#1 Top Reason I SOLD My Altcoins (Buying More Bitcoin)

welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel on all the interwebs my name is ben every day on the channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button and guys whoo i pissed a lot of people off so uh my video yesterday i talked about how i had sold some all coins we're going to be talking about that today uh but then i'm also going to be giving you guys kind of a longer term view of bitcoin um and why you really can't lose when you invest in bitcoin unless of course you sell so guys first and foremost if you want to you know take advantage of any of the information in this video at any point whether you want along the market or short the market you guys can do that at buy bit uh check out bitboycribber.com deals and go to the buy bit section i will be right there at the top we also have a by bit review for you guys if you go to the reviews tab at the top and then go down to buy bit review it'll help you understand leverage training a little bit more so just suggest everyone go and read that we also have a tutorial for you guys today who are interested in shorting the market show you guys what that's like um and things like that so let's get into it so yesterday i got on here i made a video and i told you guys that i had sold off uh about two million dollars worth of all coins uh it basically included all my but everything i had uh on coinbase um so all the coinbase coins i do not have cardano on coinbase by the way that was definitely not uh in one of my uh my cells we're talking about civic we're talking about tezos cosmos i did sell my synthetics um why because i just thought it was time guys it was time for me to start consolidating into uh some bigger altcoins and right now we're consolidating into usdc is a stable coin waiting for prices to drop lower so what why did i do this do i do this because i don't think synthetics is going to run out by the end of the year did i do this because uh you know i just don't believe in the long-term value of of you know most crypto projects the truth is i told you guys this many times uh i don't think hardly any cryptos are long-term holds bitcoin ethereum cardano chain link um i think binance coin is on that list now i i think those are pretty much the only long-term holds for me at this point a lot of the other ones like look we've got that right next here under that uh layer two solutions like cartesi like polygon uh you know who knows what's gonna happen with xrp there's a lot of questions about it right now which is why i think we'll make a lot of money by the end of the year but i don't know if it's a long-term hold per se and there are several other coins vechain is probably right there under that list i really like vechain as the leader in their niche supply chain tracking so those are what i consider to be long term holds which no matter what happens in the bear market i'm going to hold on to percentages of those coins however everything else is fair game i don't tell you i don't care how good i tell you a project is i've told you this many times it's all speculation right now it's a long time before we have utility uh really playing a big role in the market now eventually it probably will and that'll be interesting when that happens but right now that's not what we're seeing so for me personally i thought that was the best move to consolidate based on what's happening on the market today like guys the weekends have been bad the weekends have been terrible so this weekend shaping up uh you know yesterday we had a dramatic drop and now it's had a little bit of a bump heading back up but i saw a meme i think uh crypto man ran posted on twitter about you know it was a it was a bear with bull horns and he said that's how i'm feeling right now and i feel the same way right now we are really in dicey territory especially this weekend with bitcoin the weekends are bad because there's not a lot of liquidity people aren't trading the same way they do through the week so when you have high surges of red volume right people selling the bulls aren't there to counteract it and that's why we see prices continue to move down on the weekends in pretty regular fashion okay so for for me i decided it was time to sell all these all coins and move into usdc in case we get a dramatic drop i want to take advantage of that i want to buy more bitcoin at 25 to 27 000 if it goes down that low how many of you guys were sitting in a position last week on sunday when the prices hit pretty much your lowest point bitcoin went back down to 31 000.

Um the altcoins some of them were down 70 in a day how many of you wish you had money sitting around to buy more but you got it all in crypto so once again i tell you guys this all the time weigh the regret so i weighed the regret of selling 12.5 of my portfolio over to stable coins not out of the market my portfolio it's still in my portfolio uh would i have a bigger regret if i did that and then prices pumped immediately after or would i have a bigger regret if i didn't do it and the prices dropped down to 25 000 and i wasn't able to basically add 80 more bitcoin to my portfolio in the answer that for me it's really simple the regret of watching it go down without being able to buy more was more than the regret um you know from not selling it and the prices going up uh because when the prices are going up my portfolio is going to be just fine it's only 12.5 percent uh so the timing of what i did i did all that literally right before i made that video yesterday and put it out so about an hour before the video actually published and was making these moves some people were saying why didn't you tell us on the live stream you already do this i didn't know i was going to do it i really made this decision yesterday morning based on a lot of bearish sentiment that i've been seeing um and so some people could take that as a top cell as a bottom uh signal bottom sign that i'm willing to sell some of my all coins because i've told you guys one of the ways i see people lose the most is doing what i just did um and and trying to play the market too much trying to time the bottoms and the tops but i think with 12.5 percent of my portfolio i'm i'm good with that and so like i said i weighed out of the regret that's what i did that's why i did it um this doesn't mean i don't believe in some of those projects for the rest of this bull run like synthetics or cosmos um i just believe that in the short term it's in my best interest to try to accumulate more bitcoin because if the market goes down all coins are going to get crushed way more than bitcoin if the market goes up bitcoin's gonna have to lead the charge so um kind of a a win-win scenario for me and look if the prices go up and let's say bitcoin goes to 40k overnight and i sold out at about 35k um a lot of alt coins around the 35k level for bitcoin you know what guys i i really feel like over this bull run i have not taken enough profits i haven't taken enough and so if that two million dollars a center are there in stable coins and that's money i eventually just cash out then it is what it is but it's only 12.5 um i want to keep reiterating that because it's not a you know if you were to ask me do i believe uh that we are still in a bull run yes i do wholeheartedly um if you were to compare the amount that i sold versus my conviction and and you were to say like okay well what are the chances we really get a big bounce uh and we head back up for a bull run i would say i think it's about 87.5 of a chance so i think the math works out for me to do it now here's the thing you guys have got to remember when it comes to bitcoin specifically if you've invested in bitcoin you will win it doesn't matter if the prices drop there was a study put out i think it was on the russia mafia site queen telegraph that they actually and by the way it's not really the russian mafia it's a bunch of russian nerds and they've become their own crypto mafia uh that's another story the fact is they put out a report that basically said any person who gets into crypto who holds for four plus years will make dramatic gains so if you're newer you have to understand it somewhere this market will turn but really it's the bear market where people make the most money and it's those who have the conviction that stay in the market are the ones that really capitalize on that so what am i seeing right now for bitcoin well that on the hourly chart looks like things are going down you look at some of the larger time frames uh the eight hour chart for instance it looks like we're going up bitcoin just can't make its mind up right now and so at some point you've got to take some action and decide what you want to do with that information so um like i said earlier if you want to trade you guys and head over to biblical.com deals if you want to do all coin research we got token metrics uh there for you we got buy bit we got femax we got a lot of different deals for you guys uh and our bit bit boy lab academy will be uh coming out probably sooner rather than later we're almost done with that it'll be going on the site soon so make sure to check out biblicator.com for more information on that as we get it all right guys uh that's what i'm doing today i'm gonna go spend some time with my family here on a little vacation uh i love you guys be smart don't don't go extreme one way or the other that's what i'll tell you uh that's all i got be blessed bye

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