#1 Tezos Meetup Milan – Highlights

I'm a student I'm happy to be here today I work in the public sector I just bought Tezos! I'm passionate about Tezos I didn't expect to see so many people! I'm a serial enterpreneur, a startupper I work on artificial intelligence and blockchain We organized the first Tezos meetup in Italy, with the support of Tezos Commons Foundation because we are very excited about this project and we want to create and engage the Italian community made up of passionate people, stakeholders, Tezos investors and everyone else who's interested We decided to briefly introduce the blockchain world and Tezos in particular everything is permanently written on the blockchain, everyone can verify in Tezos you have the so-called "bond" that has nothing to do with secret agents… Bond is a security deposit everyone can check what's happened in the past, on the public ledger that's the same problem you have with a proxy for a council meeting… how would you know that? it's handled in the same way there are so many people with different interests people of different backgrounds I came to the meetup because I wasn't familiar with Tezos project, and I saw it as an opportunity to learn much more interesting than I expected we would like to involve developers who can help create Tezos ecosystem, because now this is the goal Mainnet is live, it's going great now it's time to build a true ecosystem on Tezos blockchain I'm also interested in the evolution of TezoSteam, what they are goingto do next we hope to host more meetups soon, to have even more people and we'll focus on building something that creates value on Tezos blockchain

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