#1 Top ByBit Alternative (BEST Phemex Trading Tutorial)

here's a little insider trick for leverage trading and i've learned this never run without a stop loss even if you take your stop loss and let's just say we were to um uncheck it here um and we're going to click stop loss again even if you set it one uh dollar above your liquid liquidation price bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bitswapdex.com okay guys so this is v-max now as i mentioned head on over to bitboycrimper.com deals scroll down to the femex deals section it should be right at the top of the page sign up for the link and then you're going to be able to get an account now you probably won't have any of the funky ip issues that many people have with buy bit it's a little bit easier to sign up um but what you're going to want to do is you're definitely going to want to go to the rewards bonus page so right when you click that link it's going to take you to a page where you're going to be able to get up to a 100 deposit bonus just for signing up for femex so here we are on the femex page you can look at your assets over here i've got about 2 700 in this account i'm going to show you guys how to trade with uh you'll have your uh your email address there and then of course you will have your assets page here your assets here as well got some cookies at the bottom of the page you can come on down here and you can see uh some different promos right here you can get once again access to the uh 100 deposit bonus they've got some other you know kind of promo stuff as well uh you know this is something for the bitcoin pizza guy um this was celebrating bitcoin pizza day so um anyways the point is they've got a lot of promos just like any other page you're going to see um so to actually get to where you want to get if you want to buy crypto you can come right up here you can buy crypto with a credit card or with a bank transfer it's going to take you this page or you're going to sign up you're going to put your amount in and of course put your visa information uh in if you want to do this so this is a little bit different than uh by bit um well i don't know maybe you can use a credit card by bit i've never done it but it's much easier to do here on femax is the point um you can buy ethereum bitcoin or even chain link through the credit card uh access page on femex uh you know then of course you can come here to the products page this products page is going to show you uh to do spot trading contract trading simulate trading if you guys want to learn how to leverage trade without actually risking your money this is a great place to do it simulated trading so if you've never done it before i would definitely suggest giving it a try it's like a test net you don't have to lose any money then of course over here they have the different programs you can get back to the welcome bonus if you want to you know become a referrer you can do that as well you can earn crypto with up to 200 um you know apy or well that's not actually true apy earnings 200 higher than the average market rates um so okay let's go where you want to go to this is where i go when i go into uh femex you just click markets when you go here to markets you can choose wherever uh whatever you want to do here so let's go to contract here let's go to buy and sell this should take us to the page where we can do our trading so we're going to trade bitcoin uh here i'm just going to show you guys how to trade bitcoin through femex now you'll notice it's kind of similar to buy bit it's a little bit different the layout is a little bit different but you still have your order page up here now if you've never seen our bibit tutorial um i will put our full private tutorial up above um in the in a link so you guys can go there if you want to watch that tutorial because the fact is a lot of this stuff is similar it's slightly different logistically layout wise but leveraged training at heart is leveraged trading so your limits your market orders your conditional orders they're all going to be the exact same thing sliding your leverage it's going to be the exact same thing this is going to show your assets down here this is just your chart obviously you can use some trading fuel trading view type tools here if you want to measure something just click here and measure it if you want to draw something you can do that too it's a little bit thinner of a line as you can see this is me i'm really happy because i've got uh you know a bitcoin right here okay this i i just had too much fun with this guys i had way too much fun with that uh but anyways the point is you've got your uh your recent trades order book you've got your um or you've got your order book here on the left side you got your recent trades here so okay let's say we wanted to make a trade here what would we do well we come up here now you have a limit market and conditional i don't really mess with conditional very much but a conditional order is activated only when the trigger price is reached you use conditional orders for take profit stop loss and break out trading purposes i don't really mess with that you also have market now you can do this by clicking up here or of course well there was an option before i clicked that you could have just clicked mark it right there but if you go to the tab you click market a market order basically means that it's going to be filled at the exact price of it at the time that you put the order in okay so right now the price of bitcoin is 56 970 that's the market price i do not ever suggest using market orders why well market orders are going to have much higher fees than limit orders because you're paying for the convenience of getting them filled so i suggest using a limit order this is where you set your own price now the interesting thing is if i actually were to set my limit price at nine hundred and 56 dollars which it was at just a moment ago it's the same as the is the market order i'm setting it at the current price however i'm not getting charged that hefty fee so if that's what we want to do it's really hard for me to take this seriously uh considering i have a giant um i have a giant uh stick figure over here so let me remove the drawings now can we be serious guys can we be serious um okay so what i'm gonna wanna do over here is i'm gonna want to decide where i wanna take along at okay so right now you saw bitcoin went all the way up to fifty seven thousand three hundred and ninety dollars you can see over here it dropped down to fifty six three hundred uh you can see it's it went up it wicked out so i probably would want to set this let's say somewhere between fifty six thousand five hundred and fifty six thousand um you know seven hundred dollars we want it to drop a little bit see if it'll drop you don't wanna catch something at the top obviously so let's just set this order for fifty six thousand seven hundred dollars then we gotta put how much of our money in our account do we wanna do that well i've got point zero three three btc i like to just use this i like to use the slider okay so what i'm going to do is i'm going to slide let's say i want to put 25 of my account up for this i would just slide that to 25 and then you can choose whether to long or short well i'm only going to long in a bull market you guys know that about me so i'm going to hit long here but down here you've got some different options good till cancel is usually what i use so we're just going to leave that where it is let's decide on our leverage here now we move our leverage it's probably going to change the quantity of contracts up there so um right now it's on 10x let's say i wanted to be a little safer i wanted to move it down to 5x um you guys can see now if i move this to 25 it's only 2 300 contracts um i like to look at the contracts over here as the percentage of my account i don't actually look at it by the number of contracts that's kind of a different complicated you know uh thing that i don't really want to get into right here what contracts actually are because the whole point is showing you guys on how to do this so i always look at it in terms of the percentage of my account that i want to risk so whatever is 25 percent of my account on this order okay so now i've got my leverage set at five now you're going to want to make sure that you are using um i like to use isolated leverage i don't like to use cross leverage so right now we're fine we're in regular leverage here if you slid it all the way down here that would be cross leverage i like the way they don't make the distinction how it's a slider if you want to use cross go all the way to the left don't use cross it's very dangerous using cross leverage means you could basically lose your entire account on one trade if you're not paying attention so i would not use that we're to click buy along here now you're going to have it's just like buy bit guys now why if it's just like buy bit why would you want an account on femex well cryptoface the master of leveraged trading and the creator the market cipher indicator which you also get access to biblical.com deals he says you need multiple accounts why well you may want to go long on one account and short on another account you may want to have one for shorter term trades and one for longer term trades and by using multiple sites you're kind of hedging your bets in the worst case scenario there was like a flash crash on one of the exchanges at least it wouldn't be on both and so that's a good way having two accounts a great way to hedge against a flash crash which by bit has been really good about honoring you know there's flash crashes they help their people out um you know kraken does not on kraken if they've had several flash crashes people get liquidated and then nobody cares by bit and vmix they seem to care a little bit more so i'm not saying this would happen but it's always good to have multiple accounts we'd only just use one exchange for anything so um this is where we would put our order in um this is same thing as buy but you put in your take profit like if it goes up um you know to seventy thousand eight hundred and seventy five dollars that would be a one hundred percent gain so we'll lock that in as our take profit and then our stop loss you know i suggest using somewhere between ten and fifteen percent for that so we're gonna set it at fifteen percent but here's the thing here's a little insider trick for leverage trading and i've learned this never run without a stop loss even if you take your stop loss and let's just say we were to um uncheck it here and we're gonna click stop loss again even if you set it one uh dollar above your liquid liquidation price so my liquidation price on this account will be or on this trade will be forty seven thousand four hundred and forty seven dollars so even if you just come in here and set it one dollar above forty seven thousand four hundred and forty we call it forty nine dollars for a dollar forty above now we're going to save like 20 to 30 percent if it does go all the way down to our liquidation point just because we didn't technically get liquidated so i'm going to confirm that as you guys can see now it's going to show up in the active orders if you want to cancel you come over here and cancel it it once it fills it'll appear over here in your open positions and everything's pretty much the same you just close your position down here on the right side if you decide to get out of the trade if not you just let your numbers run where they were on a run either they go down hit your stop loss or either they go up i think it's going to hit 70 000 before it hits 47 477 so we're going to keep this trade open for a while and see what happens maybe it can turn into a pretty good trade so if you guys want to sign up for femax make sure to head on over to biblical.com deals and i want to know down below in the comments have you used vmax do you like vmix better than buybit or do you like 5bit better than femex i want to know what is it exactly that you love and hate about each site so drop those comments down below so we can read them and figure out if you guys want more content on one or the other and if you want more tips on leveraged training jot down below in the comments what questions you have that we can explain on a future episode all right guys thank you so much for watching this video that's all god be blessed [Music] you

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