#1 Uniswap KILLER Alternative DeFi Exchange (Best Energi Tutorial)

today we're going to discuss an old masternode project that has recently had a new upgrade and this one is going to be packed full of energy supercharged like a battery and like the energizer bunny it's pink no i'm just kidding it goes on and on and on and well you get it now let's get it bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bitswapdex.com welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button for us if you didn't catch my pun from earlier i'm talking about energy with the ticker in r g first a brief breakdown energy has been around since the summer of 2017 as a proof of concept idea founded by its ceo and founder tommy world power energy is a fork of the dash code but not the blockchain energy started out utilizing proof-of-work consensus mechanism with an asic-resistant algorithm called energyhash in 2018.

The project later transitioned to a proof-of-stake consensus with a network of masternodes besides shifting to a masternodes-based system energy added a self-funding treasury system in on-chain governance which funds the project energy improved upon the dash blockchain by allocating more percentage of staking rewards to their self-funded treasury it's also important to mention that nrg did not hold an ico they've bootstrapped with their governance treasury monthly allocation which was originally forty thousand nrg following image explains energy's treasury from its white paper energy stands on four pillars these are smart contracts governance treasury and master node staking energy is now in its third generation of its software in gen 2 it would take approximately two years to gain another masternode which in three operators will be able to gain an additional node in under three months because only one thousand in rg is required to stake although you can stake with any amount from one thousand rg to one hundred thousand nrg in increments of a thousand energy has a two megabyte block size and a one minute block time which allows for quick transactions and low fees further the more masternodes there are the more scalability grows energy has also included a community-based governance model where any stakeholder can submit a proposal for consideration to be voted upon another feature that energy is widely known for is its freeze function which allows a user to send funds in three and a half days as a security measure to prevent hackers and recover funds this is something that no other blockchain offers to my knowledge many in the crypto community are probably going to complain about this but let's be honest how many times have you sent your funds to a contract address or the wrong address altogether i know i have i'm actually still thinking about that several thousand dollars of axey infinity that i sent into the dreaded smart contract black hole a while back i wonder how much all that is worth now but i digress we have more to talk about regarding a fresh new product on energy called energy swap decentralized exchange powered by the energy blockchain energy swap is based on a modified version of the uniswap protocol energy swap gives users an unparalleled decentralized training experience with low gas fees and industry leading security and support which is unrivaled energy swap will have 180 plus assets with strong liquidity available energy swap offers the following benefits from being a part of the energy ecosystem it has dedicated security from the energy defense and its investigative arm the energy bureau of investigations or the ebi bill to protect the community from hackers scammers and other bad actors 24 7 support from the energy support team then there's the benefits for energy's coin nrg is used to add liquidity and acts as the governance token for energy swap this increases the utility for nrg and will be a major driver of liquidity energy swap currently has the highest energy liquidity as compared to any other exchange with roughly 7 million dollars locked up besides the energy swap there will also be a dap that bridges the ethereum and energy block chains in the near future this will allow users to easily move assets from the ethereum blockchain onto the energy blockchain for use in energy swap bridged assets will also benefit from energy's unmatched security including a balanced alert system that allows users to flag theft and recover lost funds in some cases so let's jump into the tutorial on how to use energy swap in this example we will be swapping ada for energy yes you heard me right energy swap allows or cross chain swaps among numerous blockchains if you've been in the crypto space for a while you might notice the energy swap looks a lot like uniswap the only difference is energy offers interoperable cross chain swaps the unit swap doesn't offer its users all right so as you guys can see here um energy swap it does definitely look kind of similar to uniswap in terms of the way it's laid out of course has a logo energy crypto currency for world consciousness you go to defy and then you go to energy swap it's going to take you the actual app and this is where the relevance to uniswap really starts coming in you see the connect to wallet up at the top you see the meta mask at the top uh you can click connect wallet here on the app itself and then click metamask currently it's the only option to connect um so you just click on this here and of course it's going to take you to your meta mask or you can go up to metamask as well and you can click here and you can see where we hover over that it has access to the site uh so here we are we're on the energy main net so you've got to make sure to be on the energy mainnet um all you got to do is go down here and go to settings click settings then go down here to networks hit add and edit custom rpc networks click the arrow and then come down here to the energy mainnet hit add network and this is where you're going to put in all the details to actually add the energy mainnet the first time so once you get it added it's going to appear as an option and then all you have to do is select it but if you go here and you go to additional resources go down to help desk click on help desk it's going to take you to this page scroll down the page to the energy swap box you're going to click the box here it's going to take you to this specific support page then you're going to come here to how to use energy swap on mainnet click that you're going to come over here scroll down the page through some of the metamask details and it's going to bring you out um about pretty significantly down the page it's 1.1.44 and it's going to explain to you all the details for how to add this you're going to copy and paste the following information and you're going to put it inside of the uh your your meta mask so open your meta mask back up click the icon over there go back to settings we're gonna go through what we just went through a second ago click networks add network and then you're gonna just copy and paste this stuff in here so the network name energy mainnet you're going to paste that in your rpc url you're going to paste that in your chain id you put that in currency symbol of course is nrg and then for the block explorer url you're going to put explorer.energy.network in that format as you can see here on the screen at this point we're going to go back to energy swap so here we go we're back on here now we're going to hit connect wallet we're going to click meta mask we're already going to be on the right network you're going to hit next and yes you do want to connect and there you go you see the energy going over the little fox that's how you do it all right so now we're going to hit select token and we're going to talk about what we want to trade so we're actually going to show you guys how to trade cardano on the energy main net so you're going to want to put however much of your balance you're going to want to trade we're going to actually put in 50 which is half of our balance is going to spit out 60.6 eta you're going to make sure that the price and the price impact and everything's good then hit confirm swap there we go now we're going to wait for a confirmation of course we're gonna have to um you know confirm on metamask here you guys can see the gas fee it's extremely low so you're gonna hit confirm and now the transaction has been submitted on the block explorer so you guys can see up here at the top it is pending uh you guys should be used to seeing stuff pending if you guys have used masks but look how fast that was uh energy swap definitely very quick we swapped 50 in rg tokens for ada and now we got ourself some cardano all right what did you think about that tutorial and what do you think about energy do you plan to pick up a bag should i do a more in-depth tutorial on the nrg network let me know down below in the comments section also if you want to join the nrg community you do so by joining in the discord or telegram groups linked in the description below and a big thank you to energy for supporting the channel by sponsoring this video but all the information and research was done by my research team and we feel like this is still a project that's older has stability and is one worth looking into that's all i got be blessed good boy out [Music] foreign

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