10 Retro Campers and Groovy Caravans from the 60’s and 70’s (Top Picks)

– [Glen] The camp, the caravans, and the motorhomes He's been around since 1910 with some great looks, The ingenious designs of Winnebago are popular To the recreational vehicle that was designed By the person who brought us Weinermobile. This is Glenn and today we're showing you 10 of these crazy retro designs. – [The woman] Number 10. – [Glenn] Larry Shinoda who designed 1963 Corvette Stingray and Boss 302 Mustang Help develop Rectrans Discoverer Made by White Motor Corporation. The Rectrans was 25 feet long With a fiberglass shell mounted On the chassis of the Dodge M300. With a 413 cubic inch Chrysler engine, This came with three automatic transmission speeds. Can accelerate from zero to 60 mph In 11 seconds, it can get 10.1 miles per gallon.

This comes with only one door located On the passenger side is a refrigerator and freezer It can work on either electricity or LPG. There is also a bathroom, kitchen and dining table. There were approximately 3,300 Rectrans built From 1971 to January 1974. [Woman] Number nine. – [Glen] Starstreak 1 and Starstreak 2 homes cars Both are based on Cadillac's chassis With Olds Toronado 455 engine with slight differences That you can use to tell them away.

It was built by Air Force Officer Paul Jones Cape Coral, Florida. The Starstreak 1 at the California Auto Museum In the Sacramento Permanent Collection. This one was set on the 1971 Olds Toronado chassis Has trim from Cadillac. Panels, glass, and things were all hand-fabricated, And the windows have foot paneling in between Back corner and back side window ledge. Starstreak 2 drive home at Motor Home, Recreational vehicle and the main automobile hall of fame In Khart, Indiana, and it has five circles on the belt line, The length of the side windows, and the colored aluminum trim At the top of the side. This was built in the 1988 Cadillac 1976 chassis Using the 1976 Olds Toronado 455 engine. He was 22.5 feet tall with a height of about seven feet It weighs 5,400 pounds. – [Woman] Number eight. – [Glenn] In 1958, David Holmes enlisted Chuck Bailey Founder of Designworks USA Geographical Holiday House also known as Model X As a limited production model. With a price tag of roughly $ 8,500 there is thought It was only parts of seven From these revolutionary fiberglass trailers ever With only two currently known to exist. One, 1961 Geographical Holiday House, It has been completely restored from the ground up By Flyte Camp in Bend, Oregon And it's in beautiful condition.

Among the most desirable are vintage travel trailers In the world, it is 24 feet tall, Sleeps up to four people, And it has a water capacity of 40 gallons, And one air conditioner. This was available for sale on eBay but the listing is over On Aug.22, at $ 225,000. – [Woman] Number seven. – [Glenn] was built in 1963 by Torston Johansson, The SAAB 92H Caravan with Toppola Camper Shell On the base of the Saab 92 was a two-cylinder, two-stroke engine. Even with a light wooden construction, Extra weight on the drive axle Means the 92H can barely put out 28 bhp. Torston later made a similar RV, This time using gear drive from SAAB 95 With an upgraded V4 engine that put out 55 horsepower It was later upgraded again to the 65-horsepower engine. The 92H was later converted into a stationary hunting cabin Before being rescued by Klaus Johansson Who picked up 95HK at the auction Both are now restored to a beautiful new condition.

– [The woman] Number six. – [Glen] Winnebago Industries Incorporated in Iowa In February 1958, it adopted its current name In February of 1961. Winnbago, meaning people from dirty water, And the names of the models like Brave and Warrior Influenced by Native American culture. The first Winnebago was made in 1966, Competing models sold for half the price, This is an RV with serial number 001, It was still performing well into this century. Various lengths were available from 17 to 27 feet, The V-shaped body is accented with the iconic W flying logo On the side they are recognized all over the world. John K. Hansen who started the company She has been actively participating in the company Until his death in 1996 at the age of 88.

With many types and models, Winnebago still exists today. – [Woman] Number five. – [Glen] A rare Oldsmobile 1970 Toronado GT Motorhome The wagon is a very cool car with a V8 powered engine That has 68,000 miles. With the engine replaced 4000 miles earlier You will get 15 miles per gallon. It comes with a bathroom, a shower, a wardrobe Skylights give you natural light during the day Or searching for stars at night, This has a curtain below the bed giving you access To the command area and inside. This stroller can sleep up to three adults Or two adults with two children It was recently on sale on eBay Motors for $ 15,000. While you were waiting to see the next one on our list, Let us know in the comments which crazy campers or caravans are Want to see the future. – [Woman] Number four. – [Glenn] Industrial designer Brooks Stevens Created around 3000 iconic designs including Front fender design for Harley Davidson motorcycles, Oscar Mayer Finer Mobile, A 1941 Western Recreation Vehicle Flyer, One of only three that was ever produced.

In 2011, Hoody Leadbetter discovered the good half front A good half-back traveler Then it took seven months to put it together again Add 1941 Buick headlamp over the windshield And lengthening nose with a 1941 Ford Stove Grill. Recent improvements include this one Ford 460 cubic inch engine, Super Duty 40-foot new home chassis engine With additional impact rods, Ford's new heavy-duty automatic transmission With extra brakes and disc. It was sold on eBay Motors in 2016 for more than $ 70,000. – [Woman] Number three. – [Glenn] This truck was built before McNamee Coach Corporation in South El Monte Under the division of the Kamp King Koaches.

This heaven on a triple level a chariot racer was created Merle McNamee who was a 1992 RV Hall of Fame inductee For his innovative ideas that helped shape Recreational vehicle industry. Built in the mid 60s this three level truck camper The kitchen area was on the first level, Taxi on the section in the second level A stretch ceiling and sky deck is on the third floor.

The roof of the sun can be accessed through a folded roof It stops from behind and creates a pathway To enjoy the sky lounge. With plexiglass wrapped window Allow passengers to enjoy the view. At the rear of the stroller is another section outside the slide That helps increase living space inside the cart. And the stretch ceiling includes extra sleep Above the kitchen area. – [Woman] Number two. – [Glenn] Once featured in Popular Mechanics Magazine And the movie Total Recall, 1979 Phoenix Camper Van The VW based van was so expanded into a tent. The Phoenix had a stylish look a modern sports car When driving it's low front area Coupled with a curb weight of 2000 pounds Along with the VW van it has a structure translated to Fuel economy on the highway from 25 miles per gallon.

Expanding trailer tent in a large room With a six feet high in the middle, 12 feet across when expanded and came with a seat bench With 14 cubic feet of storage on each side. Nitrogen cylinder assisted doors Easy entrance provided in an eye catching cabin. The two bucket seats are in the front Central walk allows space in the rear. Later, the cosmetic changes she made to give her a face lift And it was reintroduced Illustrated Mechanical Rebel. – [The woman] is number one. – [Glenn] The Six Wheels Spartan Starcraft Cart It was sold as a conversion to the Ford Cortina Mark III Mark V by Spartan cars. Founded by Jim McIntyre, Spartan Cars made several cars In the UK from 1955 to 1973. Large body projectile including overhanging section Above the driver and passenger seats were installed On the new steel structure that was taken Cortina mechanical components. The center department Cortina was kept Including windshields, tools and wires The upper zone has been newly restyled. There is plenty of storage, built-in sink, heater, And a small bathroom. The overhead cab has an area of ​​five feet By five feet five inches. Length from the back of the front seats To the rear window is nine feet And the back section was still being produced In the early 90s for use with the Ford Sierra.

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