Exploring the great outdoors can be an exciting time for people who love nature. There are many options when choosing a vehicle for taking these adventures. From converting smaller and campervan to great large expedition vehicles, everyone has a different one When it comes to camping and exploring. This is Glenn, and today we're bringing you ten vehicles to enjoy the outdoors. Number ten Outside the Mercedes-Benz 170 EXT grid from the outside the van includes a dedicated power system using A set of AGM and lithium-ion batteries, generators, magnum inverter, and various solar panels. This has a fixed baffle wall behind a driver with interlocking fabric and steel Frame and can be either a soft garage or a solid wall separating the cargo and passenger area The Plane. You can store equipment in on-demand, heavy-duty overhead lockers for it The waterproof lining can be removed by unscrewing the knobs from the buttons that hold the Mac The shelf is on the wall. A three-panel bed system that mounts to rails and locks in place across the width of the vehicle You have a lot of sleeping area.

This also has a kitchen that has a butcher block countertop, a choice of laminate surfacing Drawer pull-out and induction hob and glass top basin with retractable spout. number nine This Unicat TGS 6 by 6 vehicle by Unicat Expedition vehicles come with a trailer and a It was created specifically for team rally racing. The main truck is powered by a 540 hp engine, and the cabin can sleep two drivers With separate beds. The partition behind the U-shaped cabin has a living area for six people With kitchen and bathroom, plus master bedroom with double bed. The rear trailer consists of a bedroom with two bunk beds to accommodate four people. Kitchen, bathroom and workshop area in the back for storing tools and cabinets For spare parts. The rear trailer can be accessed via a large ladder at the back. This Expedition also contains two tank fuels, including a 105 gallon petrol tank And a 132 gallon diesel tank that can be used to fuel other equipment and vehicles. Number eight RB components toothed adventure truck based on the Mercedes Benz 4×4 Sprinter Platform and can challenge the toughest terrain. This off-road vehicle is grid-ready, fully self-sufficient, and it is Designed to take outdoor enthusiasts where you usually can't go.

A true 4×4 adventure truck, with comforts and features that provide comfort Explore remote locations and rides the ultimate air suspension 5000 payload lifter Kit with 17-inch tire package for added comfort. The interior architecture boasts many high-tech amenities, including custom stainless steel Enclosed shower with hot water, bamboo tables, 69 gallon freshwater system, solarium Panels, 3000 watt power system, electric canopy, grill outside mount BBQ Outdoor cooking. I'm Allie, Mind's Eye Trivia time. Just looking at these pictures, do you know what this is and where it is? Leave the correct answer or best guess in the comments section below. Number seven A team of Russian experts is preparing an expedition to the capital, Kara, from the capital From the Urals, to put tough tests on this Arctic first-class car, designed specifically for Arctic invasion, according to the mission's website.

Burlak is designed off-road to go to the Arctic has six wheels, and the chassis This amphibious vehicle has wheels with a diameter of about two meters and clones The concept of the BTR-60 infantry armored vehicle. The cabin and propeller design is watertight and allows the vehicle to float and maneuver Between broken ice. The interior of the cabin is lined with insulating materials, felt that synthetic Keep heat for a long time. Meanwhile, the advanced off-road is conducting preliminary tests in ice and floating water And thick layers of snow. Number six Uro-camper's Xplora Cell comes as either a removable platform cab on a truck Or it can be fixed into the chassis of any pickup truck available in the market. This gives you more interior space and eliminates the intricate shapes of pickup trucks.

Electrical and water interior compartments are always hidden facilities, and inside Made of easy-to-maintain materials that are comfortable and practical. Hermetically sealed gate, windows, and roof, as well as sound-absorbing materials, The interior produces smooth acoustics. Customizable interiors can include shower, convertible bed, removable upper and lower Beds, storage, sound system, gas alarm, seats, kitchen, with heating and hot water, Cooler, lighting and battery display, helping you feel at home. On request, reinforced suspension, underbody protection, ARB bumpers, compressor system, Or GPS can be installed on the vehicle. Number five The CRUISINATOR 6 × 6 was the largest and first of the CRUISINATORS built by Bonetti Camp for the challenges of the Australian Outback.

This contains 225 ampere hours and AGM power and 240 watts of solar controlled power Battery management system that will run operations independently. Extensive tests have been run on the car to show that it can run without any engine Power or external power for several months while using the refrigerator and the LED The lights, and the battery is not depleted more than 75 percent, even in heat Queensland Summer. This also has large side windows covered with screens for proper ventilation, above Cabin bed with mattress, kitchen with two burners, gas stove, sink and hot and cold water Toilet and bathroom. It also makes the Bonetti smaller than the 4 Cruisinator that sits on a Toyota chassis and comes with a Plenty of storage, outdoor shower, queen size bed, cooktop stove, and lots of others Great options for an off-grid experience. number four Overland 220 campground cabin The Crown is a pop-up cover that matches the double Cabin, as well as in cabin and half variants. A parallel lift cap will be created in seconds thanks to the provision of four gas pressure dampers Getting inside that will sleep two people comfortably.

Made of tarpaulin, this pop up cart is one of the thinnest available. This includes four large retractable bed windows a porthole with a mattress and pillow Mattress and washbasin with glass cover and portable toilet. Overlander has sixteen gallons of 25 liters that can be easily stowed for storage and It comes with a power system of 150 watts solar system with smart regulators, 15 amps Smart charger, two 60Ah gel batteries, and a battery-powered computer. Number three The Earthcruiser EXD is ergonomically designed, Allowing a short walk to the bathroom, living area, kitchen and bed. Whether you're looking to go for a year-long excursion or a weekend getaway, this one is ready for the challenge. EXD can be placed on any chassis suitable for any type, with the correct weight Class, and provides a comfortable and capable system.

High ground clearance helps protect components and allows you to take this vehicle up to Most of the sites are isolated. The main difference to EXD is the integrity architecture, smart systems, and functionality. The cart is equipped with systems that are usually a premium option than others Manufacturers. Four propulsion engines raise and lower the roof with a push of a button and are designed To be able to lift snow from the roof. This takes about 18 seconds and can be done manually if needed. Number two Maze 4 × 4 Ford E350 Conversion Van by Adventure Corporation is a campervan-pop Made to be self-sufficient and discoverable outdoors. Interior in this includes Premium Interior Package, Full Audio Package, LED Sectional lighting, custom kitchenette, and bargain cabinet.

This full-size convertible truck has a removable table, custom upholstery, redwood finishes, Portable toilet and captain leather chairs for a comfortable ride. The truck also includes a sink with two stove burners, and storage compartments under the queen The size of the bed, on the side walls, with room for two people to fit comfortably. number one Earthroamer XV-LTS all-season all-weather It is a one-piece vehicle Built on a Ford F550 all-wheel drive chassis, With a 6.7-liter turbo diesel V-8. It is easy to drive on or off road and does not require a special license. Every XV-LTS has an air suspension Provides the ability to independently raise and lower each wheel or axle. Strong 41-inch tires on B-block wheels, King off-road shocks, heavy rails against impact, The luxurious interior offers seating for two to six people Loft bed for the cabin, Modern appliances, including stainless steel fridge and freezer, Granite countertop, touch faucet, And induction hob and microwave. Bathrooms are heated with cassette toilet, shower, basin, mirror, Small bathing kit storage, 90 gallon fresh water supply It will last for several days, up to two weeks.

Earth-goers are calm and efficient with 1,320 watts of solar power, 12000WHr large battery bank, And a 95-gallon diesel tank would provide you with a 900-mile range. Handcrafted in Colorado They are custom designed with multiple floor plans Its initial cost is $ 490,000. Hi everyone, and thank you for watching. I'm Chandnai from Minds Eye Design. We'd love to hear your comments So please leave some comments below And let us know your favorites from this video and why you liked it. If you have an idea for a future video Leave another comment and let us know., And if we use your idea, we'll give you a shout out in this video. But don't leave yet, Keep watching because there's more..

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