facebook.com slash disrupt meister that is how you if
you want to interact with me that way that's the way you interact with me
don't go finding my personal adam meister page that's not for interacting
with me and so yeah facebook is when and my
interactions with facebook through the bitcoinmeister channel it's it's so
clunky over there it is it is not i mean i you date there are tremendous social
media giant okay we all know that but the way they interact with your non
personal page it's it's so clunky and it's slow and then you have people
thinking being you it's i I don't like I've said it many times follow me on
Twitter at Tech Balt that's the the center of all this if you
follow me there you read my tweets attacked all on Twitter you'll know when
my shows go live and though all sorts of all my podcast everything the extra
stuff on them other people's show that that's the I love Twitter I think
Twitter is the best social media for for learning YouTube is okay there's a lot
of trash on YouTube a lot of try and you get stuck so many people get stuck in an
algorithm we talked about this on the Saturday show be an independent thinker
do not be a slave to the algorithm check out the links below
that's not algorithms that's you thinking using your head going to new
new sites new new people learning about new people and you know again going to
watching tomorrow's show you'll learn about the best guest in the freaking
space people will give you new ideas not some trendy people with fancy sets or
graphics although Mauricio might have like a fancy thing in the background I
don't know all right and Gigi you don't even see
his freaking face tomorrow I have it on the show I forgot already it was my I'm
Arnie Ford oh yeah David Bennett he's got his own podcast good podcast check
him out all right tether gold was announced today oh man
tether gold you think that it's fake but it's real and I linked to the tether
announcement they may be a twitter account for it they made its link to on
the tether site they there's an article Quinn desk tether says its newest stable
coin is backed by gold and the Swiss vault man it sounds like such a
marketing gimmick just to get golden holders over here or
just to make Peter Schiff happy or either though to appeal to a certain
segment of the market that's always been like we need to have a gold-backed
cryptocurrency which is totally ridiculous but for those people that
this will make them happy and make them gamblers and trade and value their
wealth and tether even more do I believe that tether really has a gold back a
gold vault to back up their tether gold I'm not so sure about that
uh-huh and I don't think it really matters I think I think it's just a
gimmick and so if you believe it then hey you believe their story you're gonna
you're gonna use their tether gold and it's gonna be another success in the
tether ecosystem of people just saying if tether says it's true then it's true
then this is equal to a dollar this is equal to a cow an ounce of gold hey if
it works for you it works for you if that's your thing
I believe in numbers okay I believe in mathematics I believe in a big coin okay
the real thing but hey tether makes big claims there got a gimmick there for the
gold people hey and I'm going to talk about gold in one second before I I read
these two things here from it from the chat and thank you
guys from the support roaming choose says pick on Meister for 2020 having are
you planning on doing your what eight as that doing your show as the heavy
happens currently estimated to happen around noon on May the 12th and maybe
maybe I'll do it if it's uh well I'm gonna be in Israel that's gonna be a
problem because it might be the middle of the night there now I am going to the
Tel Aviv Bitcoin party the having party yeah I'm supposed to talk with them very
soon about this actually I've got written down at least to talk to them
very soon so that day of the heavy which will be
in May I will definitely be in Tel Aviv they will have a party there either if
it's on the Thursday the party will be in the Thursday maybe I'll do up now I
won't do a live show from the party because it's terrible connectivity at
that venue HAARP you saw last time let me try to do something that but it's a
fun venue to be at and the Tel Aviv people they do bring in it's not just
ninety five percent men at their parties I will tell you that helmet like button
but value your wealth and Bitcoin but for those who'd like to see other things
besides men it's a good party to be at and I will be there but yeah maybe the
day of the having in Tel Aviv in the middle of night maybe I'll go live the
second it happens yay I mean a bunch of other people will
be doing yeah who knows it's a good idea fun idea fun idea I make you alright
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here which one do I recommend over the last two months so over the last the
last ten shows that you missed oh well that was a blake anderson one was good
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that like button thank you for the the contribution to now like I go I do the
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I like this a fun shirt isn't it so Toshi
naka Mario just like Satoshi Nakamoto we don't know who so she Nakamoto it was
all right mysteries but don't worry about mysteries so let's talk about
mysteries here there are a lot of people who just love to obsess over mysteries
and get into conspiracy theories getting to doom holes / mysteries waste all
their time about mysteries and then blame other people for mysteries gold
someone had a question about gold yesterday that I didn't notice until the
show was over because they didn't type in bitcoinmeister and we'll get to I
think what their question was but I kind of tell you this gold buggin stuff it's
almost like a sickness the people that are still gold blogging I don't wanna go
too far on them but I mean I have a policy where I like to be around
positive people if I don't wanna be around a negative group of people I
don't want to associate with negative groups of people and the Gold Bug
community is such a negative group of people in I mean there's some
people I'm sure but the people who were stuck in the doom hole over there I mean
they it for them gold rival's of revolves around negativity and the world
falling apart and destruction and Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is is people
building to building new products I mean what's gold I mean is there
anything new going on with gold I mean tether is tether is using the
word gold but that's a cryptocurrency building something new that's I don't
know the it's just gold is filled with conspiracy theories why who is putting
who is making the price of gold blow there's all these manipulators oh God
all this stuff I I don't want to be associated I want nothing to do with it
and I've said this before and I am very serious about this I would rather own
etherium than gold I mean it's that's me that's me saying it I know a lot of
people in the Bitcoin space wouldn't even say something like that but no I I
much what rather it's the past and it's just I don't want to be associated with
it in any way and and the more I've been in the Bitcoin space the more I've
realized this like I wanna be around building and newness and expansion and
happiness and just the whole gold thing is just seems to be centered around such
negativity and to be a productive person in life you gotta cut yourself off from
negativity and that that's been a and so yeah I people ask me about
diversification and gold techno I don't want to do that
so someone asks if the country if your country makes Bitcoin illegal is gold or
good hedge against that and and so let's go to what I just said no it's not
because I don't wanna anything that negative and here's the
thing countries like my caution united states they made heroin and cocaine
illegal and there's plenty of people all over Baltimore up on crack and and
heroin right now so just because your question makes the Bitcoin illegal
doesn't mean you're not gonna have it still it's not going to be valuable in
fact it'll be much more valuable but here to keep here to go if you don't
like to have and the United States isn't making Bitcoin illegal I want to say
that but there's nobody some countries that do so some people are gonna have to
worry about this or think about this okay well here's one of the beautiful
things about big coin it makes it better than so many other financial assets out
there you could just pick if you control your private key if it's not at freaking
coinbase you can just pick up and leave and be in motion and go to a better
country where it's legal that's awesome that is one of the awesome points a
Bitcoin so my hedge against Bitcoin be made illegal in my country is that I
have legs and I can walk and I can get on the plane and leave with my big point
and start anew I'm not anchored down by all those fitting in assets like houses
and children's private school and wives and all these other things that keep
people in in their countries and keep them anchored down Bitcoin its if if
you've got your value in that baby you can just leave and start a new that is
it does is to be moved to a jurisdiction I mean that day that that where big
point is free where Bitcoin is flourishing but you don't have to do
that I mean again drugs are illegal and lots of countries and people or got all
sorts of drugs so if it going becomes illegal in your country yeah I guess you
have a choice to make stay or go but it is an in motion accent
okay you can just go with the flow and leave and start a new that is one of the
beautiful things about Bitcoin it's not about hunkering down in your basement
with your goal okay yes look they made Bitcoin illegal now I
got hedge I could hunker in the basement
with my gold and do nothing no the opposite leave Leave laughs aha
leave your father's country and start anew with your Bitcoin and be in motion
all right so let's talk about some asan says are you oh I can't someone says are
you a man going your own way well that's a really big category I and I encourage
everyone to think their own away go their own way I don't live a traditional
lifestyle at all so I am indeed a man I've got a something down there that
makes me a man that's what makes you well X Y chromosome okay I'm a man and I
definitely gone in my own direction I'm a free thinker and I think that's the
very definition of men going their own way you can still a pretend there's
different levels of it some won't have anything to do with women if you're
asking me why don't you have anything to do with my plenty to do with women do I
worship them and value my wealth in them like I basically used to do in my youth
no I don't I I don't waste my time on that stuff now again in my youth I did
just like in was a long time ago uh-huh just like I used to party all the time
everyone can change as part of going your own way is that you know what I've
done something I've experienced it it's been a lot of fun but I knew there's
better ways so in that case yeah I'm definitely a guy that's I mean this is
pretty unique I'm a unique piece how about that can that like button I'm a
unique piece all right so okay no remember type of bitcoinmeister though I
did see your thing there dude very very nice so what happened to this does
anybody remember November it wasn't that long ago November that king of the
trolls was making a big announcement that be cash was coming out with a 200
million dollar investment fund for development and exactly what they're
saying they they're doing now with their 12.5%
miners tax that they're proposing so what happened to their 200 million
dollar development fund why do they have to go this way it has I just did this
just not happen did he just make a big announcement for the heck of it November
it was just to forget about it I mean whatever be – we know it so away but I
mean some would they bring this up over Twitter and it does make me wonder it's
pretty drastic what they're proposing here with the 12.5 percent tax and
orphanage minors that aren't the blocks that aren't gonna be miners day mine
that blocks that aren't participating it it seems like if you're going to be a
centralized cryptocurrency that yeah just having a simple 200 million dollar
fun it's better than doing all this miners nonsense but I don't know what
was that we're supposed to forget about it all right any more questions yeah
it's services temporary miners tax again yeah it's just supposed to be for six
months so many taxes were supposed to be mine temporary hey we'll see how this
all goes just be happy that bitcoin is the next Bitcoin and that back in the
day people did not take the advice of king of the trolls and back in the day
back in the day being 2017 which feels like back in the day but really wasn't
that long ago time flies dudes so you know but before you know it'll be 2023
and you'll be happy that you were buying in in 2020 strong and 2024 remember
tomorrow 1:30 p.m.

is this weekend big coin
that's 1:30 p.m. baltimore time and 5 6:30 p.m. in london i'm adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe this channel like
this video share this video pound that like button bag at bellboy
and i am so freaking happy i got this show done in the afternoon and some
dudes that don't usually get to see this live got to see it live see you tomorrow
afternoon and thanks a lot all i'll talk to you in the chat right now.

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